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New ship sailing characteristics (Colored Spreadsheet)

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Please propose improvements and ideas. Actual Excel file will be posted later. Work in Progress. Part 1/2 (Smaller ships). This should get greener as we get more information on small ships.  

Working on:

-Diagonal shading to separate values like 2.00 and 2.50 to further improve visual data recognition. 

-Sort Ranks



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We need information as well on the definition of each of the break downs...example;

What is a jib ? and what or how does it work for me and or against me ?

Yard power ? what the heck is that and when does it come into play when sailing ?

Those are just a few things as examples that just confuses the hell out of a old Marine, :)

Think it may help those of us who love this genre of games but don't know squat on the actual sailing affects this game is bringing in to play now

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3 hours ago, Gunnur said:

I would also like to know how "yard power" affects things! The only thing I can think of is when trying to turn another ship into the wind for boarding.

Higher yard power provides more advantage from manual yard controls. So turn rates may be higher, as well as accel/decel using yards.

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