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There are many trade vessels in Naval action such as the trader Brig, Trader snow etc. but those ships can only fit carronades.

From my trade experience the best vessel to use would be a lynx because it is tough ship that can reach about 13-15 knots in the open world.

Yes I do know that they can hold only small bits of cargo but imagine the following scenario:

You are sailing in a trader brig with cargo on board and you spy an enemy player. Trade vessels are big targets and people never suspect regular cutters, Lynx or pickles to carry cargo.

You don't want to sail in ships like a surprise either, nor a snow because once you hit a snow you are a target for bigger ships so you end up in an unwanted battle where you sink and loose or you get so roughes up that the gold earned from trading has to cover repair costs.

With a ship like a Lynx you currently pay nothing to repair it and such a small ship is not a major target.

You will have to make more trade trips but you end up in less battles and eventually the gold mounts up.

Hope this helps.

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You said it yourself "no guns" but a regular Lynx/cutter has guns and can still fight as well as trade.

Should you find yourself far away from port and no teleport available you'll be glad to have a regular cutter or Lynx to fight off the enemy and get some gold on the side.

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Dunno - but I have to respectfully agree to disagree Captain C.


During the open world period when boarding was disabled, I made extensive use of trade to crawl up the $$$ ladder (xp seemed easier to get than $$$). After finding that we could grape down the crew and still grab traders for cargo trucks, I used t-lynx, t-cutters and t-brigs (never got up to t-snows)... but I found a couple of reasons why I liked the trader brig much better than the smaller ones.

 - Cargo cap 50% more (30 hold slots)

 - Reasonable speed (never, not 1 time, when dragged into a battle by player or AI, was I unable to get away simply by turning beam on to the wind and setting sail until timer ran out)

 - Reasonable toughness under fire (even when attacked, depending on opening salvo geometry, never got sunk or damaged enough that I sank afterwards)


Both of the latter 2 points are made better with speed and survival upgrades.


The trader brig is my cargo truck of choice. Carries 3 times the cargo of any warship or lynx, 50% more than a t-cutter.


Even when we wipe, wipe again, and get to release - unless something drastically changes, I'm assuming that in earlier stages I will need make some cargo runs for $$$. Trader brig will be one of the first targets I will try to capture and stash for trucking cargo.


Regards all, Bob W., Bristol RI, USA

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Thx (about game return - was hotel firewall issue) - Regarding trade, won't be throwing away the trade port vs. price spreadsheet anytime soon - historical knowledge of what the 'deltas' are between ports and cargo, will probably still be very useful.

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Appreciate the input but remember- now boarding is back traders are always targets.

A regular Lynx or cutter goes unnoticed as its not worth the fight time.

Really? i have yet to see a player target a traders anything... i have heard of capturing AI traders for use with traders, but other than that they are not primary target

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Well you will when crafting comes in.

And if you sail near a pirate port they wil swarm you like wasps to honey.

well i guess, but part of trading is also being smart about where you trade, wether you are in a lynx or a brig, if you are near a pirate port you can consider the goods lost.

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I agree with Olav, traders lynx/cutter hands down.  Find the one with pre-installed copper plating or speed trim (or both), add 2 more speed modules (not sure how it will be later, but the idea is - to bump up speed as much as possible).  Those little ships will be speedboats noone can catch.   Yes, 20/25 slots vs 30 on tr. brig/snow, but brig/snow depend on wind much more then lynx/cutter.  

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Well I disagree there. The goods are not lost if you have a vessel of great speed and decent firepower

A trader brig has the speed but not the firepower but a regular Lynx or cutter fits the criteria to a T.

well consider this, if you are being chased by pirates, say a surprise, they shoot at your sails, they can take out your sails in a couple of broadsides and catch up, if there are also some fore and aft rigged ships they can super easily catch up in which case you are no further.

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Ok maybe there are variables to take into account but don't you see what we've done?

By debating this we are helping people make up their mind.

This is exactly what I wanted for this topic and our ideas will assist people

Thanks to all those who commented as this will help lots,of people in the future

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In my humble experience the cutter gets you most of the way to a big hold with 250 slots so it's substantially better than a Lynx in respect of carrying capacity and it's the closest thing to the lynx's for and aft rig so it points very high into the wind

If you want to avoid most other bigger boats do it in a ship that can sail two points off the wind and not 3.5 -4 points. There's a Hugh difference.

So for me a cutter with a copper bottom

Steal a traders cutter and forget the guns as they are pretty much pointless

You need to run and sell not fight and sink

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...Those little ships will be speedboats noone can catch...



Until they start adding the weight of the cargo to the sailing physics. Switching from long guns to carronades earns my renom 0.3 knots. Imagine what a full load of cargo should do to even a trader lynx...

Captured a random TLynx, filled it up with ironwood, slapped yellow speed trim on it and...


You can trade with total impunity in that. I hope it doesn't stay like this.

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If you use a bigger ship like the Snow trader then it would be a good idea to have an escort with you. For example I have a friend in game and when doing a big run with lots of goods (hold full or Iron Bars) I ask him to bring his Frigate and sail in group. If then attacked it is his role to defend the trader by delaying them or destroying them. 


As a reward for helping he then gets a proportion of the cargo and I then do the same assistance for him. Even better for the escort ship would be to support multiple ships and their by reduce costs and increase profits for all involved.

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