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  1. I would like to see some more lower tier ships for sure.. but I just want to say. The current ships in the game look bloody amazing and you guys could not have done a better job on them. But I think at the moment we have enough ships, now is the time to nail down the game mechanics and get working towards beta and then final release. More ships can come after release
  2. @OP should you come back ? Well sure if you want to get involved with testing a game in Alpha then come back and test.. the new features need testing so it really is worth jumping on and helping out. If you want to play a finished game with no bugs and so on then best to stay away until the game is released.
  3. More will come back when the game is released. Not many want to spend their time playing a game in testing knowing that they will loose all their stuff at some point before release. Others like jumping on now and then to test new major updates.. Myself I played a lot initially and now only jump on now and then with big updates. When the game is actually finished I can see myself spending a lot of time with this game and a few of my mates as well.
  4. There is no grind if you are enjoying the game. Plus its not a race to get the biggest ship.. even if you do get the biggest ship you will hardly use it. Just play the game and enjoy it.
  5. I am fine having them stay open similar to how it is now..
  6. I think they are sending them out in batches... hopefully someone will confirm for you.
  7. i7 2700k @ 4ghz 16gb DDR3 Nivida Geforce 970 OS on a SSD the game is on a 1TB hybrid drive. Win 7 x64 Game runs perfect no issues at all but I guess that dont help the OP.
  8. Nice one devs some great changes there
  9. Also please stop people changing teams just before the game starts, i think people do that so they know they will win leaving with one team with less players.
  10. If this does not have open pvp in the open world version then I will be very disappointed I mean thats part fo the pull to this kind of game, having to deal with pirates and other nations in the world.. limiting to pve only or flagged pvp would be wrong in many ways. Dont get me wrong there should be somr kind of rules to open PVP to stop people just attacking anyone for no reason at all.. for example being a pirate and attacking other people you would gain a repulation and not be welcomed in any nation ports and so on. Only way to then trade the goods you take or wahtever would be to hope a non pirate trader would come and trade at the pirate ports and so on.
  11. oh nice thanks for this thread will ahve to watch these
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