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  1. Yes, this is very similar to my view on how it should be done. Also, to be honest, Since HMS Hood's hull, towers and shape of turrets will be added, it is safe to assume Bismarck would be too. In general, there should be a hull and relevant main and secondary tower for each general era specific to the nation for each ship class whenever available. I would definitely like to know if the Japanese nation would get the Nagato Hull and it's pagoda tower along with the Kongou tower for the possibility of authentic rebuilds of Fuso and Ise. The turrets though are also in need of a bit of a upgrade to
  2. We need more Barbette options in terms of both sizing and height and the ability to place them and guns closer together. Also, to do a period correct Yamato-Class Battleship, there needs to be a secondary Barbette big enough to fit a triple 6" gun mount and tall enough to clear the height of a superfiring layout of 2 18" gun turrets. Basically the way I see it is that there is a Barbette option for every two calibers of main guns and the Barbette changes shape to fit the guns when they are placed on the ship. Each Barbette will have three heights so you can have up to a 3 high superfiring desi
  3. What does being a "World of" Player got to do with anything relevant here. I was a WoWs player at one time or another and yes the implementation of historical warships was no where near the way it should be which is part of the reason I quit that game; that fact combined with the terrible business practices of the Wargaming devs which I hated with a burning passion. Again, this is besides the point. Mainly what I am saying is that a lot of the information I have about warships is old and fragmentary considering a lot of the books I have are out of print from the 1950s and 60s and what my
  4. Hi, I am BattleshipofDestruction and welcome to this guide on historical ship design. I have been fascinated with Naval Technology since my grandfather told me the stories from his WWII service in the US Navy. This will be a general guide and thus will not be specific to any particular era of ship design. It is simply a primer to introduce you to how ships were historically designed and also pros and cons of each design decision so you can make more informed decisions with your own fleets when the campaign releases. This information comes from years of obsessive research into the subject and l
  5. Okay, I assume being given the cold shoulder means I messed up in what I was trying to ask here after 3 days waiting to hear back from you. At this point I am dying to upgrade to the limited edition anyway since it is only $10-20 difference so please just start a dialogue with me to get that process started. Please PM me with the details as soon as possible. If I had known that the page on steam early access was in a state that would not allow me to play anyway until formal release, then I would have splurged on Limited the first time. I beg the Dev team's pardon.
  6. I have purchased the standard edition and received the confirmation email. The game is on steam early access as a page so why haven't I received a key yet? Is it because the game needs to be available on steam early access before I get a key? I have checked my spam folder, no such email has been received. In essence, I would like to know two things: 1. How are we looking on the Q1 2020 estimate for getting a key if you purchased standard edition; i.e. is this prediction by your team still accurate. 2. If it is greater than Q1 2020 on the estimate, may I inquire as to upgrading to the
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