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  1. Broke VM for top Nations

    Maybe it is that Mark systems don't work in the end, without testing of course hard to say that this is 100% sure. I was some what leaning towards mark system before, I have to admit. Basically because it really helped to get new ships in the game. There probably always should be a system to buy ships without trade/craft. Buying ships directly from admiralty with gold should be multiple times more expensive than crafting those. There could be also delivery delay, 24 hours for example. Just by introducing delivery delay you could make crafting to be more interesting option. In the end marks are decreasing player driven economy, which is bad. This is also main the reason why am starting to turn against marks. VM could be indeed replaced by PvP mark, I see no reason why not. You would get those based on kills and maybe 1 extra for winning side. Devs could check shop prices for CM/PM/VM in big nations. Use this knowledge to define gold prices for Admiralty prices. Crafting/Trading should be efficient enough to produce enough ships for a nation to wage war. This is pretty important actually. PvP players craft ships for their needs, they don't sell those. If they sell, less ships they have for PvP, sooner they have to craft again. Crafting and trading has to be rewarding enough that those bastards who actually do it should get their gold. Crafting and trading is in good state when players start to sell good PvP ships in capitals. Production should be on level that it becomes a competitive option for admiralty ships.
  2. Battles should not close

    Signaling Perk for all
  3. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    One of the reason why I quit for now. I understand some PvE but a mad grind to be competitive in PvP. I have hard time motivating myself to do that.
  4. I did not say that. I only said that traders are too easy targets to earn PvP marks. So if you take a player trader, you do that for possible cargo.
  5. You make "critical" hit locations that get you killed and are relatively easy to hit, you force people to use specific mods. Masts we all know. Leaks is another thing. If with a good broadside I shoot 30 leaks and my enemy sinks if he does not have upgraded pump. Why to sink? You could make repairing longer and take more men. Slow down the ship with leaks. The "base" game without any critical hit locations is very good in NA. You simplify/remove tactical part of NA with these critical locations. The game turns so fast that you don't any more develop your victory, you simply sail next to and shoot a mast off.
  6. You should not earn PvP marks from traders.
  7. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    EU clans complain from night flips. Now they can set their PB time and able to play the game. They set US PB times so that they don't have to play, hoping at the same time that none night flips their port. Slowly every EU based port turns to US based and US clans win. Now EU players complain that this is a broken mechanism. This sounds so retarded that tell me please that I have misunderstood something?
  8. Small, Medium, Large Upgrades

    It should be cheaper to upgrade a 7th rate than a 1st rate.
  9. Masts made of glass?

    Redeemable Agamemnon in PvE 4th rate mission VS Frigate and Surprise. Mostly fired 18pd medium charged shots but also 24pd. Now that I check Shelbys chart it can be that many from those 18pd charged shots did not even penetrate. 5x Bottom Mast sniped in 12-15 minutes. 3 from Frigate and 2 from Surprise. (Even 25 minutes would be way too fast for 5 masts) No accuracy upgrades, books or perks. 1st game after very long break. Was even stuck in irons multiple times wondering how you tack with the new model. What is the best way to tack? I was playing this long so I hope I am better than an average player, but sure far from a pro. With my skills I would not expect this kind of results. I tested it and sure it could be worse, but it is broken as hell at the moment. For years there has been changes done for masts. How can we still be in this state? You have done A and B, then tested A again and then B again, then A ... . You know you could try to find and test options C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K and L as well? ... Additional ideas on top of those I already said in earlier posts: If masts were stronger, you could decrease chain shot damage. If masts were stronger, you could easily remove multiple repair kits per battle. As cannons are too accurate and you dont want to make those less accurate, you can increase mast hp as that creates the same effect. Multiply mast hp by X for example. Depending what other fixes you are planning to do, X could be from 1 to 4. Decrease horizontal accuracy when sniping. You can still measure the distance, but sniping will be hard. Wont fix mast rakes. Consider decreasing charged shot count by -80% Consider to decrease accuracy so that with all accuracy mods you can achieve the same accuracy level as currently without any mods. You seem to be Simo Häyhä without any sights anyway. You could also consider to change damage model so that better your penetration is, higher damage you cause. Lets say 18 pd charged medium penetration is 1 point higher than mast thickness, minimal damage instead of full medium cannon damage. 18 pd long charged with all penetration upgrades could not penetrate 5th rate mast. 24 pd could not penetrate 4th rates mast, etc. 5th rates have optional mast upgrades to make it harder for 4th rates to dismast them. Use your own imagination.
  10. Masts made of glass?

    The last time this was tested one round shot from bow to stern killed 80 crew members. It can be that we tested side internal damage with overall unbalanced damage model. Everyone lost their crew fast from side hits. Everyone was disabled and all that was achieved was that everyone lost dps. It did not matter much where you landed your shots, it was a massacre. If stern and mast damage are set to be this high, more "realistic", we probably need internal damage from side hits as well. If we keep all protecting hull sides, stern and mast damage should be nerfed on similar level of arcadeness. Similar level has been reached when doubling feels rewarding?
  11. Masts made of glass?

    Remember what happened when we had crew & cannon damage from hull side hits? It did not really matter were you stern raking or sniping masts, it was deadly to sail a side and have a faster reload time than your enemy. Then just hammer s out from your enemy. Sounds like a war winning tactic? Doubling is a real naval tactic if I remember correctly. This does not really work like it did IRL. Hard to make working with 0 "internal" damage. Side internal damage will make community unhappy, so probably making masts to have equally arcade damage model than sides would be better. Stern crew damage should follow the same arcadeness btw. Accuracy and mast hp have similar effect btw. Also not sure how big hit box ball and masts have, are those realistic? If you make hitboxes smaller you basically decrease accuracy and may fix everything by just doing that. You could also consider this.. Further from mast hitbox center balls hit, less damage those do.
  12. Masts made of glass?

    Dear @admin, 15-20 charged shots is enough to take a mast atm. Less than a full deck. For example Bellona: Has 2 decks of cannons that can penetrate bottom section of 4th rates mast. 56 cannons, charged damage 45 on average? Miss rate 33% = 40 cannons will hit. 40*45 = 1800 mast sniping damage from one broadside. Miss rate 50% = 28 * 45 = 1260 dmg A good mast sniper will take 2 masts with one broadside of charged shots? Am I calculating this correctly? (Are good snipers even better?) This kind of accuracy has been achieved in your pictures? Were they shooting more than one broadside? Were they sniping? With hull you took more arcade point of view, we have all protecting hull sides. You are not balancing the rest with this. If masts go down in 5-10 minutes and shooting at hull does nothing... I really dont know what the F you are thinking?
  13. Masts made of glass?

    What I have understood meta is still charged shot and mast sniping. Realistic they say. Sea Fox, there is no easy way to handle that atm.
  14. Masts made of glass?

    Maybe not optimal game design if it is mandatory to have a specific upgrade or two.
  15. The current upgrade/book system is not as good as the earlier MGN craftable upgrades. Why not to have PvE drops and craftable upgrades? If you get a copper plating from PvE mission you are happy. You can still always craft all upgrades. Why to add PvE random drop grind upgrades to PvP game? You even announce that the main content is PvP? Another thing are rare resources that are needed to craft some upgrades. These rare resources could provide "cheaper" method to craft upgrades. You should be able craft with MGNs or with rare resources? Traders sailing and selling silver is better PvP content than everyone grinding PvE in safe zones. @admin notice that this is a small thing to make people to sail out from safe zones. A purpose to do so. Can you invent 100 more? Upgrades should be cheaper than ships. Books system with PvE grind knowledge slots. This sucks as well. I dont even know where to start. Lets say simply that how does this improve players fun factor? How this makes PvP better? PvP was the MAIN content, right? How does this aim to achieve better PvP? Will the game sell better with this system? Life Is Feudal is btw. a shitty game. I am playing this shitty game, so I know it is shitty. Devs decided that you are meant to use autoclicker to get xp Can content really get shittier than that? That game could be awesome, have 1000 times more players, but they decided to add insane PvE auto clicker grind to it. Players could be fighting against each other and have fun, but instead they decided to go with autoclicker? You basically watch movies while autoclicker is clicking. Absolutely freaking retarded game design. Who the F were the players who actually asked shit like this? AFK playing the game while watching movies. Sounds familiar?
  16. Copper plating seems to still cost millions. Other upgrades that are equally expensive? Increase copper plating drop rate or nerf it?
  17. [PVP EU] battle results

    Was not the question but... Long time ago Reinforced masts was a must have. Is a mechanism in a good balance if you must have an upgrade to counter it?
  18. [PVP EU] battle results

    I don't know what is the current balance but I have always felt like this. A question, how badly you would need repair kits if we had no stern rake crew damage nor mast damage?
  19. Why did players leave?

    Patches were making things worse not better. Here is some to start from... 1. They should think casuals but they dont. Without casuals there will never be high numbers. 2. Thousands want something like Sid Meyers Pirate. Devs said many times that this wont happen. 3. People were happy capturing ships and understood there will be an adventure here. They introduced crafting and capturing ships was not cool. For many crafting was not something they wanted. 4. There was huge crew casualties at some point, plus huge crew costs. I know as I have been told first hand that this killed the game for many. I asked fix for this ASAP, but a real fix arrived finally after the last wipe. This was the moment when people had to experience the same as new players and started to cry like new players. Short sighted, zero reactions. 5. Stern rake damage was mad at some point. I know people laughing in TS because it was so insane. It took really long to get some fixes. 6. Flag system was changed to clearly inferior hostility system. HS could be ok, but it was just that kind of crap that people simply left immediately. Zero reactions here. I remember guy saying, "I thought the game was almost ready, wtf is this s*hit?" 7. No end game carrot. Capturing a port had no meaning for clan that captured it. It gets boring to capture ports for no "real" purpose. 8. No care for small clans. Many want to sail in their own small group of IRL friends. 10. No PvE content, with PvP gank content. 11. When players started to leave, there was no game for actives. 12. PvE crafters/traders wanted something that only they can own with their HC PvE grind. Devs took it. 13. PvE oriented grind in a PvP game. The same issue is in many games. Never learn. 14. Economy does not work. It was meant to be player driven but never succeeded to achieve that. Economy has been going backwards. 15. OW ganking is not really that interesting for many, including me. Devs uninterested to even try to fix, for example "Signaling perk for all" kind of feature. Instead saying, "NAL is for balanced battles, NA is for ganking". I hope they are right but that wont make NA more popular, just moving people from NA to NAL. 16. S loads of time spent to different kind of timesinks. 17. Combat is better today but it was pretty bad for long time. 18. Multiple repair kits per battle. This simply sucks. 19. Ship knowledge slot grind is heavy and probably not even needed. Decreasing your options and fun. Sorry Devs, it just does not work so that 3 slots is a standard. There will be one more wipe, not many wants to grind slots and books twice. Not sure how many wants to grind those slots in the first place. 20. When people leave, it is very hard to get them back. So many radical changes dropping players all the time, "never" coming back. 21. Radical changes will make some people to leave and others like the game. Going back and forth and every possible direction, doing the same mistakes twice. Hard to let people to know that the reason why they quit has been fixed now, sorry they broke it again, oh they actually fixed it again, Welcome back? 22. Announce this is a HC PvP game. Not saying it contains HC zero content PvE grind to have PvP.
  20. Losing control of ships randomly

    I had the same issue long time ago. Cannot remember how I fixed it, but it was not related to NA. Some external application or VPN. I was able to sail in OW but not in combat. Lost a ship or two that day. Don't know if it is a bug in NA as all other games were running ok.
  21. Leeway warning! Important!

    It can be that we have to just learn to sail differently. You had plenty of time to turn before you ended up to that beach party. Leeway is new, you did not know what happens and so did not sail as required in the new system. The next time you know and will be ok, maybe even enjoyable. On that video you basically run with the wind to ashore. You gave up from the wind completely there. In the old system you could have left that place with ease. In the new system you should have altered your course way sooner. Ships that don't suffer that much from leeway can basically lure big and nasty 2nd rates to ashore. I think this might be really nice addition. Creates more room for small ships. Maybe some port battles are won because of wind conditions? 1st rates wont be able to sail to location X or will have a beach party. So a clever admiral finds a better sailer for the task this time. New guys who don't know how to tack nor understand leeway, it can be that they definitely should not sail SOLs. They should probably half all magic bonuses/penalties from books/upgrades. Leeway is something that players can actually learn. I like it. This will affect so many things that combat balance can well be changed now. I understood that some values will be still tuned. No worries.
  22. [PVP EU] battle results

    It seems like it took 5 months. Huge difference in skill. As someone said here it needs that to be able to win 1vs3. Still, I think 1vs3 is always a good victory, whatever guys say here. They were not protecting weak sides at all and at least it looks that one guy was stern tanking to death. GG Liq Also really nice to see that you actually have to change ammunition type these days. It took really long but finally we are getting there. Balance has been improved. GJ @admin Don't know how the new sailing model affected to meta but... How about an Essex or Trincomalee? Both? Constitution?
  23. Wind direction

    Right now we have a wind that makes circle, constantly with the same speed. What if we keep this + add some random. Random does not have to change the direction to be something totally different, it could be enough to just make it change direction "a bit". Like for example max from N to NNW. Random could change X times per constant wind change.