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  1. My personal opinion about ballance: If you try to make historical ships - they will weight 10000-15000 tons more than in real life. Armor also weights too much now, making it impossible to build a ship using turtleback armor scheme, especially with with increased weight of bulkheads since Alpha 12. Quad guns weight too much (since Alpha 11 I guess). Quads must be much lighter, but must be jammed and destroyed much more easily by comparison with twin or tripple guns. This will make them ballanced and fun to play. Bugs: All my progress in Naval academy is reset. When you try to type the
  2. I'm waiting for this patch with much more hype than I'm waiting for Stalker 2 release LOL
  3. They usually release patches at 8 pm GMT on Mondays, so if the update will come today, it probably come after next 4-5 hours from this moment
  4. Someone please ping me if the patch is released
  5. I'm so hyped that I won't survive if they delay the patch again xD
  6. They usually release patches around 8 pm GMT on Monday
  7. Yeah, I was too hyped as well and waited for the patch to come today or tomorrow. Will probably instead play WT Naval this weekend, shame that our clan [AL300] is disbanded...
  8. Agree with everything except nerfing new Alternate History Imperial Russian Navy SBBII hull! I've waited too much for it!
  9. Don't nerf Alternate History Imperial Russian SBBII!!! 😠
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