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  1. Why mod when it is an anomaly by the devs. Or is it explainable DEVELOPERS?
  2. In Ultimate Admiral please STANDARDIZE the number of men which each soldier or sailor represents. I have calculated at least four different numbers of men that each soldier/sailor represents. None of them are whole numbers. In the case of the cannon, the number given is 50, represented by 2 guns and 16 soldiers! Why not standardize at 5 per soldier? Thus, 2 guns will have 10 artillerymen. A company of 100 men will have 20 soldiers to represent them. In tabletop gaming, we call them 'figures.' So, depending on the period and the rules, each figure could represent 5, 10, 20,
  3. I' d love that. I've just lost my LGV with a full cargo from a wreck to four Swedes. I was cautious but was caught just a couple of ship lengths from a friendly port. It makes the game too hard a grind for a loner like me. To build up then to lose it all.
  4. THERE are still people who are worried about another wipe after this one on 10-14 June. It is a game LAUNCH isn't it? Or am I wrong?
  5. 1) Is that the full release, or the beta? 2) 'This year' seems an unlikely projection for a development team. What are the actual time parameters?
  6. Merci beaucoup for a new game, especially predreadnoughts. Is there a date for release? E.g., 1 week hence; next month; this trimestre; this semestre; in summer; in autumn? this year?
  7. I am playing PvP. I would also like to go and play PvE. Would anyone please tell me, if I put in a player name and nation in PvE, will I lose my name and nation in PvP? Or, will I have two different names and nations (or the same), one in PvP and one in PvE?
  8. Nothing's changed, by the look of it. Still not a playable game. I'm waiting for it to be released still! I bet there is only one developer working part-time. It's a phenomenal failure. I'll look in again in a couple of months.
  9. The prices are higher now than they ever were. No reasons it looks like. Just make life hard instead of enjoying playing. I see that this game will continue to be unattractive and have at the most 500 players for a few hours a week in-between playing other games.
  10. I would like to see increased durability returned. A single durability is too fragile to risk PvP and sometimes also in PvE combat. It's just too costly in time and resources. The old system wasn't perfect. It made the costliest ships, the 1st rates too risky to play. A more balanced and simple system would be to allow 3-5 durabilities to all ships.
  11. I would like to join. I was in a clan that is now defunct, the Legion Etrangere, and moved to another, La Confrere des Botteurs de Culs, but they have persuaded me they have too few English speakers. So, now, I am looking for a truly English-speaking, French nation Clan. I am located in Italy and speak fluent Italian as well. I lived in Australia for most of my life, and have been a wargamer in miniature figurines (Napoleonic 25mm) since 1973.
  12. I am looking for another English-speaking French clan. The one I am in has become defunct. Any suggestions, please?
  13. I am playing as French. I have 4 redeemable forged papers. If I change nation and captain's name what do I Iose? Redeemable forged papers? Gold? XP? Rank? If I put my ships in a free port, how do I recover them with a new name and nation?
  14. I think the truth is there is only ONE Developer and he's got his hands full. That's why nothing is happening.
  15. Witty but also sh*tty. Your addiction does not give you leave to support a game that's become boring to most former players. Nevertheless, I like your ditty.
  16. 3 June 2016. It was still a SUPERB game. I wrote: Balance the game. Do not make it too complicated and onerous. Sailing on the OW can be fun for very short periods, but boring when it is imposed upon us for lengths of time because of the crew or other mechanics of the game, e.g. when one cannot find an inaccurately placed crossed swords. This must continue to be a game which one can play alone, PvE, or with mates, PvP. There have been many objections to these proposed changes. It is worth testing quickly and deciding just as quickly to keep or dump the changes. I like the idea of a c
  17. The intended audience for Naval Action at the moment is the 50 players who like NA as it is. What a joke!
  18. I know, some of you--all fifty of you--love the current game and the rest of us can go stuff ourselves--all 2,000 of us. Well DEVS, what about it? Are you going to give this game mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Will it be like the phoenix and rise from its ashes? I hope very much so. One positive: still superb OW with huge map.
  19. On the 26 April 2016 I wrote the following: 'At the level of Capitaine de Corvette on a Cerberus the game is wonderful at the moment both as a team game (using ts3) and as a me vs the AI game.' At this time, the number of players was in excess of 1,500. This is about where--give or take a month or two--the game was a playable plaeasure. This is the game for which I paid €36.99 and so many others did, too. Are we to be abandoned? For what reasons? Is it ethical? Could we go back to the past and forget everything that has destroyed the game and made it 'fun' for only about fi
  20. I agree. I am reluctant to mention another game because it is ill-mannered, so I apologize in advance. World of Warships makes money hand over fist and has up to 19,000+ players on line. You never lose a ship. It's always back in port after a battle. I have eight ships waiting to play with. There are constant contests and missions and what-not. It's like being at the Mad Hatter's tea party. Pvp is continuous. You could play it for free from beginning to end, but I, like many others, got drawn into buying ships and accelerating progress through the ship tiers (from I to X) by buying doubloons.
  21. I haven't been playing the game for months. All of the members of the clan I belong to have either disappeared from the clan or haven't played for months. Yesterday, between 18.45 and 20.15 Italian time, I entered the game. I realized it's difficult to understand because it's not the game it used to be. I am a Chef de Division, a level 50 crafter in an English speaking clan of the French nation. With no clan members about and only 480 players on in total, there is almost no one to ask in English about the new rules of the game. There are many things that have changed that I do not understand.
  22. Not my game, eh? And when they change back to longitude and latitude because of people like myself, will it stop being your game and shall I ask you to leave and go play with marbles? Look up 'narcissism'.
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