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  1. After the next wipe, are the basic cutters going to be armed with 3 pounders like they have been lately and are now & not the 6 pounders as they had in the past?
  2. Have the Devs developed a day certain as to when the wipes will take place? Know it may be difficult, but wonder if we can reach a day certain? June 10 thru 14 is like waiting for a service tech on a day with hours 12 noon to 4 p.m. In the interim, have decided to just port my ships knowing they will be lost. Also, bid goodbye to the many buildings I invested in and the large number of reals accumulated. Oh well, like many of you, will just wait this out to see what happens. Still I would like to advocate for a time when we could be notified that no more major wipes will be conducted so that we can continue to feel our time and accomplishments in the game will truly be rewarded.
  3. I have played NA since it's inception and early Steam delivery. I have gone through many past wipes. I don't have the rationale for the latest wipe. Assume from what I read that it could be financial. This wipe appears very drastic. Fortunately, I left the PVP version quite some time ago because I found that the large amount of time I consumed in attempting to be a good clan member and building on the game in buildings, ships, crafting and trading took up quite a bit of my time. I am retired, so I know that I may have more time than many of those who are still working. I recognize the many comments regarding the time devoted to the game. I'm in the same boat! What I become concerned with is having the unknown regarding when the next full wipe will take place. While building back up is fun in a manner, there is time spent doing so and there is a sense of accomplishment in the process. However, there comes a time when the hours devoted to the game have to be examined to see what the alternatives might be. Truthfully, I love the game and have talked it up with youngsters thinking about the game. In a way, I think some of those I have sold the game to are leery with the status of the game as being a beta and the continuous wipes taking all the rewards they have already attained. It would be great to continue with the game, but I am concerned that there comes a time when judgment must prevail regarding the future assurances that changes which set us all back won't be occurring with the same frequencies we have experienced since the early development of the game. At some time, the development has to come to a stage that says "That's it. You have a product that may face certain changes to make associated fixes and corrections, but the game will stay the basic game and future wipes will not become an annual event" Guess like many of you, I will have to see what occurs. This is not to say that I wouldn't go on to see how the latest wipes have made changes. But like many, I am starting to question my gaming time in an arena where at least annually the game is completely rebuilt and many of us lose what we've built. Take care Mates, see you on the high seas for as long as we can.
  4. Same here. Was in battle and now cannot get my fleet back to port for repairs etc. Hope I don't lose them
  5. Lately, I've been playing the PVE server. I do find the change to a level 2 ship building yard at 1,000,000,000 reals is prohibitive of players such as myself. This would take forever to achieve. Guess the devs have decided that anyone who desires to build ships beyond the 1st level will have to stay there for the duration of their playing the game. Would like to see that number come back to reality for at least the next two ship yard levels?????
  6. Finally IN! Seems OK for the minute!
  7. Finally into Player Selection screen but no action occurring there either.
  8. Latest. Log In Queue Request Failed. No go. Wonder what the problem is?
  9. Still no login. Turns red and rejects my attempts to log in via Steam. Do wonder if whole USA is out of action for now?
  10. Same here. Did a restart etc. but no luck on a login. Wonder if the game has been hacked and we are ALL out of luck?
  11. Thanks. I know it was a long drawn out process in the last change. Don't know if I want to go through the same thing again.
  12. Do we have to use the Forged Docs to change nation if we change the player in the new Carib Eu?
  13. And a Merry, Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for the gifts.
  14. For BPHick: I took your suggestion and put those repairs etc. into the warehouses. Hope it works when the current server is shut down and we are transferred to the CaribEU.
  15. Any response yet regarding ships that transfer? Will they keep their upgrades and all repairs assigned under the old server once transferred to the Carib EU server?
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