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  1. Gunnery Chest : A new reward, for example if we come to reward the pvp ranking, or in a new pvp mission.This chest would give 2 different kinds of special cannon (navy blomefield, congreve or obusier). I was thinking of making 2 x 11 guns. to not unbalance the number of guns in service. This addition would allow the pvp player to have special cannons without having to do the pve, just like the wooden chest in pvp missions.Plus this will allow to see more player use their special canons without disturbing the game
  2. Hello @Ink I suspect Thranir to use alt farm, indeed he attack danish cerberus near aves, or this cerberus have no gun and he didn't try to escape.
  3. in another battle, the pirate captured the Prusian's boat because he is his friend, so he will give it back and stop me from doing pvp
  4. Leopard don't have any cannon and he bloc me to turn.
  5. hello moderation, As you can see on these screens. This player (Desmoines) is sluring my mother. I think devs should take actions against these kind of people who keeps insulting and attacking family members.
  6. Hello, A person in my clan is rename MERE DE COCOLEGRAND, to translate mère = mother in French. I do not really know this person and I think that we must respect ourselves especially that naval action is a game. I find new name very offensive on the one hand for my part and on the other hand for that of my family. Moreover you can change speudo every 30 days, suddenly you can force him to change speudo by putting the one previously, or see the ban so that he can use his forget paper again. Hoping that this story caused by a person who does not really have a brain is solver sor
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