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Nassau NPC Raid bugged


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We had a NPC raid against Nassau today. 

Normally the port has 2900 BR.

When there's an NPC Raid the BR changes to 2500, but the AI still brings 2900 BR (2880 to be exact). Defenders are limited to 2500 BR.


AI exceeding the BR limit is not in line with patch notes: 

On 11/16/2019 at 4:56 AM, admin said:

NPC raiders try to fill the battle ratings lowering the class of the ship

And therefore must be a bug.

Moreover. The spawn locations in Nassau makes it impossible to tactically prepare for what the AI might do.

These are the spawn locations in Nassau and how you would prepare for them in a reasonable scenario:


1 fleet always spawn from either position 1 or 2. Meaning Group B will always have equal chance to intercept them.

Group A has the harder job because of the distance between the spawns and has to position in the middle between them as best as possible to be able to intercept in either direction a fleet going either to A or B circle.

This is what happened in Nassau today however:


Spawn locations 2 and 4, with both fleets going to C circle and the wind blowing from E-NE. 

This left group A with no chance to intercept their AI fleet and group B had to contend with both fleets.

Thanks to great effort by group B, and by luck half the northern AI group beaching themselves on an island in the north, the last AI in the circle were killed at 954 points.

This kind of scenario in NPC PBs leads to nations loosing their ports at a coin toss. And we cannot wait to see where AI spawn or where they go. Because the battles close after 10 minutes. 

There is no way to prepare for such a bugged scenario where AI all goes to the same circle. And none of the "testing raids" before raiders could take ports showed that such scenarios were possible. 

This is not to mention the ridiculousness to begin with of groups having to, by 100% necessity, use tools outside of the game itself to prepare for NPC raids, and any group or player that may have joined to the game after the raids were implemented having no way to get an understanding of how this mechanic works that may loose them their port.

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Screenshot added.
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Started recording late into the battle and didn't capture the initial disposition of the fleets (had to reinstall OBS).  First couple mins show the AI fleets beached and the ones that didn't get beached pathing towards the C circle despite entering the battle in the position to sail to A.  

AI PBs need some more work I think.  Luckily the forts and our group headed to C in the channel saved the day at around 950 points.  

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