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  1. I was somewhat disturbed to find that my supposedly friendly Prussian team mates at today's Patrol Zone (Tumbado) turned out to be anything but supportive to the Prussian Nation and specifically to me. A large group of Russian players both as Russian ships and as Prussian ships were happily sat on the wind boost (10-15 players mixed nation) without fighting. They jointly sank two Swedish players (one was Swedish Berzerker) under the Prussian flag (I joined in to see what was going on) and then the Prussian contingent allowed the Russians to tag me into battle and sink me without any of the Prussians joining. This means that Russian speaking players are getting together regardless of Nation to gank any other players. How can this be within the spirit of the game?
  2. can't get in!!


  3. By this I mean that regardless of whether there are several spots or no a Hostilities mission where every player can take up to three missions is bound to provide enough in one place for the whole fleet to sit on one spot and join successive missions that will then be hidden from their opponents.
  4. Taking the mission on one spot is irelivent as you can keep on taking missions and deleting them until you get the one s you want! Savy?
  5. The scenario is a Russian fleet camped outside a port waiting to launch a hostility mission. Screeners turn up in force to counter any hostility to set a port battle but we now find that the force about to launch hostility is sat within the join area and logs out with only part of that fleet left who then set the hostility mission off. The equivalent screener force join in but it takes time to destroy the Hostility force . In the mean time the bigger part of the remaining hostile fleet and or those logged out come back in and join their own hostility missions all of which are masked by the first mission swords and no defending ships can join because they can only see the first one as they are all super imposed. This then results in Hostility setting a port battle and no chance of any counter measures being available. This is clearly wrong and having been discovered will be made use of by all nations in future. The counter hostility forces should be able to see and click on all superimposed crosses to enable a fair response to hostility mission forces.
  6. Hmmmm. I hope the servers don't fall over at 3000 on line. That would be he final straw!
  7. I agree with Massimo When Players confidently expect to wipe all other ships off the map and so come in very valuable ships and then loose them and get upset about it, then that's just life. This game (as it is open world and played by clans who are in constant communication with each other) is one of tactics and not just 1v1 battles where any external tactical play is not allowed. As far as we on the Brit side can see, many Russians and pirates operate in a tactical and fully conversant manner. In the cited case Moscalb (as he was faced with losing a 1st rate,) called on Dron to come and help in the same battle. If Dron gets caught up in another battle which is designed to keep him out of the first one, why is this tactically wrong? Then if Dron stays in the battle for 15 mins waiting for Moscalb to come out and help him is this not again the use of game mechanic tactics. I fail to see the difference and the only way to stop this is to dismantle the whole game structure, which off course, would be ridiculous. Again if Dron finds himself in a 1v1 battle with a smaller ship then why could he not win the battle? The game mechanic allows what happened to happen and if the Devs don't like that then they have to change the mechanics, Surely that's what ALPHA is for. Not to allow unsettled players to moan about the inevitable results. OK the solution for players like Dron and Moscalb is to come in a smaller more manoeuvrable ship. Yes that's the answer! where all the oponents then get a better chance at winning. Frankly its hardly rocket science is it. Dron and Moscalb do themselves a disservice if they believe otherwise.
  8. I would like to be considered as a tester for the ultimate admiral
  9. Cant get pass the start button (uk)
  10. If you can assure us that each of the ships in the game now behave as in real life then that's wonderful. Hard luck if you cant manage to sail any of them but that's life and this a simulation therefore the truer the better. However if I find out that ships such as the Wasa are just buffed over and above others then that's a complete cheat and the whole thing becomes a total waste of time. Nuff said?!!
  11. Yes and all my coments on this topic set out in view to all who read the forums have just been wiped away as if they were entirely inconsiquencial. Thanks for that devs. No doubt this will be too.
  12. Playing British Nation with coal ports at extreme ends of the map (6 game-days or more sailing each way) and many other resources similar distances the game has become mindless long haul sailing to try and support the crafters. The British Nation will not now grind for resources 6+ hours a day. (This is not eve because you can be ganked at any time) so this will reduce the numbers of Brit players over the next 4 -6 weeks from shear frustration as they see all their gained ports progressively wiped out by SOL fleets of Pirates and other Nations. This game was good fun when we had arranged Trafalgar Battles on a Saturdy night! Do you remember that?! It's a game not an attempt at passing your life away mindlessly because in truth only a very small number of players will do that and I cant see what is the point of putting such a game on the open market. Do you? Add to this virtually no PVP, uncontested port battles continuous PVE grind to make money. What you seemed to have done here is to make it exponentially more difficult for some nations and they will dissapear and change allegiance. This is a rant yes but we love this game (in principle) My guess is that the player base will dwindle to say 200 again and then you will change the whole thing yet again to a different set of issues. Why don't you seek advice from one of the more successful game developers about what sells and what people want and are prepared to put up with?
  13. We wish to enter a second team from SLRN Henry Turner Paul Overend Eric Shun How do we pay? Archie_75 (Aka Henry Turner)
  14. On something completely unrelated to pretty much any of the above! OW scenery. I can see the reason for having simple generic buildings for each Nation but it is strange that each Port changes with changes of Nationality. At the moment there is a faceless feel about every location as all scenery is populated with simple generic landscape content. Only Ports have buildings and they pretty much all look the same. Having created a vast OW why oh why must it all look identical?? It would be very nice to associate specific parts of the open world with individual nationist character. After all, much of the built scenery was a reflection of national trends, and although islands and coastline changed hands over the period in question most of the built environment retained its character. It would be reasonable to have a series of simple generic caribbean buildings such as the basic Bahio house in various colours and finishes spread fairly randomly accross the whole of the map with specific town houses, plantations, dockyard and fortification buildings located in specific ports. The overall poly count need not be high but actual places can be created accross the OW so that when you get to a Port it is easily recognisable. Secondly the current colours and materials arefar too heavy. Most of Carribean townscape has much lighter colour schemes! I understand the need to have high structures to create a silouette from a distance but this can be mainly achieved using church spires and the ocassional tower. In any case why should every port (some smaller ones were only very small settlements anyway) be allways easy to find? Players will find their way around a more diverse and specific scenery content just fine. I would be happy to make building models for guys to try out. Sailing and game development all good so far (minor niggles but lots of scope) Keep up the good work AKA Henry Turner. British Registered Architect
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