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So what am I supposed to do with Class 5 and better ships now when solo?




I returned to the game after a long hiatus when I noted the mega patch had come out. Spent a few hours grinding on the Cutter to get my Surprise crewed and equipped, only to find that there were no missions at all available for ships of Class 5 and better. Both normal and fleet missions seemed to be for C6 or worse ships with nothing harder available.

I get that this is an MMO and the developers are perhaps inclined to push people to play with others, but surely making playing solo entirely impossible is the wrong way to go? My friends aren't always online, nor is it always possible for me to co-ordinate with other players due to time restraints etc. Naval Action can be a lot of fun when played solo as well, so I'm disappointed.

Or do I have it wrong? Is there some structured battle content I can perform solo in a Surprise, or am I stuck randomly sailing the seas, hoping to find something worth killing?

Thank you.

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23 minutes ago, ironhammer500 said:

Next month when everyone who will be interested in them has got bored and left, why disable content for content that you are making? Why not leave them in till you have made these missions types?

Yah I don't understand this. I even brough up something cool to do for the pirates since they get one ship in the pirates den and all the other natiosn get 8 ships. Give them the H. Rattler, but now that I see these ships might not be some odd random BP drop from a kill or something they could prob put one or two of them in the pirates shop or even other players, but don't take them out completely for now.  This just cut out some of the main ships a lot of folks used. I used the Rattler and Niagara all the times in the shallows.

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