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Br Clossing "Pinkg+Krake"

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Pirate Player "Gongzige" Clan PingG

The clan PinKg is a friend clan of Krake ( No pvp between them , help each other ect ect)

I w8 5 minute before tag to see what happened outside beetween them , Prussian ( Krake) and pirate Pinkg don't even try to fight , just stay together front of port

This player come in my battle for close br and instant leave to be sure one of my friend ready to join battle can't join in my side


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2nd time , same player Krake.

Pinkg Player follow me for spot, and give all information.

When Prussian tag me , this time 2 french player in requin come in battle for br close+Linx Pinkg

Requin Make green and green+ block us in battle 




What excpect from old Lama player.

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Since playing NA, I have never seen that !!
These clans clearly cultivate alts and take advantage to block the BRs for ganked for the others. But it does not stop there !!! They block, shoot and attempt to fire their allies for the benefit of their alts or friends ...
I seriously draw your attention to the PINKG and the KRAKE!

I rarely intervene on this type of complaint, but it is a cancer in prospect for the game with them!!!!!!

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I saw couple PINKG sank by W I T C H E R the other day. So much for we don't sink them and generally I don't care.

Those two accused players have no affiliation with former LAMA clan, yes they are in our clan but they are two members of 35 active players. So please stop generalising their behaviour onto our clan name.

We as clan take appropriate measures to inform everyone about game rules but cannot be taken responsible for each individual's actions.


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