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  1. Lol, there was me thinking that my post has the picture of a french imperial eagle, the bonjour Captaines and the merci from myself..Pierre, would have players thinking that i was recruiting for the British nation lol All good fun :-)
  2. Bonjour Capitaines, European Imperial Eagles are recruiting English speaking players on PVP 1 (Caribbean) We are a small clan looking to add to our numbers for the fight ahead. We have 2, that's right 2 LvL 50 crafters so there is a shed load of kit waiting for you. All we ask is that you can speak English and fight like F**k in a battle :-) The smaller the clan the bigger the fight, so sign up and lets get 'er done Quote of the day "Nuts" Merci Pierre McDuff
  3. Every one on TS has been more than helpful with players that can only speak English.
  4. 8. Venus, Bellona-class (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate)
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