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  1. If you can pm me who it was I'll look into it - Gunnur [DNP]
  2. Gunnur

    Chain boarding

    Isn't the real issue here that boarding requires ramming the other ship and turning them into the wind? A. That is historically unrealistic B. That allows the unrealistic aspects of chain boarding (where a whole line of ships can be waiting to board you since you got rammed and turned into the wind). Since after disengaging you are still stuck against the wind. If boarding was a matter of pulling alongside and enemy and matching speed for x period of time and maintaining x gap, and ships kept sailing during boarding, then it would require everyone who wanted to board you to catch up to you, not just queue up behind you after you get stuck in the wind. It would also mean that people trying to rake you couldn't just drop sails behind you during the boarding.
  3. Gunnur

    New ship sailing characteristics (Colored Spreadsheet)

    I would also like to know how "yard power" affects things! The only thing I can think of is when trying to turn another ship into the wind for boarding.
  4. Gunnur

    Updated Mast Thickness Values

    Awesome sheet, I'm just surorised by what it shows... We were all sitting here complaining about pvp just being a demasting fest and now they are reducing mast thickness across the board =/ Those Rubli guys and hachi were already demasting me when I has French rig refit with the old values.. Now it looks like they won't have to bother to just use the gun deck to do it...
  5. Just to preface - I haven't been around as long as many of you guys have, but I have been around long enough to see the back and forth regarding safe zones. As a noob I was a victim of seal clubbing, and I understand and support the desire to avoid it. However the current system of blocking off significant portions of the map and basically making them safe from PVP means that 80-90% of players at any given time seem to be hiding in a safe zone where they can't get attacked until they are comfortable that they outnumber the opposition by a significant margin and willing to initiate combat. In order to help support pvp (as a building block towards active rvr conflict outside of just port battles) is there any chance to move to a middle ground where the reinforcement zones only protect players below a certain rank or battle rating? That way experienced and skilled players would have to be active and on their toes even in local waters, where as new players still won't be getting crushed by experienced hunters. Thoughts?