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  1. My personal opinion about ballance: If you try to make historical ships - they will weight 10000-15000 tons more than in real life. Armor also weights too much now, making it impossible to build a ship using turtleback armor scheme, especially with with increased weight of bulkheads since Alpha 12. Quad guns weight too much (since Alpha 11 I guess). Quads must be much lighter, but must be jammed and destroyed much more easily by comparison with twin or tripple guns. This will make them ballanced and fun to play. Bugs: All my progress in Naval academy is reset. When you try to type the
  2. I'm waiting for this patch with much more hype than I'm waiting for Stalker 2 release LOL
  3. They usually release patches at 8 pm GMT on Mondays, so if the update will come today, it probably come after next 4-5 hours from this moment
  4. I'm so hyped that I won't survive if they delay the patch again xD
  5. They usually release patches around 8 pm GMT on Monday
  6. Yeah, I was too hyped as well and waited for the patch to come today or tomorrow. Will probably instead play WT Naval this weekend, shame that our clan [AL300] is disbanded...
  7. Agree with everything except nerfing new Alternate History Imperial Russian Navy SBBII hull! I've waited too much for it!
  8. Don't nerf Alternate History Imperial Russian SBBII!!! 😠
  9. The only one from those ships you mentioned that was hit from long range was Glorious. Others that you mentioned were hit in range about 15km which is considered short for WWII
  10. White Navy (Russian Republic, alternate History 1940) "Admiral Kolchak" superbattleship, 99000t (For Baltic Fleet) Lenght: 339,7m Beam: 43,8m Draft: 23,4m Max speed: 28 knots Medium range Maximum bulkheads Components: Oil III Fuel Diesel II Engine Aux IV Shaft III Krupp IV Barbette III AntiTorp II Tripple hull bottom Reinforced Bulkheads II Light Shells Standart Ammo Shells Tube Powder Explosives Hydraulic Turrets Auto Reloading Rng-S V Sonar II Advanced Radio Gen II Radar Armament: 4x4 432mm, 14x2 127mm Armor scheme: Turtleback
  11. I disagree with your point about choosing the armor scheme: Basicaly if you build a battleship for Northern Seas or Atlantic Ocean - choose Turtleback, as engagement ranges are relatively low because of strong winds and waves and bad visibility because it's often foggy, while if you need a battleship for Pacific Ocean - choose All or Nothing as visibility there is often much better so the engagements are happening mostly at long ranges.
  12. I disagree about deleting the triple secondaries in the game, but agree that they must be bigger and heavier. I also want to see quad secondaries in the game and even want to make my strongest Superbattleship using only quad guns (4x4 457mm) both main, secondary (8x4 203mm) and terdiary (16x4 130mm) xD
  13. But you can already design something like IRN Retvisan which was the best Russian ship in Russo-Japaneese war or design something like IRN Knyaz' Potemkin-Tavricheskiy battlehip
  14. Imperial Russian Navy 1914 16"/45 quad turret for Gavrilov and Bubnov battleships projects (1914) and Imperial Russian Navy Kostenko battleship variant 2 with tripple 16'/45 turrets (1916)
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