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  1. I'm hoping some of the forced storyline line changes, so we can make our own scenarios and play. In the old age of sail there was a large database of historical premade ships. Also it had numerous historical battles - I miss that. I don't think we have that now (Just got the game) . We can choose a ship class but we then have to outfit it with guns etc. turning it into (Possibly) a fictional ship. Some of the ship/battle research is already done in the first AOS I believe. Even then we are forced to play a canned scenario instead of just making one up from scratch, picking
  2. Ok Thanks, went ahead and got it. I'm hoping it will head towards us being able to make whole scenarios - land and sea in the editor.
  3. So somehow I'm just finding out about this game now It's in early access ? It looks like Naval Action (Which I have) but more of a historical nature and a land component ? I had the original AOS so perhaps similar ? How detailed is the naval combat ? Is there a scenario editor so we can make out own situations ? Sounds like the kind of game I've been waiting for.
  4. I think this, more than any other feature is what in needed to retain players for the PVE server.
  5. Wind and Tide are two very important things for sailing vessels. We have the wind. A damaged ship could wind up on shore if wind and tide are against it, especially in a storm. If these were modeled I think it would change the game in a big way. We would see people more cautious about hugging the shoreline. Perhaps while we are doing things in port we could even have a little tide chart in a corner which we could watch to give us the optimal time for leaving port.
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