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  1. I apologize cause I know this has already been discussed somewhere, but I just don't have a good grasp of the new Economy. So if you understand it better than I do and know the answers to my questions, please help me understand how this works. Thank you in advance. 1- Trade goods availability: is the automatic usual spawning of goods every hour or so in ports gone? do goods spawn in Traders, which then bring them to ports? all goods? 2- Woods such as Live Oak, Sabicu, Teak...etc, do they spawn in town or are they subjected to same rules as Trade goods? 3- Euro Traders: do they still exist? can you get goods through contracts with 4 times the daily price?
  2. AngryPanCake

    Empty sea

    It looks like the thread turned into a duel here. But the issue is the lack of NPC targets in Patrol Zones. Not sure how it is in the PvP server, but on PvE many players doing the Patrol mission complain about the lack of NPC's.
  3. That's brutally honest and I think this should be clearly indicated in the game description, it will avoid a lot of frustration in people who are considering buying it. This brutal honesty will weed out all the potential "casuals" that would otherwise buy the game and then bitch and moan "this game is not for casuals"..."this is a hardcore game"..."this is not for everyone"...etc. With a description like that, I feel the majority of future players would be the "hardcore crack sailors" Game Labs is striving to reach out to...not the current rift raft and everyone we have right now. My 2 cents or kopiyky.
  4. AngryPanCake

    Time spent playing NA Follow up post

    Same here, I've got a lot of hours since I first purchased it, but about half of them are AFK. My wife is always calling me saying "your ship's bell is ringing". I don't think I'd have lasted this long on the PvP server if I was AFK'ing this much. As far as aggressive AI, it seems like both PvP and PvE players have some concerns about it. But we will see, better wait until it is implemented and tested then get some feedback. Personally, I haven't made up my mind about it yet. Thanks for your input.
  5. AngryPanCake

    Time spent playing NA Follow up post

    Thanks for your replies, but I was hoping to have a better idea of what the two thirds of people who play 1-2 hours or less a day actually accomplish during their sessions.
  6. Looking at the recent Poll, it looks like NA players fall into 3 general categories: About a third play 1-2 hours/day, another third play less than an hour a day and one third play more than 3 hours a day on average. The majority (2/3) seem to play 1-2 hours a day or less. As far as I'm concerned, I usually average about one hour of active play a day. My game does run for about 2-3 hours, most of this time is AFK sailing from port to port hauling trade goods or craft materials. I do a battle here and there whenever I know I can dedicate a full hour of game play without being disturbed by real life, otherwise I TP from port to port checking my inventories, placing contracts or crafting a ship. Once I have enough goods to fill a convoy, I leave port and sail a straight line to a destination port or do a series of straight lines (with Protractor) to different landfalls till I reach final destination so I don't get lost in the expanse. All my sailing is usually done AFK and only tend to my PC when I hear the 30 min bells. Most of the time I feel I just don't get many things done due to the limited time I can actively put into the game. I'm sure some people can fight 2-3 battles in an hour game play, I'm just not one of those players! One thing I do think is a saving grace: CHAT. Without it, I don't think I'd spend more than 10-15 min starring at the empty sea. The community is great, many people are really fun to chat with and answering new players questions is always rewarding to me. To the majority that play 1-2 hours a day or less, how much do you get accomplished during your gaming sessions? what do you actually do, mostly battles, trade? Battle captains, do you make enough money to sustain your fighting activities?
  7. AngryPanCake

    Empty sea

    In my opinion, the new missions/events have been quite successful! I have never been a big combat guy, mostly trade/craft. But the daily events with the possibility to earn D's have actually been appealing to me and I've done a few of them. I also read in Nation/Global chats many people talking about taking or completing missions/events. So the missions have been popular and people seem to enjoy them. I think more people going after NPC's has made them less available, which attests to the success of the new missions. It is therefore time to tweak the NPC availability as more and more players are complaining about empty seas.
  8. Question regarding Trade Goods: @admin Have you guys changed the availability of certain profitable goods? It appears to me that goods such as Historical Artifacts, Malabar Teak, Spanish/French Gold Coins, Black Ironwood, Textile Machinery are very difficult to come by in the ports where they usually spawn. I have established OP in the ports that were known to produce these goods, ports that are usually not very popular where other players really don't visit en masse, and still the goods are nowhere to be had. I assume if a good is listed in the Trade Tool, it means it's still present in game. Are these goods now only found on Traders? Would it be possible to provide a list (or direct me to a post that has a list) of the Trade goods changes, such as what is spawned in ports and what is only available in ships? Thank you,
  9. What do you guys consider as "Casual" players? 1-2 hours a day or less on average?
  10. As far as Doubloons are concerned, right after the patch, I heard people talk about looting 100's, some of them saying 1000's of D's per ship. However, out of a dozen traders I looted (Snows, Brigs) I did not find any D's at all.
  11. Trying to have an idea on how much time people are putting into this game and figure out later what they can accomplish in that amount of time. Thank you. PS: only include the time you actually actively play, not the long distance AFK'ing.
  12. Being a PvE server player, I am looking forward to improved economy. 1- I welcome distance affecting prices. 2- not sure what "Dyes will be added (part for the future)" is or what this consists of or how this is going to affect/improve economy. 3- wondering about "Approximately 50+ new goods will be added for trading". Currently, there seems to be 122 items in the Trade Tool. 50+ will put the number of goods at 172+. More variety may be a good thing, but also sometimes "less is more" (in other words more variety is not always best). 4- " Resources will be repositioned and system of distribution changed ": this could be a great change and may improve trade a great deal on the PvE server, even though I don't think the current distribution is any worse than it could be. It could raise questions on the PvP server as I remember there was serious debate about where LO/WO should be produced. 5- Trade Tool removal: "It was always a qa tool to help developers find problems with prices and test changes in economy and pricing mechanisms". Never the less, in the year I have been playing the game this has been an integral part of it. I would guess the reason is that not knowing where goods/deals are, players will be forced to sail from port to port and push people into the OW and promote PvP (or ganking, whichever applies). Which I think may be totally appropriate for PvP, not so sure about PvE. " Trading will be better and more exciting - as players do not know many things about forthcoming changes. Removal of the trader tool is like the doubloons for teleports. People complain without ANY understanding of the subject." Complaining without understanding is often "speculation". Speculation happens when information is limited or unclear. Speculation leads to complaining without understanding. I would love to have more understanding of how "trading will be better and more exciting". Every NA player would love that, but it just seems that info to help us understand is either incomplete or lost in translation which definitely leads to speculation and worse case senarios. But overall, I will welcome anything that will improve trade/economy. Thank you.
  13. there must have been a patch or something, cause out of 12 ships (traders and combat ships) I looted a got 0 D's! I also read in chat people saying I got 1000 D's on this ship, I got 2000 D's on that ship...but, so far nothing for me!
  14. Do "port produced" goods (iron, coal, oak...etc) drop like other trade goods or are they exclusively produced when actual players build the appropriate building? If they are only produced by players, then player to player interactions will increase significantly which is also a form of PvP gameplay.
  15. AngryPanCake

    I think there should be an option to disable 3D picture in ports

    I don't care for the backdrop, however I like the ability to look at my selected ship without having to click Leave Port...wait (cut scene)...get into the OW, then get back to port...wait a little bit more (cut scene)...etc. I also like the idea of disabling the 3D port though, like OP stated to reduce GPU work and heat.