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Ports with more to them?

Magnus Baldur



This isn't a bitch or complaint post, this is a "hey this would be a nice feature" post.

So recently I got myself and some like minded individuals to do a parking job outside a port. We were thinking that maybe if the dev team had some spare time that they might be able to put the top 4ish ships in port as models along the pier? Something like what we have in the pictures I've attached.  That would give some idea that the port is inhabited by more than just 1 ship. If the dev team is feeling REALLY ambitious they could take the rest of the ships in the persons docks and park them out further out to sea like what they used to do in the past.




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What a coincidence, I have been thinking about that today as well. It would indeed be very nice to see some more piers and even ships docked, that would for sure increase the immersion. 

However this might be quite heavy on the framerate if multiple ports have modelled ships in dock, so I'd suggest doing it to the major ports or implementing it as toggle on/off option.

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