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  1. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    That's what happens when ganking fleet meets the normal one... I hope X will start to train fighting, instead of going into the steps of clans like VULTRA and gank to the point where fighting is useless and out of fun...
  2. Clan-based RvR

    In the past I also thought this could be an interesting idea. When you think about it though, it's creating a mechanism based on human relations, which are extremely complex. Power is complex, and in NA it's mostly based around your ability to make people dedicate their time for you. There's no just one king. There are also civil wars, rouge clans, independent players, troll-kings etc. Let people handle politics through TS, not in game. It's more natural, more fun and better adjusted to needs.
  3. Clan-based RvR

    Recently the community, while being hostage to VCO and REDS decisions, started talking about clan-based politics. Before someone forces some strange decision on admins, I decided to suggest how this could work without destroying many good aspects of NA, like some drastic ideas flowing on the forum would do. I base this on dicussion we had in Prussia. Clan-based politics could be still within a nation. If you're in a small clan, you could still fight for getting eg. that Cartagena Tar port for your nation. You could still be allied by default to other nation members. What could change is to: allow clans define hostile clans. Such clans could war each other on OW and in RvR while hostility lasts make it so that a clan owning a port has monopoly for 50% of rare goods that are produced in that port. This way eg. if you own Cartagena, 50% of goods sold in this port go to your clanmates, on their top price. Remaining 40% go to other members of your nation. This way it's profitable to capture a port, while in the same time it doesn't create a monopoly of access to a given resource. This solution wouldn't change national politics, while in the same time would allow for clans to solve their issues within a nation. Moves like switching a nation to harm it would be impossible. Similarly, two clans leaving in a constant hostility could war out their differences.
  4. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    difference between Vic and Buc seems quite small compared to their in-battle usefulness (less firepower). Difference between Buc and Pavel is a bit too big (Pavel has outstanding armor and shape which increases bounce level). I would suggest to lower Buc’s BR to approx. 420. Surprise’s maneuverability makes it stronger than Renomee. I would suggest to set both of them at 165 Niagara is more powerful than Merc. Ships below Niagara should probably have 70 BR Prince and snow should probably have 60 BR. Prince is very weak, while Snow had downside due to high sides
  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was a pleasure to sink you Jorge I hope those were not your last poods
  6. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    It's not an issue if from time to time (every 50 ships and after spending 2-3 books) a player will be able to craft a ship which gives him even eg. 30% advantage over an equal enemy. He can still be sunk by 1.3 number of players of his skills, and rarity of his ship makes it not relevant in RvR. You should rather compare 3/5 ships with 0-1 elite upgrades (instead of 5/5 ships). Those are builds used in PvP and PB. In those builds stacking is really not a big issue (unless new meta appears, which I don't know of).
  7. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    They don't work together. Navy Lodsman works only in OW, Elite works only in battles. Try this build: Cartagena Navy Structure Elite Spanish British Gunnery Sergeant Elite Northern Carpenters Gunnery Encyclopedia Ship Handling Carpenter reports Light blocks and ropes Book of 5 rings This would be a very powerful build, however it would require you to risk a very expensive and unique ship (I guess there's no such a ship on the server yet). Noone would sail such a ship. It wouldn't also use stacking, just powerful mods. Even this build could be neutralized easily - it's enough if someone sails upwind from you, or if two players chain and board you.
  8. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Do you even know what you're talking about? An Aga can have 7k side armour without any mods. If you stack Carpenter reports, Carpenters, Northern Carpenters and Steel toolbox, you will get 10% more repair, using up 4 slots, which you could use much better. Navy Lodsman doesn't work in battle, it's useless (and here it adds approx. 0,8 knot). Trim speed lowers your turn rate and sail health (-10%). 76 thickness can be penetrated with 9pd guns (class 6) from 250 meters, or 18pd guns (class 4) from 500 meters in good alignment. Elite Spanish is very OP, so are Poods. Noone will sail such a ship in a standard fight, you get 5 slot ship maybe once every 50 times. Mods are not fixed, however stacking is not an issue.
  9. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Sure, it is a cancer. If you sail out against me in such an Aga, you will die quickly (even quicker than from a cancer). If you send such a fleet against Prussia in PB, you will die quickly as well. Again, sail mods are OP. Those probably will be adjusted. Other mods for 1-5 rates - not so much. You want to complain about OP, complain about Poods.
  10. Perspective of a new player

    I guess this post requires an update. People suddenly started to complain about mods now, when they were mostly fixed. It's impossible to stack OP amount of repairs now. It's not that important to have mast upgrades. Due to thickness change, thickness is no more OP, as to have significant amount of thickness you need to sacrifice a lot. Right now only sail mods are OP, as well as planking and hammocks upgrade on 6th rates. All other mods are fairly balanced, as far as I know. Good work devs!
  11. Perspective of a new player

    In last months I had an experience of training a community of new players into becoming a somewhat cohesive RvR group. I want to share my experiences of perspective of new players, as I think that if we want to have more people playing the game, we need to make some improvements. Issue A path of a new player is rocky. It's even harder if they're in an inexperienced community of new players (let's say, a new community that doesn't speak english). It's not just about lack of experience. It's a quite often scenario that many inexperienced players fight a few veterans and they all sink, without sinking any enemy. In my opinion such battles should end with at least a few ships sunk or near-to-be sunk on a winning, experienced side. Otherwise, end effect will be that noone will fight experienced teams, or that inexperienced players will quit, fed up by constant losses. Not able to have a more or less even fight is what kills activity the quickest. In my opinion battles like these shouldn't be possible: (ship on the right sinking only due to a manual sail mistake of an inexperienced player) In both those battles some experienced players destroyed inexperienced ones with BR advantage, without having (m)any losses on their side. What in my opinion should be fixed. 1. repairs - inexperienced team can't use repairs effectively. Sure, single ships will repair, however they will often sink before retreating fully, and inexperienced team usually can't protect them in time. On the other hand experienced players can repair many times through the whole battle. Limiting number of hull repairs further will at least give the inexperienced side a kill or two, limiting advantage of vetans. 2. mods - having carpenter reports, carpenters and northern carpenters with proper perks is a deadly combo. There are some others as well (which I won't reveal, since they give me an advantage in game ). New players usually don't use mods well, and treat unusual properties of their enemies as cheats. I think it would be good for the game if all bonuses from all mods were lowered by 30-50%. It would make NA more about skill, less about finding this one deadly combo and whacking other players with this knowledge. The most important part though is it would give inexperienced players some chance to sink a few enemies before they all sink in an even battle. 3. armor mods - fixing point above should help already. The issue of new players is that they usually don't have an alt in Sweden/Russia, or a contact there, and they can't get mods which would make their ships much more powerful. They also don't have PvP marks to spare in larger quantity for PvP upgrades. Giving a limit to armour improvement, or limiting influence of all mods, would solve this issue. 4. demasting - ships should be probably by default harder to demast. Right now they can be configured to be so, however it still gives you a huge advantage over a less experienced crowd. 5. VM's - small nations with inexperienced players don't have means to train in RvR on even terms. I won't write about this here, I think I already wrote a lot on this matter. In my opinion if we won't fix those issues, most new players will quickly come and leave the game, regardless of tutorials, or promotions.
  12. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Dude, check your math, it doesn't add up You will never have 80 thickness on Aga. If you go 40% repairs, you won't load anything else. You can have 13 kts with the wind, however your Aga will be only good for running as a result. You can try out an Aga with a similar build against me - I'll take Wappen with 2 ship knowledges, or Inger. You will be dead in the water, as you won't have any maneuverability It's funny - when mods were OP, people thought they're fine. Back then I made a post: Mods were fixed afterwards, and now people start to complain they're OP
  13. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    I would advice you to read before posting. What mods would you combine to get a tanky 14kn ship that can repair half of its sides in one go?
  14. Why don't we add an upgrade and skill knowledges which would boost PvP mark and gold gain from PvP? This way more experienced players who are up for a challenge would have an incentive to load less upgrades that give them advantage in a fight, and instead load 1 or 2 which increases their gains after battle. If we ever had PvP ranks, level and number of such upgrades could depend on captain's PvP rank.
  15. PvP Rank

    Can you explain why?
  16. A different look at Upgrading and Stacking Ones Ship...

    I don't think we still have a problem with stacking, last patches fixed this. I think this might be a neat and complex solution for a non existent problem. I would much rather want devs fix other issues now.
  17. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    I was a casual too. You learn by sinking, and you can learn even more by sailing with someone experienced. There are plenty of people wanting to share the knowledge. After you realize mods are not op now, you will realize that the problem is somewhere else. Noone wants to fight an elite player knowing he will most likely loose. People need incentives to fight people better than them. A good suggestion to solve this appeared here :
  18. Bombardment Missions

    Yes, a temporary one, which you can use in a clan, not alone, unless you tag a trader.
  19. Bombardment Missions

    Just tag enemy fleet near a fort, or take a mission near enemy's town. Destroy the fort, gain XP.
  20. If they don't join us, I'll be happy to try them out I fought against them before in large battles, and I know they're good. We're also good. It could be interesting.
  21. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Apart from sail upgrades and planking for 6th rates, which are OP, all other upgrades and books are already balanced by the last patch. There's no point in limiting customization options for people. If someone wants his ship to behave in a certain way - let him increase the customization and make more varied battles. You don't need mods to compete, they are more or less irrelevant now - after last changes: changing wind, thickness, mast buffs etc. We just had a fight in 2 store-bought ships (Lynx and Snow) with no upgrades and skill knowledges, against 3 crafted snows with upgrades.The result was that two snows sunk, and a third one died in an explosion which killed everyone in a battle and created a draw. An enemy clan had an organization, mods and skill knowledge, 2.5x more guns and HP, yet they didn't win. Skill is what you need, not mods. Right now I don't know of any OP mod (apart from those that I mentioned).
  22. That's the point. We don't have any players who flocked to us. You can't not-PvP while in Prussia. You wouldn't have a place to do it from, and people to do it with. Everyone is a wolf. FYI - those are Rubli - the same clan who defeated Russia and Commonwealth in the past I think we fought approx. 4 times with them for Blondel Cay. In my opinion together with WO (whom we also fought), this is the strongest clan on the server. I guess you ment numerous oponent, rather than strong.
  23. We have regular RvR battles with pirates (1 PB per week), and now we'll probably have with Spanish. Even if we loose all the ports (which is next to impossible on our low BR ports), I guess our numbers wouldn't change - we would still keep our capital, La Tortue. We could probably loose more players if we started a regular RvR, as fighting bots to grind hostility would become boring.
  24. Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    Another improvement is to not to allow to craft upgrades in the port of their origin, and require people to transport resources to some other port. It could create more traffic eg. around Cartagena.
  25. Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    RNG on missions should be definitely removed, or they shouldn't be cancellable. Either this, or please release a paid-for phone app that allows you to re-roll missions on your phone Currently everyone takes missions in safe zones and just spends a stupid amount of time re-rolling them. An option to craft unique ships in special areas is interesting, if it was connected with RNG. This way in safe zone you could craft an orange eg. 1/100, outside of safe zone 1/50, and eg. in some special 6 ports 1/30. This would promote traffic in those 6 special ports, creating more PvP opportunities. Those could be even current freeports to avoid one side getting advantage in RvR by capturing all such ports.