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  1. Remove mortar reload or other mortar perks it will help
  2. You must pass this mission to join the game. And you must fight in this mission. It’s a test if you have a seaman in you. Peace server has combat too but not against players.
  3. Same warning as usual link to the site has been replaced with the zip file. We don’t allow zip file links
  4. All tribunals from any player must be approved, because a lot don’t contain evidence. All tribunals must be approved because they can contain sensitive or very offensive screens. Some tribunals remain hidden even if action is taken There is no reason to make it about you.
  5. Please use google drive Or Dropbox for download links
  6. Please don’t don’t spam the topic. Topic bumping just delays it further the kill you mentioned in the first was already credited before (brodyaga). We have not found issues with the system yet. Note that we fixed the issue that credited kills for your own ship. If you captured the other. And we now track steam id in all hunts and s&d
  7. In ALL the cases of the missing doubloons, they were found to be spent or repositioned by topic starter. please provide before after screens or video of them disappearing. There is no possible Technical case of them disappearing
  8. Liam 790.791 Everyone deserves second chances, but this is plain wrong. First you abuse developers for lacking mental capacity to create games. Then you create a forum account called braindead _____ referring to devs , and continue abuse. Seems like your only goal is trolling and ranting which is against the rules of the community. Moderation team now takes rules seriously. This forum should be a friendly place free of abuse for everyone including developers and programmers. Then you after all previous abuse behavior post complaints on censorship when your post was just hidden? + Ban evasion is not allowed and your forum posting rights are now removed. 7 day chat ban applied in game. Additional warnings will cause permanent chat bans.
  9. Devs mentioned that astern command is on the to do list.
  10. Posts not containing references or relevant literature will be removed photography of bookshelves with books on Battle ships is allowed.
  11. It is a known issue. Developers already mentioned that small hot fix is arriving this week with torpedo fix and ui change that will increase FPS under fire.
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