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  1. I agree with Davos. I'm not interested in playing as a major nation. I'm perfectly fine with the hunt - stealth aspect of the pirate.
  2. I reassert the previous comment: no nation had a fleet of santi's, connies, vicotries to run around with. How about a pirate "Terror" bonus. most trader ships just gave up when attacked by pirates - they didn't carry a fleet of victories and suprises around with them.
  3. do you loose you level - i.e. Cursed, etc.
  4. Comments directed to the wider audience - not Mr. Olham. The Devs should be looking for everyone to have fun - its a game after all. Maybe, just thinking wild thoughts here, the devs should decide if this is a naval action simulator or a carribean simulator or what it is - because it is becoming less interesting - example 1800 people on line to 350 people on line over a MAJOR US HOLIDAY.
  5. here's my two dubloons: everyone is crying about the pirates. i heard things like 'there never was a pirate nation" or "pirates shouldn't be able to have ships of the line." Well, its just a fictisious nation for people to play that makes the game more interesting. To all those - it isn't reality people, then give up your santi's and connies - and give up all the cool tools you have that tell you where in the world all the stuff is at.... riddle me this, how many victory's, connie's, and santi's were running around the carribean? I'm pretty sure there wasn't 1 in every garage. So to you I say, let us have our fun and you can have your fun.
  6. I would hate to see this game turn into a niche game - going from 3000 online to 200-500 during peak times is.... well you see what I mean. Like any game, the more people in the sandbox the better. MY BAD !!!
  7. HAD TO LOOK IT UP !! Noun catharping ‎(plural catharpings) (nautical) any of the short ropes under the tops at the lower end of the futtock shrouds of a square-rigged vessel used to secure other ropes in place
  8. Well - my TOPIC NAME is doing what I hoped, bringing some people in to read it. I don't think this should be a flight sim, however, I'd rather have more players in here than less. So, my few & minor edit suggestions, stand on their own merit. Read the 'flight sim' corollary as just a way to express some thoughts on what attracts some people to a game. Basically - a player needs to be engaged with the game! What ever the game is. Try to take it as thoughtful.
  9. Thinking about why i like this game and what really bugs me about this game over the last 12 months I've come to some bit of a conclusion. I like flight sims (ROF, COD, IL2 etc.) and I've gone back to playing those games instead of deadheading Naval Action (NA) all the time. There was something that NA was missing. Was it the long sailing with nothing to do? Was it the hard task of finding your missions? What was the difference? After some retrospection I decided that the the flight sim (FS) engages ME from engine start to landing. You have the engine management, The constant look-out for Enemy Aircraft (EA). Skill needed to take off and land. Sometimes very nice scenery to view when flying around. The navigation of the aircraft and a few other things I guess like the tactile effort/feedback you get from using a joystick and rudder pedals... So my immediate thoughts on NA are: It takes too long to find your missions - unless you're going to make navigation an item of play for the game. That would mean getting charts and some sort of sextant use 'in-game.' With the grinding, which no one likes, you should have the missions closer and easier to get to/find. Color the Admiralty Order bright RED or GREEN etc. I've leveled up all the way - but I still like sailing the smaller ships - I don't think the grind is a great feature as it currently stands in fact it's probably driving some newer players out of the game. A Few Suggestions: 1. make the missions pop in closer to the port you're at - or make finding them fun instead of just a pain in the ass (goes back to navigation) 2. Why make it so hard to grind up to using the bigger ships? 3. Make it easier or more fun (read engaging) to move around the MAP 4. Think about benefits for being one faction or the other. i.e. should everyone be able to sail every ship. There should be some advantages/disadvantages to being in a faction (nation). That makes it interesting. 5. I would suggest making it easier to move between factions - possibly by getting to the top level you can move indiscriminately switch between Nations which allows you to play more areas of the MAP. - I'm particularly board with MT right now, I'd love to sail the windward islands but I cannot - can I be neutral or wear another flag...? To have a game that's just interesting because it's the age of sale just won't do it over time for me. There is going to have to be a few things for the different player types. HOPE this is thoughtful to some extent - Thanks - LETS GO FLYING!
  10. Whereas, It has become customary with the admirals of the US, commanding small forces on the coast of the United States, particularly with TDA, TF, FORGE to declare all the PIRATE coast of the Caribbean in a state of strict and rigorous blockade without possessing the power to justify such a declaration or stationing an adequate force to maintain said blockade; I do therefore, by virtue of the power and authority in me vested (possessing sufficient force), declare all the ports, harbors, bays, creeks, rivers, inlets, outlets, islands, and seacoast of the United States of America in a state of strict and rigorous blockade. And I do further declare that I consider the force under my command adequate to maintain strictly, rigorously, and effectually the said blockade. And I do hereby require the respective officers, whether captains, commanders, or commanding officers, under my command, employed or to be employed, on the coasts of America, to pay strict attention to the execution of this my proclamation. And I do hereby caution and forbid the ships and vessels of all and every nation in amity and peace with the United States from entering or attempting to enter, or from coming or attempting to come out of, any of the said ports, harbors, bays, creeks, rivers, inlets, outlets, islands, or seacoast under any pretense whatsoever. And that no person may plea ignorance of this, my proclamation, I have ordered the same to be made public in England. Given under my hand . Naughty Nancy O’MALLEY.
  11. So funny! This why every one is falling before us: To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women! Crom, I have never prayed to you before. I have no tongue for it. No one, not even you, will remember if we were good men or bad. Why we fought, or why we died. All that matters is that two stood against many. That's what's important! Valor pleases you, Crom... so grant me one request. Grant me revenge! And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you! Aesop: "shut the help up AND just fight"
  12. how about dropping everyone a gold 3rd rate.................
  13. The XP for the next level went up - ///// Sorry, this is getting tiresome - i'll be playing more IL2
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