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La Req Joins even BR battle 25 minutes after start

Mr Kemosabe

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As I understood, even BR battles were locked after 2 minutes - I was fighting a Prussian player Shield Method off Shroud Cay in his Surprise. He ran for 25 minutes chaining my sails until a La Req joined battle. La Requin was Russian from BF clan. Player name Mechanixkms. I heard his cannon fire at 1 hour and 5 minutes left on battle clock looked towards shroud and there he was.

There were two lag spikes during battle as is common when players enter your battle as as is habit  I checked tab and there were no players even though the  2 minute timer was long expired. Then all of a sudden, voila, enemy La Requin and RIP Purple Agile Surprise.  

It seems there is a glitch or a hack? Or possibly I don't understand advanced mechanics for entering battles well after they start, in which case I would like to know how to do this so I can get into many more fight instead of being locked out. 

Please let me know!

Russian Break In.png

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1 minute ago, Bryan Von Gyldenloeve said:


from that thread:


Working as intended

we increased the timer to 10 mins to allow bigger battles to generate. After 10 mins entry is only allowed for the weak side using usual OW ROE

so if they truly entered at 1:05 left on the timer, then something is off.

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3 hours ago, Hethwill said:

Was it in Patrol Zone ?

Patrol Zone battles stay open for a long time.

That port is shroud cay. Battle is south of it. There is only a PZ north of shroud cay and wayyy south at deadmans cay. So cannot be a PZ battle.

The issue is most likely the enemy undercrewing - his rank is low (lower BR than a surps 120) - it will still show 120 in TAB in battle. But in the OW the "actual" BR depending on how much it is being undercrewed is displayed. 

Must have been undercrewing enough for it to open the battle (+13% BR difference)

But even then, battles close after 20 min (i think?) no matter the BR for everyone. Are you sure he joined after 25 min?

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The case is investigated, no bugs or hacks found.

@Mr Kemosabe The Prussian Surprise that you attacked was under half crew only (Leutnant zur See rank provides 120 crew only).

Actual battle rating of the Surprise was about 60 BR only, so Prussian Side was a weaker side and the battle remained open for the weaker side.

After 12 minutes (time is checked by logs) from the start, a Russian player was able to join due to BR difference.


The issue is only that full BRs are shown in combats (via Tab menu) regardless of actual crew on ships - it might be improved at later stages

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