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  1. Alsace. All the best specs of course. 77500 t, 220000 hp, 432 mm guns, belt 350 mm. (No need for AA guns because this game is too lazy to get aircraft and aircraft carriers.)
  2. Same with me. I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I played the game on (individually) my GTX 970 Turbo and on my GTX 760. On both cards I even locked the framerate (using Msi Afterburner) to 30 fps and the game still pushed to 99% usage on the 760. The 970 is more powerful so it was more like 50-60% usage but still was at around 81 Celsius in battle! Which is insane because that doesn't happen on games like Witcher 3 at which my GTX 970 runs at 99% usage, max clock (1290) and never goes over 78 Celsius.
  3. Very interesting. And where are the DX11 features that Unity is capable of? None are visible in the game. After 3 years in development, 2 years of good sales, there are even no graphics settings in the game. (!!??) Why is the game running on DX 11 if there are no DX11 features? https://docs.unity3d.com/520/Documentation/Manual/DirectX11.html Is this a joke? This game has equal recommended gpu requirements as Cyberpunk while giving us no DX11 benefit. https://support.cdprojektred.com/en/cyberpunk/pc/sp-technical/issue/1556/cyberpunk-2077-system-requirements Even bigger recommended require
  4. UAD is a game I support and like very much. I'm interested and I would like to know what DirectX 11 Graphical Features does this game have and benefit from? Also I would like to know about other graphical features of this game. What type of SSAO / HBAO? * What type of Reflections? * What type of Antialiasing methods? * What type of Sea rendering quality? Which post-effects? * What texture resolution? (Texture quality? *) What type of texture filtering? * Type of normal-maps used? What shadow resolution? * What type of skybox and at what resolution? Type of fog? *
  5. Well, I have to take back what I said, I found the 508 mm guns on the year 1933. (I could have been informed more specifically on where they are but hey.) As for not being able to mount 508 mm Yamato guns on a Yamato hull is not true. They fit perfectly as they were historically intended on Design A-150 battleship. Here you can find how Yamato actually looked like. And you'll be able to build it in the game in a few minutes. https://3dhistory.de/wordpress/3d-models/ijn-yamato-ten-ichi-go/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yamato-class_battleship
  6. This game has World of Warships spotting code? I assume this game is based on probably entire source code of Atlantic Fleet by Killerfish Games. There is even some weird info in the game startup log that implies that the base is still running as a mobile "touch available" game - probably running through an emulator like most ports but I haven't looked deeper into it. UAD is Atlantic Fleet mobile engine, I 100% have a hunch but I need to look deeper about it aside from numerous in-game things being obviously evident of the fact. Aside from UAD having a horrendous lighting system compared to Atl
  7. I was thinking about that same thing. It is one of the things I don't understand but have my opinions. Why does this model (literally this model) not have a 508 mm variant? While at the same time, this model does have a 508 mm variant. I know there is this, but these are not Yamato-looking. So I fail to understand why is there no 508 mm version of the Yamato gun model (first picture in this post)? I crave to find a reasonable explanation but fail utterly at it. There is historical proof that there were plans for Design A-150 battleship which is the logical
  8. Yashima. Currently without 508 mm guns but maybe in the future there will be a 508 mm version of this gun model.
  9. Yes. It's corrected in this new version. I'm really happy about it. Tested the rotation and it really works.
  10. Testing secondary gun turret rotation. Works great. At the same time testing reshade. Also works great.
  11. Thanks mate I'll try it. I posted the issue here in the thread because on the steam announcement it says "Fixes of various reported bugs related to hulls and guns." so I thought it was fixed but it's still there. I'm looking forward to it being fixed one day. Edit: I tried it! It works! Thank you mate!
  12. Hello, I just went to do a Bismarck today and the rear secondary turrets are still unable to add. Does anyone else have this problem or am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure. Edit: I have more issues. Can someone please check if you have them too? Torpedo tubes are small in any year before 1940. I still cant put secondary guns (even small ones) on Deutschland-class hulls. I try to put them in the correct places.
  13. Thank you very much for the replies, I really appreciate it and I love your game!
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