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  1. 15 vs 15 sounds cool, would suck to be first but fun. The fps tank might be an issue.
  2. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    I think they should keep the standard guns but instead allow you to get upgraded versions like guns with sights or lightweight guns.
  3. please get rid of the npcs

    Without AI MM would be horrible, would wait up to 30 mins for a game, would be like 1 cutter vs a Snow or frig with the BR system atm. At least the AI give the weaker players chance.
  4. The problem with Kill XP

    Xp for kills is a bad idea, i keep getting uptiered, yes we will need "Tiers" in this game against higher tiers even small frigs and i can barely kill them get no xp for helping to kill them...so how am i to help my team win if i get nothing for helping to kill a larger ships then me? Im only in a Brig fighting snows and cerbs...what am i to do?
  5. Alternative to Cannon Grind

    Yea was so happy i got to the Brig then....4lbers....WHY?! Why can i not use the 6lbers from my cutter? Did my crew suddenly forget how to use 6lbers guns? Did my captain not check the fine print when he bought the ship?
  6. King-of-the-Hill Circles Are Dumb

    Just make the AI contest the circle, right not its fair when teams bee line for the circle while having more players on their team vs AI bots.
  7. I'm done

    Its basically a more ship focused Versions of Assassins creed black flag, in fact it is that just Minus the Assassins stuff. But hey ill end up getting it as long as its not pure pvp.
  8. I'm done

    Looks Like Ubisoft saw NA being the only real naval sailing game on the market that people still play and thought welp seems we can make even more money by taking their idea and doing better with our millions. I do feel bad for this Team they will have to compete VS a large AAA title, but in a way Ubisoft will make it like black flag so it will be more arcade then realistic... Also they have captains! Ones you could customize to i bet...outfit dlc?
  9. naval no action

    You must have very short eye sight.
  10. naval no action

    Merge the servers into one, make a offline mode for pve and done
  11. naval no action

    Ah ok seems fair, they are the best 1st rate.
  12. naval no action

    Sorry but i need to call you out on this one, since Ocean was a special ship no NPC sails them, not as far as i have seen and i ran a lot of RA missions not once did i see an Ocean. Santi and Vic yes you can capture those but it requires a 1st rate to do it in a solo mission.
  13. naval no action

    Still doesnt solve the issue of i need to grind 1 hour for every time i lose a ship in pvp.
  14. naval no action

    The point is supply is always higher then demand due to how easy and quick it is to make a ship, i think a T3 Battle cruiser would be made in a bout 1hour or so. And the money for buying one made in like 10 mins or less.
  15. naval no action

    But in Eve Pvp is fun, why? Because i know it wont matter if i lost my ships because if i turned up for a battle did my part and died in combat i would be compensated by my "Corp" Clan for my duty, in this game replacing the loses is so much harder for crafters while in Eve they could pump out 200-300 ships for massive battles only real value was losing important Moons for mats. Economy in Eve works because of one simple thing, the way to produce stuff is cheap and easy, shipping and hauling while it has risks is easy, crafting small ships is super easy and requires minimal setup from crafters.