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  1. 1 hour ago, JaM said:

    sometimes i end up thinking whole perception of British invincibility is just a propaganda..  even on land, last time i saw a table with 18-19.century land battles fought by British and French, where both sides had 50:50 wins and losses... Yet French are usually mocked for always losing.. (i guess this comes mostly because of WW2, yet even here majority of people forgets that French fought to the bitter end to save  fleeing British expeditionary corps evacuating through Dunkirk..)   sorry for offtopic

    I dont know if this is the right place to react to your statement. But i do agree with you. It all comes down to them being the worlds super power from ~1800 to ~1945. You see the same thing happening with the United states Army and Navy, they are seen as military gods and the Russians are still regarded as mostly outdated in equipment, skill and docterine. The equivelant of the British vs French in the napoleonic era. Statements made back then, influenced by nationalism and the war effort, are still influencing us today. That is why it is very important to set aside nationalism when judging history and do some decent research on both side of the argument. And that is coming from a Dutchman :P.

    btw i am not saying that the british or american army and navy were/are bad.

  2. @Malachi So I started yesterday with modeling, I followed your tutorial on preparing the plan. But I then just used the files you provided as the safest route.

    Got a question though, I am not sure what is happening so i attached a picture to make it clear.


    The ribs are evenly spread between line 28 and the sternpost but somehow the lines at midship do not correspond with the plan. What am i doing wrong here? :huh:

  3. I found 2 plans on the "Nationaal archief" that i liked and fit the requirements set by @Malachi . Checked the plans for disortions by following the first part of this tutorial but they are both pretty distorted.

    I am fine with choosing a suggested plan by someone else. I do not really like the shape of the Heldin but i do like the Danish Triton. Lets see if there are more plan suggestions coming in.

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  4. Indeed, i like this idea very much. However just as @LeBoiteux i havent done any 3D modeling in a year. I think i am able to do this though. Also this is an opportunity that i cant let slip, so i will join you!

    I was started modelling the "Windhond" but because of the lack of time and knowledge i stopped the project. Maybe this is a good ship plan?

    Nationaal Archief "Windhond"

  5. If it´s not your kind of ship, then look for something else :) But I´ll send you the plans this evening.

    Another good one would be the danish Triton or the 24-gun project by af Chapman.


    The Triton would be a nice choice for the tutorial, now that I had a look at it again *thinkshard*

    I agree, i should really model something i like. But for the sake of learning...


    The Triton looks better, i like it more. What do you think of the Windhond? It's a 24 gun Dutch frigate. Is that a smart choice?  ;)

  6. The Langeland would be an ideal project, in my opinion. 18 guns, nice lines and a decent plan set. And she has a quite famous 'ancestry' as she is based on the british Royal Caroline.

    I can send you the plans if you want, the preview pics are in my danish frigates thread :)

    It is not really my kind of ship, but i think its a nice start. Can probably learn a lot from modeling this one. If you can send me the plans, that would be nice.

  7. Well, I might have a plan or two ;)


    I´d definitely go for a small ship, in the 16 to 30 gun range, ideally with a nice contemporary model (or a well researched modern one) as a reference.

    Do you prefer a certain nation? If it has to be dutch, the 24-gun frigate of 1760 or one the corvettes like the Lynx look quite nice.

    I am looking, at this moment, at different ship plans. It doesnt have to be dutch  ;). I like ships from the smaller(lesser presented) naval nations like Danish, Swedish or Dutch.


    You make me curious, what are the plans you have in mind?

  8. Ah, just had a look at the Frederika, I didn´t know that the dutch also used that line on their plans.


    Anyway, this might have been a bit too tricky for someone new to historical ships as the plan is quite heavily distorted and there doesn´t seem to be an complete inboard profile.


    Here´s the body plan:



    By the way, l´estain shouldn´t be a part of the actual model, it´s just a very useful reference like the buttock lines :)

    That should be the reason why i got stuck, i do remember some small trouble overall. What would you advice, try to restart building this ship or choose another one? And do you have some recommendations instead of the Frederika?

  9. You´re welcome :) Out of interest, where did you get stuck? Research, plan preparation, modelling itself etc. ?


    By the way, I´m still searching for a suitable ship for the Blender tutorial, so if any of you has an interesting ship you want to see a hull model of, let me know.

    Freia, L'Artémise or La Forte would be my choice for now.

    The plan(s) should be available for free, though. 






    Edit: Added two pics about the buttock lines and two links to the OP.

    It started probably at the plan preparation and that caused problems while modeling. The part you call "L'Estain" caused a lot of problems in my head :). As you already said, this part looks very easy if you look at it form a certain angle, but it is actually a very complex shape. And as i am a perfectionist i want to have a clear picture of everything in my head. I hope this part is easier than it looked back then and maybe this tutorial will help me figure it out.


    I prefer earlier ships because i really like those work of arts of the earlier times. I really like ships like Adolph Friedric(Swedish 24 gun Merchant), L'Ambitieux(French 80 gun). But i think, after looking at your selection, you are more drawn toward the later ships. Am i right?

  10. On differens can be when the pictures/model show. I would imagine that things was not done entirely the same in 1650 and in 1800... (but Iam just guessing)

    Of course there were some developments, but it didnt change much(surprisingly) during these 200 years. Especially the Dutch kept building their ships very traditionaly.

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