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  1. Well, okay, I'm also coming from the miniature wargaming scene where everything which isn't bleeding warhammer (which is arguably worse) is being over taken by X-wing and stuff. :/ Anyways, that's my two cents, personally I find the Star Wars ships rather uninspiring, but I'll admit a long time ago I had more fun than I should've with a little think called Star Wars Starfighter.
  2. Too... much... Star Wars... Sorry, when all nerd culture, be it video gaming, boardgaming or miniature wargaming is being taken over by the stuff, one gets extremely tired of it. Can't we let us Age of Sail fans have our fun without obsessing with some science fiction stuff?
  3. No problem there, like a bit of TS. I've been on hiatus for a little while but I'll gladly drop by TS
  4. Hi chaps, Interested in joining up with you gentlemen, I've recently switched to Brits from the Swedes, which means I have nothing but the XP on my back. Anything in particular you look for in an up and coming gentleman of the frigate persuasion? Edited for clarity
  5. This struck me whilst writing on another thread. Why not have a thread dedicated to quotes from the Age of Sail (and generally pertaining to it)? All sources, including from the great writers (Forest, O'brian etc) are welcome, just naval related and generally about the period. Here's a few classics to start us off. "No Captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of his enemy." Horatio Nelson "Never mind manoeuvres, just go straight at them." Horatio Nelson "Pour encourager les autres." (to encourage the others) Voltaire on the execution of Admi
  6. To be honest, I've always preferred quotes to advice in loading screens - "No Captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of his enemy." Horatio Nelson "Never mind manoeuvres, just go straight at them." Horatio Nelson "Pour encourager les autres." Voltaire on the execution of Admiral Byng Those are the ones I can get off the top of my head, there must be more (perhaps a few O'Brian and Forester quotes and the like as well).
  7. I missed out on the early alpha of WOWS and I've been needing the naval warfare itch scratched ever since I left my big computer and switched to a dinky old laptop that can't run shader model 5 (and therefore NA). Honestly, I've been enjoying the game. By no means is it as good and indepth as NA and I think the skill cap that is pretty high in NA is going to be pretty low in WoWS (which I think will be the biggest challenge to the game's longevity). I don't play it for too long (30-40 minutes at the most in a sitting) but I do it close to daily. I like it a great deal. Don't take
  8. That would be awesome. Straight out of Master and Commander.
  9. My most epic moment had to be when we were having a massive frigate fight and the teams were about equal - apart from the fact that the enemy had a santisima whilst our largest was a Constitution. So I told everyone to charge and we went straight in, myself in the lead of the massive arrow formation that resulted from us charging. My Trincomalee was of course primaried and terribly damaged early on, so as I was going down I boarded a Snow, who was in mint condition (poor guy, I had to apologise) and sailed for the rest of the game in that. The result was that we sunk every other enemy ship o
  10. Oh, an HMS Flotsam and Jetsam...
  11. I don't know why everyone is giving this suggestion a hard time. A mist map would be pretty exciting and pretty interesting. Variety being the spice of life after all. The line idea seems reasonable as well. Sir, you have my support.
  12. His Britannic Majesty's Ship Flatulent, Aromatic and (naturally) Mary Rose are preparing for sea at this moment!
  13. It looks like a Battleship sailed through an apartment block and the apartment block got stuck on... Are those windows gunports or just windows?
  14. I must say, Oliver Cromwell (Post restoration) doesn't sound like the sort of person you'd name your ship after. What's the reasoning behind it? Unless there was a strong amount of revisionism related to his name at the time which in a way rehabilitated him?
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