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  1. Promoting more PVP

    @victor Right now you have to either trade/craft/PvE to get new ships OR CM/PvPMark. CM and PvPM are a good idea if the only other option is to trade/craft/PvE. CM And PvPM are decreasing player driven economy so it is a bad thing in the end. What if they remove CM/PvPM ships and add conversion from CM to Gold and PvPM to Gold. Give enough PvPM from PvP and they will come to buy their ships from you. If you are in the same nation with me, my clan will buy every ship, cannon and upgrade from you. 1st I have to be able to afford that -> Higher PvP rewards.
  2. Promoting more PVP

    You as a trader would be the final deposit for all that gold that PvP players earn in their battles. How is that so bad thing? In the end of the day you are the only one that is benefiting. edit. In the end PvE players, traders/crafters would rule in NA by using PvP players to fight their wars. You are still complaining?
  3. Promoting more PVP

    1. PvE is important at the moment. I have understood that most play PvE at the moment. PvE is also the area where people grind their ranks and ship knowledge. (I am not strong supporter of ship knowledge grind either, mainly increases PvE) 2. Have I understood correctly that right now PvP players basically take all the risk but get no reward? They don't have money to buy from you + now you can buy directly with marks if you need. You could be still right, we have not tested PvP with good rewards. What you think would happen if they actually could afford to buy your ships? Could it be possible that they also would do that? Could they even order ships from you? Sure, with the current rewards there is no change that they can afford your services. 3. Big clans will probably always have clan crafters. But in the end, if your clan is good in PvP your clan does not need a clan trader/crafter. 4. You have to understand that an average player is losing more money than gaining from PvP. At the moment they simply cannot afford to buy from you. An average player, KD 1. He sinks one enemy and sinks himself. He lost plenty here. He simply cannot afford to buy a new ship from you. He is back in PvE and has to craft his own ship. Player driven economy does not work for Average Joe. What has to be your KD to actually be able to buy the next ship from you with cannons and upgrades?
  4. Promoting more PVP

    Does not matter if they can, because they won't if they don't have to.
  5. Promoting more PVP

    One more thing now that I got started... In Naval Action we think that economy is fueling war efforts. In real life, did you know that this is the opposite? When government says that we buy all tanks you can produce -> War fuels economy. The economy is built and created because someone is buying it all. When government is buying everything but there is not enough companies to sell them, then we can talk a bit like industry fuels war. Initially still the government funds the economy, war funds the economy. We all know that war is a business, right? ... A good PvP player buys a ship from a bad PvP player. With this money bad PvP player is able to craft 3 ships more. He sinks twice and sells his last ship for another PvP player. He crafts 3 ships, etc. This system would be good as it creates that player driven economy devs are so after. It would keep new players or not so skillful in the game. In the end we might not need CM nor PvPMark ships at all, as are in itself decreasing player driven economy.
  6. Promoting more PVP

    In the end it can be that there is no need for PvP Marks. If gold reward would be set so high for winning and also losing side, it might work even better. Losing side has to have a decent gold reward as well that it encourages people to do PvP. Risk/Reward has to be there for losing side as well. If PvP players earn plenty of gold, they can buy everything. Traders/Crafters/PvE players sell. If gold reward is set too low, none can afford to buy ships from other players. Player run economy does not work. If gold reward is low, everyone has to trade/craft their own ships as they cannot afford to buy. Devs decided to remove gold reward from damage at some point. I really don't understand what they are thinking sometimes.
  7. Promoting more PVP

    They could give Signaling Perk like feature for everyone. Someone ganks you, you can always ask help from nation chat. Does not take ganking away, but helps to organize good battles. ... Gear should be less important than it is now, bonuses should be smaller. If ship knowledge is removed, less PvE is needed before players can start playing PvP. Players should have good access to all mods, books and ships. More time people waste building their ships, less time they have for PvP. We have PvE economy and we cry there is not enough PvP. We play mostly PvE to get gear to do PvP. We give PvP gear advantage for players who play more PvE. Full loot system where you only lose ships in PvP. New players probably lose a ship in almost every PvP fight. Which after they have to grind PvE. We have special group of people who want massive PvE grind to get ships. We have players who want rare "things" that only most hard core PvE grinders can get. We want plenty of PvP, we provide plenty of PvE. We have gank OW, time sink to look for people, time sink to chase or be chased. When we finally find that really nice and even and good PvP battle, we are really happy (Ultra rare tho). Good PvP battle indeed, that none is ready to take as they don't want to risk losing their ship. At some point devs removed gold from damage, making the game to depend even more on PvE economy. ... What if your enemy has book A and you sink and loot him, and you would have a good change to get some of his books? Learn from your enemy. ... PvP rewards has to be on level that it clearly decreases need to PvE. Crafting, trading, missions should be more like an optional way to earn. Good PvP players should be able to earn so much from PvP that they can simply buy everything they want. Before it was slightly so that from PvP you were able to earn gold to buy it all, but the earn rate even in 2016 was not high enough. ... Strong PvE economics, then planning to write steam that the main content is PvP. The philosophy is good but the implementation is not.
  8. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Have been afraid as well. Devs please, don't get burnout. Often when players say content, they mean something to do. Buc is something to own, an item, gear, vehicle. You then use this item to do something, play your content. Just clarifying what many think when they say content. This would be ok. Make sure that the game is supporting players to actually play the main content. Naval Action is the best PvP game I have played, ever. Today it has some issues but I am sure those will be fixed. I would say Naval Action has plenty to offer. Personal preference. I don't know if I was able to play Warframe for an hour or 2. I have thousands in Naval Action. To me Warframe is a brain-dead shooter.
  9. Every battle in this tournament may now last 90 minutes. Team A sinks one ship and after that shoots sails and avoids fighting. If you don't care about my opinion, please don't answer.
  10. It is good to be on the same side with your team, that creates nice tournament spirit. Still, reading and understanding what other people write before answering would be nice.
  11. Neither. Do you really have to be a hater or a fanboy to say that? I want to see fighting not running. Nothing personal Dear Mariachi.
  12. In the next tournament rules should not allow running like PODW.
  13. Do we still need a wipe?

    @admin Ship knowledge and learned books will be wiped in the next wipe or?
  14. Future Tournament Types

    BR limited is a very good idea. They have to rebalance battle ratings and that actually could help.
  15. Do we still need a wipe?

    Everyone knew there is going to be a wipe. If you know that and play and then say you quit if there is going to be a wipe, I don't know what to say. Like I have hard time motivating myself to play as I know I lose my slots that are behind a heavy grind. They should give max slots for everyone already for testing purposes. Improve my motivation to test more Did I quit because of the last wipe? If they do not screw it completely I will be back after final wipe. I have just hard time seeing myself grinding the slots twice. I believe I am not the only one. I don't believe everyone quits permanently. The only reason I see for slots/books is that after final wipe old players don't have huge advantage vs new ones, as we can keep the Rank already. Guys who start to play after final wipe, they may think that they start from the same line with the rest. Probably for 90% of gamers it is very important to start from the same line. No, I don't know the real percentage but that must be really high, I am sure about it. If not because of this, the slot grind does not offer anything.
  16. Do we still need a wipe?

    When there are no more wipes I am sure more people will return.
  17. Do we still need a wipe?

    Honestly don't know and in my opinion that is not important here. The books added tremendous amount of grind. Decreased my motivation to play as there is going to be a wipe. I can see that you have your reasons to ask no more wipe after all.
  18. Do we still need a wipe?

    1. Oh boy! Are we not glad that there is going to be another wipe? After the final wipe they cannot do it any more. 2. That is Korean grind mode. The only hard part of your hardmode is to find time to play it, time to grind PvE. Maybe PvE server could have this so called "hardmode". They normally tend to quit after they have everything. 3. I don't want it to be meta to sail small ships, but those should have a purpose in the end game. True, I would like people to have ships so that I can find PvP battles from OW, every day and multiple times per day. Your so called hardmode is the opposite. Most of us like to sail square rigged ships, 5th rates and above. There are some of us who still like to sail something relatively small but I don't know many. Pagan Pete is one guy who loves his Privateer. I would like that these small vessels would have a purpose in NA. I would recommend devs to listen Pagan Pete here, he is maybe the best source of information to keep these ships in the end game.
  19. Do we still need a wipe?

    1. I think that fine woods broke it pretty bad. Devs gave tons of ships for everyone for free. Before this kind of additional source of ships and income I always could have use for some extra something. Don't take me wrong, I was not a poor captain before those changes either. So I would say that it was ok to reset it. Clear all that crap and hope devs never repeat it that bad. 2. This is a common misunderstanding in my opinion, heavy PvE grind is not a hardmode. You repeat the same for hours, you sink same bots for hours. Seriously, it is pure grind and nothing there is "hardmode" really. Who is the biggest grinder will get the best ship? Seriously? 3. Before it was way better. It should be even better than what it was before. Devs have a long way to go here. They could start by limiting repair kits. 4. Lets not be that negative. I am sure they will fix it 5. If you like ship A and B, the game should not be still balanced around those. "I think everyone should sail small frigates!" - Captain 'small frigates' Landsman
  20. Do we still need a wipe?

    1. I really do not see your reasoning here. There has to be one more wipe that is announced to be the final wipe. That is how it is. We can agree to disagree here, I am ok with that. 2. If everyone had now the same stuff as before the wipe, everyone would have everything and plenty more. Everyone had more ships than enough and tens, hundreds millions of gold, some probably billions. So you say after economic failure there is no need for wipe? I am sorry but you are not right in this. We can simply agree to disagree here as well. 3. Yes you do simply remove speed meta. Different builds and ships have to make sense. This was better before. 4. If that is nothing compared to what you get trading/crafting, then I would like to see this kind of balance issues to be fixed before release, before final wipe. 5. What if someone does not like those specific ships? Try to see it as a game development for different kind of players. Not only from personal perspective.
  21. Do we still need a wipe?

    1. You dont even care if there is going to be a wipe or not. Why are you still so interested from it? Are you actually one of those guys who are crying after his pixel ships? 2. You can follow the forum conversation and read about it yourself. They sure need to make sure economy works pretty well. There are some things I would like to be changed, lets see how it goes. 3. For example: They can add signaling perk for all, could remove speed meta, limit repair kits, ... 4. The question is what can you trade/craft in the same time you earn 200CM? EVE is mostly PvE game. Admin posted statistics from that. He wanted similar pretty massive amount of PvE in NA. To me this game was meant to be a PvP game, thats what I understood. I would not like that PvP server turns to PvE grind server where you can sometimes have PvP. It is better to have plenty of people who can afford to sail in OW than just very few hc players who have time to do it. Plenty of people in OW means that we actually might have PvP. Are you playing this to grind PvE or to play PvP? We want people out from safe zones, and if not before that happens when people have max rank and ships they like to sail. You cannot force them to leave safe zone in a Navy Brig if they dont want to sail it. I assume most people want to sail square rigged tall ships, that would be min 5th rate.
  22. Do we still need a wipe?

    No, it simply meant that the game at that point was utter crap.
  23. Do we still need a wipe?

    I think it is more like that some people feel like they waste their time if they play before wipe. There is also a group that does not really want to test all bad features, they want to wait till it is ready. This would not work at all. There are probably other options to support smaller frigates. Everyone wants to sail a square rigged tall ship, no sense to force people to sail something under 5th rate.
  24. Do we still need a wipe?

    I am sure some are waiting the last wipe before starting to play. Would be unfair to not do so.
  25. Do we still need a wipe?

    If economics are not working ok, it can be that we end up to a situation where everyone has everything. Then we need a wipe again. In general though they should focus to finish features that need a wipe. Many have been testing this game hundreds/thousands hours and starting all over again and again can get heavy. I would not be surprised if some are waiting that they stop wipes before playing again.