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  1. Let's see how this works out; the developers have clearly thought about it and its consequences. Personally if I join someone else's battle I try to pick the underdog, and I play as loyal ally. I'll miss that, on the other hand I won't be interrupted by half a dozen random players upsetting the odds in battles I've initiated. It does seem to open the door for pirates being a special nation, I'd welcome that.
  2. A Little Paper Ship appears to be crossing the line by talking about wives and daughters. It's in Spanish and although I could translate I think it better you use a third party rather than rely on my word.
  3. Firstly I've played this game for thousands of hours and the developers owe me nothing in terms of financial loss if they now change the game, so be it. There is a great game in here, but I'm concerned about its future.😒 However what worries me is that they are breaking the promise that they guaranteed that rank and crafting xp would be safe; changing that undermines trust in the developers. Suggestions as to how to avoid breaking that trust have been suggested; I hope they listen and respond. I'm also worried that the game's economy is so broken that they feel the need to reduce our
  4. I think we we're promised that XP would not be wiped. Given that that is the case, please try to find a way to keep your promise. Other people have made suggestions and perhaps you could ask for others in case there is a better solution to the problem you percieve. If you think that it will give us a unfair advantage, I understand, but I believe a consequence will be that some experienced players will prey on new players to recoup their "losses", real of imagined. This may lead to some very, very bad reviews. One idea, if you sink a player several ranks below you, you lose XP an
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