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  1. You could check out their other game Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts.. its not an MMO but its cool designing your own ships to fight in battles haha https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/
  2. Yeah think it would be a cool idea to have more ships showing in port and for the main ports to actually be bigger than they currently are. New updates to the port buildings were nice tho.
  3. I cant see any reason why they could not have some practice areas.. as long as you don't gain anything from doing it.
  4. i7 2700k @ 4ghz 16gb DDR3 Nivida Geforce 970 OS on a SSD the game is on a 1TB hybrid drive. Win 7 x64 Game runs perfect no issues at all but I guess that dont help the OP.
  5. oh nice thanks for this thread will ahve to watch these
  6. Thats looking really good.. i need to teach myself how to model correctly and do the uvunwrapping as well.. I tend to use an automated program to unwrap and of course the results are never the best, especially on complicated models.
  7. what an awesome price as well.. Will pick this one up tonight as it looks like will be good, came here for Naval Action but fonud this as well
  8. please no micro transactions.. Have a box price and then a sub to support the servers and more development if the game is good people will pay it...
  9. well lets just get them to finish the game first hehe before thinking about exp packs
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