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  1. The Marinadtor

    Hercules ship feedback

  2. The Marinadtor

    Hercules ship feedback

    If anything the Cerberus would be an equaliser now that the Hercules will wreck everything. Just like there are tiers for the 5th, 4th, 3rd and 1st rates there should be tiers in 6th rates I think.
  3. The Marinadtor

    Hercules ship feedback

    Now that the Hercules got 200 crew, I definatly don't see the point with the Cerberus being a 5th rate, they are close in every stat and Hercules is better in some. The Cerberus was a 6th rate historically and at the moment don't really seem to have a place in the game where she gets used alot. To me the Hercules and Cerberus should be what the Trincomalee and Indefatigable are for 5th rates, but for the 6th rates.
  4. Anyone know whats in todays patch? Looks like the Hercules got more crew, 200 now was 170.
  5. The Marinadtor

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I understand that this is the easiest way to do it, but have you really gotten the knowledge of how to do this if you just finished the tutorial? To me this "speed runner" tactic that you know if you are very familiar with the games ins and outs, and to me it should be possible with just the info you get from the tutorial(which it is, as doing the strategy posted by admin). To me it is only a little bit unfair that they have double and charge while you don't.
  6. The Marinadtor

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I think it has been said before, yes the exam is hard, but I agree that it should be hard especially considering the reward. The only thing I would change is that the enemy in the final exam has double shot, while you don't(even if you have the perk). Either give the player double shot or take it away from the AI, that would level the playing field a bit. I also think that it maybe should be made more obvious that the exam is not mandatory to continue playing the game, but something you can come back to later. I know there is a skip button, but I had many comments yesterday in my clan that they didn't want to take a break from trying the exams for the fear of losing the reward.
  7. The Marinadtor

    Hercules ship feedback

    Tried out the ship, very nice in my opinion. The only "problem" i have with it is that at times it heels so much that the lower deck gets below the water line (showing red X in the gun slot, suprisingly not taking in water), don't know if this is WAD or not tho. Could also maybe use a bump in crew, and maybe take the Cerberus down to 6th rate where it historically belongs since it now has a match in the class.
  8. I think this is the best post in this thread. Add content, don't remove something and not replace it with something else.
  9. Does the open world NPC fleets drop differently good loot depending on where it is? If that is the case, maybe add some indicator in game so that players can now these things. I think alot of the upset on missions (atleast from the PVE server) is because the game isn't good enough at communicating to the player where they can find good hunting grounds and how rewarding it can be. That it is as it stands 100% up to the player to find all this and because they don't know they can find their nicotine else where or that it is much stronger at other places they just do missions. I have no clue of how one could better communicate these things, but that is why you guys are developers and I am not, because you are good at making games.
  10. Well to all players who feel compelled to jump over to the PVE server, I will welcome you with open arms
  11. To be honest, maybe haveing new players both have an outpost at the capital and one outpost at a "mission port" might be a good idea. Most new players on the PVE server from my experience don't see any point to exploring the map, but if you start at two points that might be a good hint in that direction.
  12. I am genuinly interested in what you guys as the developers with more data than any player think is the reason for the bleed of players and what you think is the "solution" (if you think there are any) to how to stop the bleed and start getting more new players stick around, and of those possible solutions can you give a hint as to what will be added up until the launch that would address it? I'm not trying to be rude or disrespectful, I am genuinly curios because I love this game and want it to thrive.
  13. I have left the Capital area, but I'm not talking about myself. I'm talking about the general population and especially the new players on PVE who are not part of a clan, who do not intend to play with people but just want to come on a couple of houres every other day to do some fighting. They will probably not stay in the game if they can't easily get their battles, and limiting the cancellation will make it harder for them to get their battles without adding something to fill that need.
  14. Just to make it clear: all I am saying is that I believe that limiting the cancellation of missions will INCREASE the bleed of PVE server players, not that the game will gain millions of players simply by not doing anything.
  15. I don't agree with the statement that the inverse will happen if you choose an other path in a binary choice. That would mean the game soley rests on one feature which I'm sure you agree is not true, this game is a system of features each interacting with other features and the games current lack of retention is down to many things(some more valid than others). As it stands now because missions are the only reliable way for most PVE players to get their fix out of the game, limiting it will limit the rentention of these players. If you limited missions but added something else to do for PVE'ers then that would be a different argument(maybe just increased the density of NPC fleets on the PVE server and not PVP server). Just taking away wont do anything for rentantion of players, but that might not be your goal I guess.