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  1. Well, okay, I'm also coming from the miniature wargaming scene where everything which isn't bleeding warhammer (which is arguably worse) is being over taken by X-wing and stuff. :/ Anyways, that's my two cents, personally I find the Star Wars ships rather uninspiring, but I'll admit a long time ago I had more fun than I should've with a little think called Star Wars Starfighter.
  2. Too... much... Star Wars... Sorry, when all nerd culture, be it video gaming, boardgaming or miniature wargaming is being taken over by the stuff, one gets extremely tired of it. Can't we let us Age of Sail fans have our fun without obsessing with some science fiction stuff?
  3. No problem there, like a bit of TS. I've been on hiatus for a little while but I'll gladly drop by TS
  4. Hi chaps, Interested in joining up with you gentlemen, I've recently switched to Brits from the Swedes, which means I have nothing but the XP on my back. Anything in particular you look for in an up and coming gentleman of the frigate persuasion? Edited for clarity
  5. At Gustavia I've seen Gold crash completely. About 2 days ago it was 350 or so a piece, now it's 72.
  6. I've sure learned my lesson now. The fact of the matter is that we got to a certain point where there was no longer a chance to for me to pull away. :/
  7. Update: So far it hasn't been a success... in my first action against a mercury, the blighter kept ramming my ship until he managed to get a hold of it and flipped it. Not happy, feeling rather cheated to be frank. Kinda my fault, but even so, rather unamused. To add to that, pirate country seems to be infested more with French and British Heavy frigates than pirates!
  8. Personally (and bear in mind I'm no fan of US ship design, the Connie looks awful in my book) I think the Niagara is a beauty, flat, slim lines, gorgeous. Got mine yesterday, the 32 pound carronades are devastating and against little lynxes and privateers absolute overkill, I'm now thinking about going for a bit of a cruise in it (perhaps some anti-piracy operations) and I think it's the ship for the job, lots of big guns, good speed by my reckoning and with the long guns things should be spiffing. I'll report back (or swim back) how it goes.
  9. Having played EVE for a long time and am now getting to grips with NA, I can say with confidence that there are a lot of facets of EVE shining through. It's its own game, mind, but the economy, things like contracts and the emphasis on players working together in large scale actions is very EVE like. As a big fan of EVE I can only applaud it and state I don't understand why there is such hostility to those aspects of EVE in the game. That said, the XP system, the combat system, the ships and many other aspects are often diametrically opposed to what EVE does, which is good and I have no problems with.
  10. Hey all, after long period on the beach without a command (damn you RL!) I've come back to check on what's been happening in Naval Action. Seeing the forum brings back fond memories of the Admiralty TS. I've seen some gorgeous new ships so far, but what else? New features? How goes the rest of the world?
  11. This struck me whilst writing on another thread. Why not have a thread dedicated to quotes from the Age of Sail (and generally pertaining to it)? All sources, including from the great writers (Forest, O'brian etc) are welcome, just naval related and generally about the period. Here's a few classics to start us off. "No Captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of his enemy." Horatio Nelson "Never mind manoeuvres, just go straight at them." Horatio Nelson "Pour encourager les autres." (to encourage the others) Voltaire on the execution of Admiral Byng and, naturally "England expects every man will do his duty." Horatio Nelson, prior to Trafalgar. Can't wait to hear some of the more unknown ones.
  12. To be honest, I've always preferred quotes to advice in loading screens - "No Captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of his enemy." Horatio Nelson "Never mind manoeuvres, just go straight at them." Horatio Nelson "Pour encourager les autres." Voltaire on the execution of Admiral Byng Those are the ones I can get off the top of my head, there must be more (perhaps a few O'Brian and Forester quotes and the like as well).
  13. I missed out on the early alpha of WOWS and I've been needing the naval warfare itch scratched ever since I left my big computer and switched to a dinky old laptop that can't run shader model 5 (and therefore NA). Honestly, I've been enjoying the game. By no means is it as good and indepth as NA and I think the skill cap that is pretty high in NA is going to be pretty low in WoWS (which I think will be the biggest challenge to the game's longevity). I don't play it for too long (30-40 minutes at the most in a sitting) but I do it close to daily. I like it a great deal. Don't take it too seriously, but executing all kinds of strategems is a lot of fun.
  14. I believe that the damage model recognises the existence of large holes in your hull already (hence why your ship fills with water even though your hull is okay and there aren't any leaks), they just aren't modelled visually. The same with crew damage, I believe that whilst grape fired at a crew with full hull is useless, grape fired at a crew with a significantly damaged hull can be lethal (though simple ball shot is still better, grape need a lot of work currently).
  15. There is something truly glorious about sailing battleships. Amazing trailer, another sub for you sir!
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