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  1. HMS Victory

    Under Gunfire

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    On the Horizon.png

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    Battle near Baja.png

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  5. HMS Victory

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    the new compass indeed does look terrible
  6. Please see the image attached @admin This is but a grammar issue *Sheme>Scheme *Build-in>Built-in
  7. HMS Victory

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    Historically, some vessels used nets to prevent the enemy ship from boarding it so you could only rename Determined Defender to Nets or whatsoever. Also, this prevents a sinking ship from boarding you, which IMHO is not OK if the enemy ship's main deck is almost underwater already.
  8. HMS Victory

    Kitting Thorn - Pinal Colada

    have had the same problem with him multiple times: he will run, chain and when you want to leave he will chase you and if you turn, he will, once more, run and chain. chained me to 50% while i was fighting the bait and left
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    Yes, it is part of our history and should be reflected true as it is. Players, who show any disregard should be punished accordingly if any issues arise. If it becomes a major concern then we can consider removing such options if they have been added.
  11. HMS Victory


    Hello fellow Captains, Long ago me and my clan mates discussed a possibility for the Devs to introduce Whaling to the OW. This could be an option such as fishing which would in return enhance trading and economy as whaling was one of the most rewarding, however, harsh and gruelling activities in the Age of Sailing. If such a gameplay opportunity exists it would: 1. Enhance Trading and Economy, by adding additional depth to it (new resource, balance difference between other rare resources); 2. Enhance PvP. It could potentially bring more traders into deep seas where PvP would be done. To go into more detail, these would be specific zones for, say, whale migration, thus making some waters more dangerous and profitable. In return, not only us, PvPers, the Master Race, would benefit but also those who trade would have to defend themselves by adding combat ships to their whaling fleets; 3. Enhance Global Chat trash talk and PvE rage (depends); 4. Add some side history to sailing vessels and the region. The resource would obviously be, Whale Oil and it should be extremely rewarding, however, balanced between other resources so they don't become obsolete. What is very important - do not make it as a fishing option or Pray option (yes, I know). This should be a completely different action, which can be done at specific zones (need to do some animal migration research there) so it does not come a free ticket to unlimited wealth and has it's downside. I haven't thought about this in more detail but I'm keen to participate in developing this with and advice etc. Please share your thoughts on this. May the wind be with you, HMS Victory
  12. HMS Victory

    PvP Orders

    Well, a lobby system wouldn't be quite what I was thinking about since it would, perhaps, destroy the game if you had to queue up for a battle and skip the travels. As for alt abuse - can you please elaborate?
  13. HMS Victory

    PvP Orders

    Hey Captains, Probably some of you have already suggested this but I just thought if it would make sense to allow players to do PvP Combat Orders. This would mean that people had to sink other players' vessels (who would have guessed?) and hunt them down in specific regions. The rewards from my point of view would be greater than rewards from PvE orders since it would, most likely and often, take more time to complete one. I think it would encourage people to do more PvP and those who already do some, would be somewhat happier and even more interested in hunting, chasing and planning their raids altogether. I have not yet thought about the details though. Just as an idea from scratch. If such a post already exists, I will have it closed! May the wind be with you.
  14. HMS Victory

    Missions Still Ruining PvP

    Yeah, this option makes more sense than destroying PvE in general. The more options players have the better, on this matter, that is.
  15. HMS Victory

    Missions Still Ruining PvP

    Meeeeeeeeeh. I think PvE is not a problem that stops people from doing PvP. Perhaps many people just wouldn't like to do PvP so they do PvE instead. Some people do both! As long as PvP players can hunt the ones doing PvE I don't see any point of changing something at this point. I think there are plenty of fish in the sea to have a PvP fight. So here's your option go to enemy waters and do PvP and meet the grinders in their save spots. Why should it be the other way? Why does it even matter? Take a look from different perspectives.