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  1. Global : Are Hostility Missions Broken

    If you are worried from that, they could add that after you leave a clan you have to wait 24h before joining another.
  2. Global : Are Hostility Missions Broken

    Why HRE became so big? What if you do not need big clan anymore? We get 10k new players. Will all that join Sverige just join HRE4, HRE5, HRE6, HRE7, etc. OR will they actually form something new?
  3. Global : Are Hostility Missions Broken

    X port battles per clan better than per nation? Would encourage players to form clans big enough to do those X, but anything bigger would be boring for some in the clan. Could be another way to "limit" clans size.
  4. There is a healthy and good willed conversation, full of positive energy in the "Best RvR clan in games history", so why not to ask the same from OW PvP clans? For equality this time under "European server news". The same clans may have participated in RvR, but that side of is not evaluated here. This time size does not matter. One additional rule, you cannot name nor argue for your own clan. So it's time to honor your enemies or why not allies.
  5. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    @Lord Vicious SORRY has been doing good in RvR sector and maybe also in OW PvP. Which enemy or ally you would name tho? You have been speaking lot of good about SORRY, so I am sure that everyone is interested to know your opinion. edit. At least almost everyone.
  6. Idea: Mixed fleet Port Battles...

    Another issue is that if you survived the screening and at the gates you notice that you do not have any more right composition to get in, but you have other ships and that sucks. It could be also so that you can screen hostility missions, but port battle is then a lobby. We have had issues that none cares about hostility missions, which makes those pure PvE grind. This lobby system would make those more interesting. When you declare your hostility mission, defender can see that and start screening. Now you really have to screen hostility missions if you want to screen. If you lose 4 hostility missions your last option is to win in this lobby based port battle. There has to be max amount of hostility missions at the same time so that defender can defend. Can it be so that 2 attacking clans can fight in same mission to take each others hostility? So... 1. Port Battle is a lobby 2. You screen hostility missions 3. When someone wins X hostility missions against you, they get free lobby access to fight from the port. 4. Ports have mixed fleets and each has specified fleet sizes This is just an example how we can... 1. Keep screening in game 2. Make hostility missions important and interesting 3. Make mixed fleets and sizes possible Notice, I wrote while it came in my mind, I am not saying this will be flawless idea. Brainstroming mainly here. edit.. Maybe size of your clan could define how many hostility missions can be targeted against ports owned by your clan. At the same time and per day.
  7. Idea: Mixed fleet Port Battles...

    Mixed fleets is a good idea + different fleet sizes. My recommendation is there just to make a point. If devs implement something like this, they can make very many different and interesting scenarios at the same time. It is not KoC, I have heard that there are many smaller clans that are in situation that they have to join a bigger clan or not play at all. I think pretty common size for a group of friends is somewhere around 5, but that KoC number 5-10 could be pretty good estimate for smaller clans. @rediii I write you later why repair kits are currently breaking the game and bad. There are more issues than screening in this one. One of these is what kind of UI is needed to make this possible? Right now it is that you sail next to a port and if you belong to the same clan or friend clan, and you ship is not bigger than what is allowed you are in. For mixed fleet players and clans have to organize it so that they have all these different ships. We have screening for people who are solo, are in too small clans, have some reason why they cannot participate + some think it is a lot of fun to be a screener. Screening has some other issues, like when we had flags, you were able to make someone wait there 2 hours with a false flag. Screening is also a tool that big nations/clans can use vs small nations/clans to prohibit Port Battles all together. This leads to big clans and we have plenty of people playing this game who do not want to be in a big clan. Lobby, that everyone hates. This option gives anyway room for smaller clans to participate and also for multiple port battle scenarios. Lobby would give more reason to defend in hostility missions as after that you can do nothing to stop a port battle. Big clan cannot just pop there at the final moment to block the whole show. This would make hostility missions far more interesting as those would be your place to defend/screen before the final battle. For playability, to reach bigger market sector, mixed fleets and fleet sizes is a very good option. I highly recommend. I am pretty sure that most people agree with me here. Now the only question is that how we implement this so that it works and creates interesting RvR experience for us all.

    I think there has been many posts and community members asking something similar. @admin @Ink There is a reason why not?
  9. Best OW PvP clan in games history

    Would be fair to give honor as I created the thread and all. This time I do not have really good arguments as there are so many good options, but I am going to go with... PODW
  10. 3 things. 1. I say there "enough for many", which does not mean that I especially want A or B. 2. You cannot remove 1 sentence from a post and define that it means A. You have to actually read and understand the whole post. 3. If you had read forward you might have read the next sentence that is, " I am not asking to increase the income rate, but I think that we definitely should test the current one before we state that we are all doomed." That basically means that the guys who are here saying that the income rate is insane and way too high -> They should hold their horses and test a bit more before we make any fast decision. I am not native in English, I do not know if you are. I am anyway sorry if my posts are hard to understand correctly.

    Port battles should have mixed fleets and different fleet sizes. Fleets sizes: 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 Mixed fleets: Different scenarios for different ports. There can be some ports that still need 25x 1st rate. eg. 10x 4th + 8x 3rd + 5x 2nd + 2x 1st
  12. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021487140/recommended/311310/ About this one, I really think there should be tutorial to help people in their first mission. Find from GUI the mission section and take correctly ranked mission, understand that they have to open the map to see where they are and where they should go to make this mission. Then help with navigation tools and explain that big arrow is the wind direction. Explain in mission that red bar is where you aim etc. very simple basic stuff. Might be ok to have a 1st version from the real GUI as well. This alone could help people to stay longer than those 10 hours. I understood that you were planning to do the tutorial later, but it might be that first version of it sooner than later would not harm anyone.
  13. Thank you from your post, just what I asked. Now everyone on this forum is like, "Is this a troll post? Can this actually be true?". I am honest and I went to check kitsus other posts to try to verify this is not a troll post. No offence Kitsu. I make unofficial statement which is definitely not signed by devs, You do not belong to Naval Actions target market sector. Community on this forum is pretty HC, they have even told me that I think too much casuals and my ideas destroy the game for all the rest. If that story I wrote was the best I can do to imagine how casuals do in this game, the rest of the community was probably laughing at my crazy casual ideas. "If they are able to join PvP fight with 1 durability ship every second day, this income rate may not be even enough for many." - Most from our community does not even register this line. I tell you a secret... Most guys here and their clan mates want that everything is super expensive, then these same guys and their clan mates are afraid to leave protected capital zone without 5-10 friends. The best advice you are going to get is probably that you should join a clan. Try shooting your chaser one at time and see if there is any difference in your accuracy.
  14. After some testing I would say that casual players may get one L'Hermione per evening + cannons. They may buy some cheap upgrades from shop as well. Assuming they have 4th rate to grind PvE missions. How long it takes for them to get to this 4th rate is another story. The next evening he goes to sink his L'Hermione in PvP. I did solo PvE missions. I sailed the new Wasa ship, sinking St. Pavels mainly. Then I noticed this, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198021487140/recommended/311310/ I believe that most on this forum can do these with ease in 10-30 minutes, but I am not really sure how casuals would do it. So I admit that my estimate may not be too accurate. I also assumed that casuals play ~2 hours per day. This is not even too casual amount as many play only 2-6 hours per week. You can spend 6-12 hours per day to Naval Action. It is true that you may own soon all blueprints, ships, upgrades and have billions. I really dont think this will be the case when we think average players. Sad thing is that most casuals left the game already. Would be interesting to know how the current income rate works for them. If they are able to join PvP fight with 1 durability ship every second day, this income rate may not be even enough for many. I am not asking to increase the income rate, but I think that we definitely should test the current one before we state that we are all doomed. If you know some casual players who had difficulties to keep playing, now might be a good time to ask them to test the game again.
  15. We are earning a lot more, so taxing is not that bad. Question is what is the right tax rate. I do not have an answer to that tho. Mixed fleets in Port Battles and Hostility Missions. The battles will be more interesting that way. You do not have to make every port to have mixed fleet, nor you have to make every mission to have it. How boring would be World Of Warships if everyone would have a Cruiser? When they have multiple different roles it gets 1000 times more interesting. Highly recommend.
  16. They could add different kind of PvE content as well. Like escort a trader from Capital to port X. X would be located outside the protected zone. I think there can be many ways to encourage people to leave capital area. Could also be PvP missions. Fleets ask missions at port, automatch is finding other fleets, mission is to go near port X and search and destroy enemy fleet in that area. I did not go too deep in details, but I think it is just to give reasons for people to leave capital zone and how to find each other from this huge world. edit. Could be also so that in general you get % gold/cm/xp bonus if you do PvE missions outside from protected zone.
  17. It is not that bad if we have well protected PvE areas. It could be done so that you cannot do missions for the last 3 ranks in protected area. You take a high rank mission from capital and it pops so far from capital that it is out from protected area. If you take from ports that do not have protected areas, then those could pop closer. In the end the real reason why you want to go to capital waters in the 1st place is because you cannot find players from any other place. It can be as well that there are no players in any other place. Capitals have been important hubs for us. If capital waters are well protected, we need other hubs and/or tools to find enemies. We could have some indicators on map that display for example how many players are in each region or how many players visited some specific port, etc. something similar.
  18. Wood types sure could be in better balance but repair kits are actually affecting to the game a lot. Repair kits definitely make speed meta stronger and definitely makes it harder for small fleets and solo players. Also repair kits are affecting to ship builds, which supports the current speed meta. Everyone already hates me from my walls of text where I state "my facts". I probably should not start, so maybe someone else can do it this time.
  19. Speed meta is strong. Repair kits are broken, which really does not make it any better. There are plenty of ships in the game, as long as people are just sailing few of those -> The game is broken. The "pro" players are really so damn worried if they lose a fight that they simply cannot sail anything else? Oh, yes they actually are. Increasing income is a cheap "fix" for speed meta. Even if speed meta will be fixed properly, higher income rate is needed in general to support larger playerbase.
  20. Best RVR clan in games history

    SORRY was my answer if we speak in general in Naval Action History. - They were not bad in RvR, they were not bad in Port Battles. Probably they were at least better than average. We can at least all agree this? - They made clearly the biggest impact to our community. No other clan is as well known as SORRY. Lord Vicious is rude in his comment, none can deny that. This created hate against SORRY and LV. People wanted to hang them, probably because Lord Vicious was able to make them to be so hated. Even other pirates wanted to hang them. They were the "evil" clan that everyone hated. On top of that, even when everyone turned against them they were still able to survive and also be victorious. When they were victorious, LV came to your face and laughed at you, made sure that everyone knew that he had won. He did not just do one victory dance to annoy you, he made 10 of those, and after that came to teabag you. - If they had been bad in RvR, you guys would have removed them from the map 100 times. You guys could not achieve that, and that makes them even more annoying. - They did not care an F from honor. More unfair it was for their enemy the better. Did not really make them to be any less hated. - They were able to create so much drama and salt that global chat turned to be good entertainment when Lord Vicious was active. - They had active players, many were HC players. If rumors are true they had ~10 alts per member. They had very strong economy, if they had lost a full fleet, they could make a comeback sooner than any other clan. - They created content. Many wanted to do something to see them dead. - Maybe they did not have best players, maybe they were not the best clan in Port Battles. I am still pretty sure they were the best RvR clan. SORRY and Lord Vicious created a very good "evil" clan. Makes me wish that Albion Online dies and LV comes back to entertain us all, in good and mostly bad. Where is the thread for best OW PvP clan?
  21. I am a casual player. I have 2 hours to play per day. My clan says that we do hostility missions. I have time to sail 2 of those, I earn 1.2 million. Yesterday we did missions as well, but enemy came to defend and I lost my L'OCean. Later that day we did OW PvP and I lost my Constitution. How many days I have to play to earn back what I lost? One big issue NA had was that people could not afford to lose ships. They did not want to do PvP or only if they had superior numbers. NA waters are full of uneven fights, 99.9% are uneven. Will this income rate be enough to grow your sacks so big that the next time you are at BR disadvantage, you take that fight and see what happens. Would be also interesting to see if our "pro" players finally grow balls big enough that they actually sail something else than a speed boat. I did not name anyone, not my fault if you felt a sting in your heart. Does it really matter if we have some HC players who have 100 billion on their account, if at the same time we have a server full of players actually playing Naval Action?
  22. I recommend that you add progressive port upkeep costs. If first is 100k, the 2nd is 100k+X. If you do not implement something like this, there is a high change that people will just form big clans to rule them all.
  23. This affects to current speed meta and also combat balance. Probably brings back the question are masts too strong or weak. Multiple repair kits make speed meta to be stronger as you can compensate your weak hull with repair kits. Compensating speed is not possible. MRK issue is also related to Mass > Skill, and increasing Zergfest/Gankfest. MRK issue is big and breaks the game for sure. Whatever you do, I hope you understand that it is going to affect to multiple things. edit. Big fleets vs Small fleets issue is worse now with MRK. As big fleet can always out repair the smaller one. This is broken as hell.
  24. Port Maintenance

    I believe forts, towers and maybe even AI ships will be something that clans can buy to protect their ports in the future. I actually assumed already that this is where the game is heading in the future. I would be disappointed if not so. Clans collect taxes so they fund also defenses.