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  1. Hello Salty and thanks for the image. That image is certainly a tease. Interesting. The battle system has been almost perfectly nailed down, now the devs need to make a proper open ended sandbox campaign like in the Total War series for example. If I'm not mistaken, Nick once said he wanted to have that in his game.
  2. Greetings. I have been a fan of Nicks work since his days back in the Total War community. The Ultimate General series is the best battlefield simulator of the era it has covered, that I have ever played. However it seems that there has been no confirmation of future Ultimate General games and thus bringing this awesome game formula to different eras. The developers and Nick in particular have a winning formula here and it would be an absolute shame for them not to follow up UG:CW with future titles in the same vein as Ultimate General.
  3. In a thread back in 2013 a similar question was asked. A dev said that offline gameplay was planned far down the road. Are there any plans to add an offline single player mode? Everything seems to be in place for offline gameplay. Why are the devs not allowing us the freedom of an offline experience? Before someone says something silly like, "you might as well ask blizzard to make wow a single player game", NA isn't in anyway similar to the type of "traditional" mmorpg that wow and other games like it are. Paying 40 bucks only to have my gameplay limited by server issues and the consequence of a disappearing player base, is not fun. Forced multiplayer is like being allowed to drive a car only within a certain radius of the dealership.
  4. War isn't just death. It's also a circus of wounded. To date, only the game "Pike and Shot" breaks down casualties to dead AND wounded. Will the future entry in the Ultimate General series, include the number of wounded? For example over 7,000 men perished at Gettysburg but over 30,000 were wounded. Thank you and I look forward to the next entry!
  5. You hit the nail on the head with this. This is such a critical thing to add to immersion yet only the game "Pike and Shot" breaks down casualties in to dead and wounded.
  6. All of these Napoleonic requests are too much. There are many other wars during the age of line battles other than the Napoleonic wars. Why not a game set during the Nine Years War, War of the Spanish Succession, Great Northern War, Scanian War (going further back it would be necessary to bring in Pike units), or any other war other than the American Civil War or Napoleonic wars? If you consider yourself a fan of history and a wargamer, you need to expand your horizons. Also the market has MANY games already dealing with the Napoleonic era. Histwar Grognards, it without doubt the best in this field. Along with going to different wars, Ultimate General DESPERATELY needs a campaign. Fighting the same scripted battle over and over again will get boring and being veterans of the Total War series, I think the developers for Ultimate General want open ended campaigns as well.
  7. These are great ideas but for some reason I feel that realtime campaign map in the style of the Paradox grand strategy titles would work best. Just my opinion. Also I believe that way back when this forum first was created, Darth and the developers said they would like to expand this series to amon other things include a campaign.
  8. It has been a long time since I posted on this forum but I just want Nick (Darth Vader to me always) and his great team to know that I WILL support you with my wallet and I can't wait to play this wonderful tactical game! This game will be a masterpiece!
  9. Looking great so far. At this time I absolutely like #18 the most. It has both a bar graph as well as a breakdown in percentages. However it would be great to see casualties get broken down in to killed AND wounded or just simply casualties, as the ratio of killed to wounded was not what is shown in Hollywood. At Gettysburg of the over 50,000 casualties, over 7,000 were killed in action the vast majority of the rest were wounded. However this does not take into account the perhaps thousands of wounded who later succomed to their wounds. IT LOOKS EXCELLENT SO FAR, THANK YOU DARTH!
  10. Seeing as how there are several thousand men on screen representing tens of thousands, in the future will it be possible to have tens of thousands of men on screen representing even more? For example 20,000 men representing 100,000 (brigades, divisions, Corps). I ask this only because since this game is also being developed for tablets, I am worried that tablet development will hold back the possibilities of the pc version. In your Darthmod Napoleon which has advanced 3d graphics, I regularly fight 15,000+ battles. Either way I will BUY your game and support it through kickstarter if you so wish, I just want it to be what it can be by taking advantage of the PC's power, that is all. By the way Nick, you would make a great voice actor.
  11. Greetings everyone and especially to Mr. Thomadis (you'll always be Darth Vader to me!) and all those working on this awesome project. I can not begin to tell you just how happy I am for you guys working on this project. Mr. Thomadis you won't recognize my name on this forum but on twcenter I go by wargod2009. My posts on your thread have always been fanboyish. I have been a HUGE fan of yours since Empire Darth Mod and that mod is the main reason why I bought Empire as well as Napoleon. I believe that I am done with Creative Assembly at least until they start work on Warhammer Total War. Rome 2 has shown itself to be unfriendly to modders, horrificly casualized and simply pretty with no true advances in gameplay improvement. You can't imagine how thrilled I was when I saw on the front page on TWcenter that you were making this game. For me historical authnticity IS EVERYTHING! If you guys start a campaign like Steam greenlight, be assured that I will financially support you as best as I can. I will have plenty of questions in the future but my first one is will there be persistent corpses on the battlefield like in Total War? This is critical to the immersion factor for me and others. It was one the first things that stood out to me when I played Shogun back in 2001. Also I hope that the pc version is not a port of the tablet version. I hope that the PC remains the main focus, as I want to see a true competitor to the now stagnant Total War series.
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