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  1. There were Swedish commanders that where successful, just go on Wikipedia for the full list.  

    Every country has succesfull commanders, succesful does not mean they where the expectional great admirals... Then i could nearly list the whole dutch navy :D

  2. You should remove Cornelius Tromp. The only battle he ever won was the Battle of Öland - And he only won because of Niels Juel.

    Cornelius Tromp was the head of the Danish Navy for a short period of time, yes. But he was hated, he even accused Niels Juel of cowardice.


    Niels Juel was a great, if not the greatest admiral of all time. Cornelius Tromp was nothing special.

    I shall look into that, maybe your right.. lets see

  3. How can you possible think that? We haven't been at war for 200years...

    But during the 1500-1814 we where at war for a bit more than 50 years in total. With huge changes of borders, much plundering and forced change of cultures that  border ethnic cleansing.

    (yes the Brits and French fought a lot... but their wars haven't in the same way effected borders for the "mother countries" but mostly colonies)


    If the Kalmar union had not been broken by the evil Swedes the union could have ended up as one of the European great powers.

    (to be fair, they had pretty good reasons for the rebellion)


    But in the mid 19th century there where a few times where the two might have merged in one Scandinavian country in a peaceful way and a number of Swedish volunteers fought for Denmark in the two Sleswig wars. (1848-1850 and in 1864)


    So I actually think we should join forces and hate the Dutch... since they supported one.. then the other and even changed sides during the same war... in a very well played game to make sure none of the two won a complete victory and removed the other from the map.

    Yeah that was kinda an asshole move, you know the real reason was money. We wanted to control all trade in the baltic sea and at the same time neutralize the English trade there. So we had to help either the Swedish or the Danes, and we had to help either one more than the English. Because if we where to "solve" the conflict there we would get trade priority. The Dutch are kinda known for the East India Company, but the Baltic trade was 100 times more important. We relied on the Baltic trade mostly for wood and food, if we lost that trade our country would collapse.


    If you study Dutch history you become kinda proud of our little nation, we held off the English, French and the multiple attacks of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Münster and at the same time destroy alliances everywhere necessary in western europe. Divide and Conquer!

  4. Also add Witte de With, Jacob van Heemskerck, Johan Evertsen and Cornelis Evertsen. Also add Cornelis Tromp, not the smartest naval officer, but extremely courageous and never willing to back down from a fight even when faced with certain defeat. Fun fact: for 3 years he was the commander of the entire Danish fleet in the battles against the Swedish army and navy.


    There are more Dutch admirals, but i do not have enough historical evidence to say that they where "Great Admirals". Some may say they do not belong in the list of naval heroes, for example: Jacob van Wassenaer Obdam was just a bad naval officer, who frequently lacked the knowledge or courage to win a battle or even do anything(Battle of Lowestoft). I think thats the same for other countries. So my point is that everyone here should do some research whether or not those officers belong in this list.


    Very interesting figures to read about though!

  5. I did not know this, I indeed thought that he was solely a politician. Thanks :)


    Btw. Looking forward to the movie 'De Ruyter' ?


    Yes i also did not know that, but after reading the book i noticed more historical facts that i learned wrong in school  :D. I was even wondering if the book was correct, but everything written in that book is from historical documents. I know how unpopular "De gebroeders De Witt", Johan and Cornelis, are in Dutch history. Thats probably why you do not learn that in history class. Damn royalist!  :D


    I do look forward to that movie! I heard they used the Batavia for that movie. And After seeing Master and Commander years ago its now time for another such movie!

  6. Ryga you are Dutch right? Cornelis de Witt was also a good admiral, he was more a political leader turned into a admiral for short periods of time. He was the one leading the raid on the Medway. I have a good educational book on the "gebroeders De Witt" in that timeperiod, very interesting book, its called "De Ware Vrijheid" and its written by Luc Panhuysen. You should read that book :D. He also lead the Dutch fleet in the battle of Solebay.

  7. As I said, the usual practice was to let the cannons recoil and roll backwards. But before the 17th century it was common for the cannons to be fired with the ropes already taught, meaning that they could not roll backwards.

    hmmm interesting... will keep it in mind :D

  8. Apparently in earlier centuries gun were not allowed to recoil, and were restrained by the breachings.


    Well thats not entirely true, they where secured with ropes when the guns where fired the cannon would roll back the ropes where used as breaks.


    Sorry for bad english, kinda hard to put it in english hope you understand it well enough.

  9. Woow very nice, thanks everybody!

    Only problem i have is the cannons do not move after being shot, maybe because they use less powder than in real life. I know from the books i have read that the Dutch used a lot of powder compared to for example the British.

    Made it a lot more dangerous to fire the cannon but the effect was impressive. It was quite normal for Dutch cannons to explode.

    Besides all that, nice videos!

  10. I have seen those, as i remember it correctly they where in Danish. So i couldnt understand it really. Besides that it was really interesting to watch.

    I was just wondering if some people have some interesting material on this topic, other than the things i have seen on this forum. 


    I am trying to build a gun port with complete battle station arrangement in 3ds max so that why

  11. Just a short question, why is there little to no material about detailed cannon firing effects and impacts on different surfaces?


    I have read a book from a Dutch author who describes this in good detail, but its a book so you miss the visualization. Also there is nothing about shell impact.


    Just a link for people who can read Dutch: http://issuu.com/otteblom/docs/boektest


    So do you guys have some links to any useful material?


    Ps. In the famous paintings of Willem van de Velde de Oude you can see a lot of detail in smoke and damage. How far is NA planning to go with damage smoke and water?

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