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  1. maybe helpful: If you have Win10 then remove the Kasperski VS and use the build in VS & FW from Windows (good enough for sure) check if the port 8080 is blocked (Router for instance) after removing Kasperski VS Citrix Client installed? then remove it (causes sometimes troubles) something running in the background like a torrent or similar (that is using the whole bandwith?)
  2. yep, but against much more stronger fleets and with a lower percentage increase ( so you must really earn it) and only one port per nation per day.
  3. you forgot here on thing, and that is the fact that the game was already ruined by the Russian Nation. this here is only the end game ( the last breath before RvR is totally dead)
  4. And read the announcement on the login page (self explained)
  5. Niemand sagt hier etwas von "Abschlachten" von Anfängern. Ich schrieb das Anfänger es schwer haben. Mehr nicht. Der Satz steht da ganz alleine ohne Bezug auf die anderen Punkte. Was mich persönlich mehr stört ist die Tatsache das es hier keine Balance gibt wenn es zu einem Gefecht kommt. Wozu hat man ein BR wenn es nicht genutzt wird. Zwei BUCS (BR 550) gegen 8 Redouts (BR550) und zwei Ocean (BR900). Und solche Kämpfe sind nicht die Ausnahme, das ist die Normalität (zur Zeit) im Spiel. In der PvP Zone ist es ja ok, darum fährt man da ja auch rein, damit hab ich auch dann kein Problem
  6. Auf die Gefahr hin das ich wieder einen Foren Ban bekomme: Aktuelle Entwickler: 1 Aktuelle Personen (inkl.) Besitzer: 3 oder 4 - ich weiss nur von 3 Leuten Firmenadresse: ja ich war dort - no comment 🙂 Aktuelles Flaggen System: hatten wir das nicht schon mal? da konnte man das Teil kaufen und los gings, also nix neues. HDF: zu stark für die Masse der Spieler, da vergeht einem schon mal der Spass. überhaupt dann wenn man danach mal gegankt wird Kannonen: Die Diskussion gibt es schon seit 2014(!) Hölzer inkl. (S) Holz: braucht niemand und hilft niemanden.
  7. at that time (1717+) already. was nearly common to refit the ships at that time: Bartholomew Roberts’ Royal Fortune (1722+) - 40 cannons Sam Bellamy’s Whydah (1717+) - 28 cannons Captain William Kidd’s Adventure Galley (1689) - 34 cannons you should keep in mind, that the took every gun they could get on the ship and 6 pounders where common on that time for that class of ships.
  8. https://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?160422
  9. read the bloody book and or look into the stats there. then you will see that we have those guns already in the game.
  10. Funny that we start that discussion again, what we had already in 2014. and here the facts about cannons and their penetration https://books.google.co.in/books?id=8lKY5vigF2YC&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q&f=false
  11. Ah, don't think so. The Pavel is a good ship anyway, depending on the Captain (for sure). Anyway there must be done something, maybe based on Broadside weight? And also the Constitution and their sister ships needs some correction down to "4th Rates". And that is still to high.
  12. @Makrian - gut möglich das er mehr Informationen hat.
  13. Firewall? Port 8080 should not be blocked. Virus Scanner? Some of them blocks the game, if you have Win10 then you are fine with the build in Virus Scanner.
  14. when the development of the new (not needed) woods wouldn't take that much time, then we would already have it. like the flags and other player based wishes.
  15. I don't think that other players from other nations are not experienced. they simple don't have the player base like the Russian nation had and lost some very skilled players (the reason are well known). And while I support your request I also think that it doesn't help to get more experienced players in game, because the gap between veteran players and new players is simple to big. And battle fought always with different types of the same ship ( in terms of wood and upgrades).
  16. so more then 45k users have this game but most of them don't play it? I remember a statement from admin long time ago about 70k+ sold license's. Average players are on both servers together 1k+. So where is the rest? I can't believe that 2k+ people buy something without playing it.
  17. many thanks for the reports, but are you sure about the 2587 new(?) accounts. are these new accounts or to you count the new logins even when the purchase was ages ago?
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