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  1. We've had a 24 ships pvp where none of our ships was sunk by the enemy. One player disconnected, ended up out of the circle and sunk this way, so let's not count him. At the beginning of the battle the enemy took the wind, it turned out into a line fight, we demasted their SoLs and it went easy from there. This game will be memorable because of two things: good strategy and commanding done by Davy Jones115 great show of discipline in our team. Noone ever broke out of the line, we kept the formation almost till the end.
  2. I'm not proud of this score as I don't feel I've done much in that battle. It's more of a peculiarity really. I've also reported it in other topic.
  3. Let's note: the highest damage scores you've got or have seen (state the type of the ship and what you have done to reach that score) epic battles, great victories and WTF moments I'll start with my 56915 damage, when playing a victory. A storm map. The battle ended in a tie (one enemy remaining). Most of the time I was shooting at the masts of a santissima, taking them down (first we were chasing him down, then he ended up upwind from us, not very eager to come closer ).
  4. The resolution is 1920x1200. FPS varies from moment to moment. 45 is the lowest I found.
  5. i7 4770k @ 4.1GHz 8GB RAM Geforce GTX 970 SSD SATA3 On ultra it gives me usually above 45 fps, even in big battles. Although if I choose highest settings manually, it drops to 30-35 fps.
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