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  1. Hah, I do love the game. It's like the fulfillment of my wildest childhood dreams of adventure at sea and naval warfare. When I first learned of NA through a PhlyDaily video, my jaw dropped and I petitioned for early access right away. I spent the entire time waiting for it twiddling my thumbs with mad excitement! There's that one game for everyone that just hits the sweet spot, and for me it's Naval Action
  2. No capture of NPCs is disastrous. Yes, there are clear benefits, but they cannot possibly outweight the negatives which are: -Unable to properly manage fleet ships in battle, cannot transfer flag to another vessel, etc. -Pirate lifestyle in capturing ships significantly hindered. -Raiding lifestyle (I loved taking my Rattle into deep enemy territory and hunting both AI and player traders!) significantly hindered. -Yet more difficulties and barriers to amassing the significant wealth needed to obtain ships and supplies. -Importance of boarding mods/tactics hugely reduced. There's my two cents. Also, just on a side note, why are all of the ships suddenly slower now? Slowing everyone down as a mechanic would simply just, well... make everyone slower. Slow down gameplay even more. Is this a bug perhaps with the implementation of hold effects upon sailing qualities? Going over Cerb, Surprise, Belle, etc and they seem to have had a knot or more shaved off.
  3. Trincomalee is an unforgiving sailor. She tacks poorly with a poor turn rate, and her heel makes it very, very difficult to hit enemies at certain points of sail. I would strongly recommend you try out the Belle Poule! She is lighter yes, but is a stout ship that sails sweetly with a fine turn rate, decent speed and admirable sailing qualities as an excellent learning ship. She mounts 12pdrs versus Trinc's 18pdrs. Oh and of course, I adore the Essex as a stout 18pdr ship with admirable sailing qualities, decent speed and a fine broadside atop an excellent turn rate. She lacks bow/stern chasers which could be a make-break deal for you, but I find she is a damn fine combat vessel!
  4. Here's the screenshot, my friend. Due to some unknown reason, I was unable to reinstall my guns on the Cerb so the figure you see is based upon a 100% empty ship, with copper plating: I took the Cerberus and simply stern-camped three LGVs, destroying all of their cannons twice (before/after repair), dismasting 2/3 times, killing almost their entire crew down to 30-50 men and finally sinking them outright. Here's a screenshot I took for cinematic effect. The Belle fought against five ships in a fleet battle (brig, navybrig, snow, rattle, cerb) with the use of the great smashers (carronades) in a grind. I assure you, I would not be so vain as to blatantly lie on the forums... Oh and I completely agree on the cannons, good god how much money I've been forced to spend
  5. Strange, mine's fur-built? I also have noticed that despite the vessel saying it makes 13.7, the ship never exceeds 13.2 in battle. Bug, bad sailing on my part? Sorry for the confusion- I meant if the ship is sunk, the experience from that specific battle isn't gained I don't think it's reasonable at all that through the system to have vessels with insane speed/reload/maneuverability well outside of their capabilities. Upgrades should not be so powerful as to provide such incredible benefits to performance. I don't think it is at all reasonable to be able to so modify a first rate to outmaneuver a fourth rate frigate. This was a big problem previously, in which high level crafters that had the money and access to high quality upgrades would have high one-sided engagements against poorer, newer players. New players would ragequit because they would be facing off against players with vastly, vastly superior ships and there was essentially nothing they could do about it until they became very wealthy or a high craft level. A system based off experience is far fairer, as players are rewarded for their playtime, not merely for the size of their coffers. Upgrades should only provide small benefits instead of so significantly boosting a ship's performance- the insane levels of benefits for various upgrades will create huge power creep. Oh, and I entirely agree with your idea for Marines!
  6. As i recall, the storm waves were too much of a drain on the servers in keeping track of the extreme movements and swaying of the vessels. I'm not a dev of course, but that does make sense.
  7. We got some competition boys!
  8. A Humble Proposal [Testbed] It is my opinion that the present system in Testbed of unlocking upgrades to the vessel's performance provides vastly overpowered benefits for far too little effort that will create an environment of power creep, in nullifying the effectiveness of upgrades and creating a poor environment for simulation and play. It is far, far too easy to obtain access to extremely powerful upgrades that can be installed/uninstalled freely with no drawback whatsoever. Anyone that spends an hour, perhaps two in any ship can access a slot very quickly. Upgrades are hugely buffed with major benefits that are honestly shocking. My Cerberus, which has battled only three times ever against traders, now makes 13.70 knots for no cost whatsoever. When sailing the Belle Poule, it took a mere two missions to obtain powder monkeys which caused my guns to reload at an insanely fast rate. I can mindlessly exchange that at the flick of my mouse in port to lightweight ropes in blocks, in which the yards fly at significant speed even with 1/3 on sails. Don't even get me started on optimized rudder, in which I stern-camped a mercury in a bloody Belle Poule! That was really funny, but seriously though... These upgrades have a huge effect upon performance of the vessel. They can be obtained very easily and exchanged for no drawback whatsoever. With the present testbed system, it is feasible that a 12pdr frigate can outmaneuver a light brig. An Indie could potentially run down an Endymion, an Essex could reload its entire broadside before a Surprise can and a Victory could tack faster than a Bellona. All for relatively little effort. These are speculations, but dear reader, I am sure you get what I'm going at Now, I'm not here to whine about the devs or just report a problem, but to also humbly propose a potential solution. Hence, here is what I envision in a good system. 1: Retain the method for unlocking slots for the upgrades. I think it forces players to prioritize upon trying to amend specific parts of their vessel's performance, and bars captains from fitting overpowered vessels lest they have very significant experience on the vessel. 2: De-buff upgrades from their divine pre-testbed "Gold" level to the "Blue" level. 3: No free upgrades, all upgrades must come from books purchased from the Admiralty. 4: Accumulate experience for the following areas: -Gunnery: Increased by any/all hits scored, increased gunnery xp translates into better accuracy and lower reload. -Sailing: Increased by movement of yards (could be improved I know), the more the yards are moved in manual sails the faster they slowly get. -Boarding: Increased by kills logged in boarding combat, with a "prize" when a vessel is captured. Increases attack and defense modifiers in combat for that crew. Experience is ship-specific. Experience gained in battle is lost if the vessel is sunk, as is the present way of things. So essentially, slots are more difficult to unlock over time, and said upgrades serve primarily as small boosts to performance and the ship itself. Experience from firing the guns, tacking and various maneuvers with the sails, and boarding combat improves performance of the crew. Such a system could be difficut to implement, but I think it would be really awesome. You could go out with a new vessel, and train you crew in attacking traders and easier missions as you slowly increase the skills of your crew and gain access to upgrades. Then, with an experienced crew and some help from upgrades, you would then go into more confident battles with a sound ship. I feel that the system would encourage more people to pick ships and just stick with them, which is what I really love about the game, instead of simply trying to get the best ship on the spreadsheet. Encourage players to become experts with their ships, and be rewarded for it. Oh, and thank you devs for a wonderful game, and for the excellent progress thus far!
  9. See profile picture.
  10. Hello there! I've noticed that in exchange for PVP marks via the Admiralty tab in Testbed, it is possible to gain the "Navy Essex" atop the "Navy Brig" and "Navy Agamemnon". Are these "Navy" ships variants of the original vessels? If so, does anyone have any information on the characteristics of the "Navy Essex" versus the normal "Essex"? Devs, got any nice screenshots of the "Navy Essex" or "Navy Agamemnon"?
  11. This is something minor, but it is a bit strange. The two "gunnery" perks you can select for your vessel on the testbed server at the moment are Powder Monkeys and Improved Magazine access. However, Powder Monkeys have a -7% reload rate versus Magazine Access at -6% atop increased fire risk. This hence renders Powder Monkeys the clear superior upgrade, both are attainable at the same cost and same fashion so hence Magazine Access would be completely useless. It is minor yes, but it's worth noting! Perhaps Mag. Access should have a better reload rate than powder monkeys, to justify the increased fire risk.
  12. Storm battles were really awesome. But I thought they're still a thing?
  13. 18-pdr long guns mostly, do well to take down masts and useful for range. High penetration too. wait a second...
  14. Hm, interesting. Personally, she's not the most attractive ship out there with that blank bow and unfortunate color upon the stern there- yet, she commands majesty for sure. I wonder what her combat characteristics will be!
  15. Don't you think this is perhaps a bit of an overreaction? This doesn't bar you from communicating with other players. This doesn't make it impossible to talk to other people of other nations. The devs are only removing Global chat, and it is not the only way to communicate with other nations. We have the forums and probably quite literally dozens of discords and teamspeaks. Global has been filled with nothing but taunting and salt since day one, it's no great loss.