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I would love to see the addition or not of the range finders & radars...

You could even have some towers that are not designed to support the rangefinders or radars and you'd have to add it on an additional structure or change the for or aft tower to allow the addition of these equipments

Also have the possibility to have some of the turrets equipped with the secondary rangefinders incorporated (the ears rangefinders you see) like a choice you have in the turrets like the number of barrels. Having those ears rangefinders would have more weight but lessen the accuracy malus of having the main rangefinders destroyed with the towers. And you could use to have only some of the turrets having them or all of them...

I Think with the arrival of shareable designs this would enhance the possibilities and the fun of ship design sharing!!!

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On 4/16/2022 at 1:43 PM, jkl said:


AH, 1890.

Those details interfere installation of turrets larger than 8".



8 month later i still can't place front main gun larger than iirc 8.3" on AH CA. So look like it's intended.

@Nick Thomadis can i ask you why you choose to cripple this ship?

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On 6/19/2022 at 12:52 AM, Tepid said:

I love that you can now make historically accurate capital ship main gun lengths.
I'd love it if you could do the same for capital ship secondary guns and cruiser/destroyer main guns (up to and including 8"). Currently, they are too short.
In order to allow both high velocity and low velocity guns to coexist at the sizes where it makes sense historically and mechanically, consider giving smaller guns (up to and including 5") a +-30% slider instead of the 20%/10% sliders these guns use currently.

tbh, i'd prefer if we would be able to set the caliber length ourselves, so instead of having for example a 5"/40 as base and then adjusting the slider to make it longer or shorter by a percentage based value, it would be much better if you could set the caliber length in a set range (according to tech), so you can have more variety in your guns by for example having a 5" gun barrel length from a stubby 25 caliber lengths up to 60 calibers.

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I personally would like to see the ability to have triple superimposed turrets up to 8 inch. Such examples like the american 5 inch guns cannot fire over one another when stacked in such a way. For a visual representation of what I am referencing is the Atlanta class light cruiser with a total of 6x 5 inch guns set up with each able to fire above another. The current light cruiser designs cannot support such a configuration as far as i have seen. Two ways that i can see to add this at least with current shipbuilding models; allow 1 barbette of average or very small size to be stacked onto the tower barbette of light cruiser designs or add the ability for max of 2 very tall barbettes for secondary guns on light cruisers as center-line mounted barbettes. 

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This is a major gripe with the designer, Components primarily guns missing from certain calibers, classes and nations that are in the game but absent in some circumstances.

Exhibit A, the new small caliber gun for the US on capital ships being there for 6,7,8 but 4 and 5 inch guns are stuck with the old default one while capital ships of the states historically had 5 inch guns as secondaries.

Exhibit B and C 2 inch quad mount for the French but not the States a staple mount just missing for the states completely being stuck with the default model.

Exhibit D, E and F guns in the same nation but not the same classes 4 inch gun for the UK new model on capital ships, old model on destroyers but in Italy it's mounted on dd's.

Exhibit G,H and I Germany and destroyer guns and single mounts in general all are 5 inch mounts, the interwar single mount design stays for a brief time in game and if you plan a refit you get stuck with a single late war mount so if you want to refit spee you're fresh out of luck and german destroyers (forgot the class) had the interwar mount on some of them.

What annoys me with these is that it is a relatively simple fix compared to making wholly new models which in Germanys case is desperately needed but giving these nations(and the many other cases of mish mashed guns and models) a great amount of customization. 

I haven't seen anyone mention this but please let me know if anyone else has found this to be a nuisance.image.thumb.jpeg.511c08171765cbcc8ab95da08644e026.jpeg









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I have played the game for a while now, and while I have had a lot of fun designing ships, historical as well as my own designs, I do have some points of feedback.
1. France is missing three significant turret designs: As the title says, there is something to be desired from the French turrets. The large destroyer has gotten the way to large cruiser turrets, instead of its historically smaller turret designed for the 138.6mm L50 cannon. The Dunkerque hull is missing its distinct 130mm quart-mount and the 100mm turret which is found on the Richelieu class. It was designed to allow them to stand close diagonally, is in the game just a scaled-up version of the 37mm AA gun. None of the above mention points are game-breaking, but it could be nice if they were addressed.
2. Pitch and Roll problem with all forward designs: All forward designs have a general problem of having an absurd amount of pitch and roll, which they obversely did not have in reality, which makes all forward designs more or less useless. It would be nice if we had the option to add ballast that would counter these tendencies of high Pitch and Roll.
These are my point. I have great respect for you developers for creating this game, and I hope it succeeds.

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For me the ship designer often stops responding to mouse controls after removing or adding turrets, towers, funnels or other modules. It fixes itself after a moment, but it gets frustrating after a while.


We also need an ability to select if we want to use older equipment for example mark 2 turret instead of mark 3 etc. 

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I bought UA:D after watching a ton of videos on BrotherMunro's YouTube page. It's very engaging, and slots in neatly with my love of big warships.

I have two tiny things I would like to change:
- sometimes the infobox for a ship (maybe just my ships which seem to be riddled with flaws!) is so big that is takes up the entire screen AND cuts off the Ship Name / Ship Class which is at the top.
- when a ship hits for 2.10231 damage, it looks like it's hugely damaging. can it be changed to show only the whole number?

The only additions I can think of right now are cosmetic. A few examples are:

Easy Ones?
single-colour or flag pattern turrent tops for capital ships
different colour decking
sun shades
camouflage patterns
gunshield/turret artwork
hull numbers?

More Difficult Ones?
visual representation of minesweeping/minelaying gear
visual representation of depth charge rails/racks 
anti-aircraft guns (the game doesn't have planes, but they look cool)
seaplanes for Capital Ships! (the game doesn't have planes, but they look cool)

Fleet Management Ideas
custom ship classifications - I made a class of minelayer/minesweepers. I'd like them to have their own class type (like ML or MV) so I don't get them mixed up with the DD's
ship prefixes - allow players to designate a general prefix for their ships (HMS, USS) with maybe the option for sub-prefixes for "allied" navies (HMCS, HMAS)

Love the game so far! Getting bullied a little by Spain though, but I'm still learning.

To Our Wives and Girlfriends - May They Never Meet


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Great job so far guys, love the system, but there is one nagging issue that I can't overlook.

That is the superstructure placement hardpoints on the N3/G3 hulls from the British line of ships. Trying to create a historically accurate looking HMS Nelson is next to impossible due to these hardpoints. Is there any way to shift them back a few notches so we can create a somewhat accurate representation of the N3/G3 classes from blueprints etc?

Also is there a way to add in the length of the ship in ft/inches and meters for accuracy?

I have had so much fun recreating my favourite ships from WW2 to battle it out, and even tried to recreate a few period fictional ships to see how they would fare against historic ships (looking at the HMS Thunderchild vs SMS Brandenburg). I can't wait to see what you have in store next.

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In German Campaign 1930 start, the "Modern Destroyer (Standard)" and "Modern Destroyer Leader" hulls and their rearmost elevator platform do not permit the placement of funnels. I think this is a oversight because the hulls are obviously based on the Kriegsmarine Type 34 destroyer class. And because it causes immense problems for placing components without lopsiding the hull weight one direction or another.


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At start of the company, an armored cruiser and a hybrid light cruiser, can not put a 5 inches casemate gun, but it is shown when choosing. On the other hand, this prevents a closer design to the Japanese cruiser Naniwa class.



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