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  1. HMS Victory

    first HAVOC Empire

  2. HMS Victory

    first HAVOC Empire

    even more salt
  3. HMS Victory

    first HAVOC Empire

    its so much salt, that I'm thirsty now reading this
  4. HMS Victory

    first HAVOC Empire

    Long live the Dark Lord. Long live The Empire.
  5. HMS Victory

    Under Gunfire

  6. HMS Victory

    On the Horizon.png

  7. HMS Victory

    Battle near Baja.png

  8. HMS Victory


  9. HMS Victory

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    the new compass indeed does look terrible
  10. Please see the image attached @admin This is but a grammar issue *Sheme>Scheme *Build-in>Built-in
  11. HMS Victory

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Historically, some vessels used nets to prevent the enemy ship from boarding it so you could only rename Determined Defender to Nets or whatsoever. Also, this prevents a sinking ship from boarding you, which IMHO is not OK if the enemy ship's main deck is almost underwater already.
  12. HMS Victory

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    have had the same problem with him multiple times: he will run, chain and when you want to leave he will chase you and if you turn, he will, once more, run and chain. chained me to 50% while i was fighting the bait and left
  13. HMS Victory


  14. HMS Victory


    Yes, it is part of our history and should be reflected true as it is. Players, who show any disregard should be punished accordingly if any issues arise. If it becomes a major concern then we can consider removing such options if they have been added.