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  1. That was supposed to be a joke. Alt-F4 closes the app completely...I guess it just fell flat! Many people see a huge benefit in having everything they need within the game instead of going in/out of apps. And as far as expecting NA to do everything, I think you got people's expectations wrong. We do not expect NA to do everything (well yes, everything that would make the game better, less tedious, more fun to play), but rather expect NA not to undo a lot of things that were already in the game that actually made it somewhat more player friendly. That is the "nuance", which is qu
  2. I think that's a great idea and I'm sure Felix will have no problem with Game Labs incorporating it into the game. The work is already done, just place it in game instead of the one we have. Some legal paperwork will probably have to be taken care of, but that's an amazing tool we have there. I just started using it and was actually wondering how updated it was. It's a bummer it doesn't have prices for trade goods. For someone using two PC monitors, it is great! otherwise, you gotta get in/out of game quite a bit and each time you Alt-F4 you have to restart your game...it can be tedi
  3. Question regarding Trade Goods: @admin Have you guys changed the availability of certain profitable goods? It appears to me that goods such as Historical Artifacts, Malabar Teak, Spanish/French Gold Coins, Black Ironwood, Textile Machinery are very difficult to come by in the ports where they usually spawn. I have established OP in the ports that were known to produce these goods, ports that are usually not very popular where other players really don't visit en masse, and still the goods are nowhere to be had. I assume if a good is listed in the Trade Tool, it means it's still p
  4. Being a PvE server player, I am looking forward to improved economy. 1- I welcome distance affecting prices. 2- not sure what "Dyes will be added (part for the future)" is or what this consists of or how this is going to affect/improve economy. 3- wondering about "Approximately 50+ new goods will be added for trading". Currently, there seems to be 122 items in the Trade Tool. 50+ will put the number of goods at 172+. More variety may be a good thing, but also sometimes "less is more" (in other words more variety is not always best). 4- " Resources will be repositioned and s
  5. I don't care for the backdrop, however I like the ability to look at my selected ship without having to click Leave Port...wait (cut scene)...get into the OW, then get back to port...wait a little bit more (cut scene)...etc. I also like the idea of disabling the 3D port though, like OP stated to reduce GPU work and heat.
  6. I feel the community will determine the Value of the Doubloon overtime. I do not think it will be a fixed one, it will fluctuate. It will be subject to market rules of supply and demand. Too many people making tons of D's, they will unload them for cheap. Not enough hunters making the D's, their value will increase. An artificial fixed value set by the devs would take away its true value as dictated by the market forces. As the Red Duke mentioned, people are already willing to place contracts and others fill them. I placed a contract to purchase 1000 D's, it was filled within 2 hours
  7. Would it be possible to add the resource icons to the port information?
  8. Personally, I hate storms when sailing the OW and I will hate them even more during battle instance.
  9. To answer my own suggestion: After further exploring the Shop interface, there is actually a tab for Coins & (...) something. I am not sure if it's for currency exchange or what, but Place Contract allows players to buy Doubloons for Reals. So it seems like what we were talking about in this thread is already there, just need to have people start placing contracts for Doubloons and a value will start appearing according to offer/demand.
  10. I think some sort of in game exchange for Reals/Doubloons would be a great addition to the overall economy. Not asking for an official fixed rate, but more like a market exchange where players can place their currency contracts. The way I see it is that some players are mostly traders, others mostly warriors. The traders make the Reals, the warriors make the Doubloons. So an in game system to help bring these 2 types together in order to acquire what they don't have would be great. Maybe a section in each Admiralty where people can place their contracts Right now there is an official
  11. Statistically, the forum polls have a very limited validity at best. The sample number is too small to be representative. But the issue as most people know is not with the low population...well, it kinda is. But, the real question is why are the numbers so low? You feel the problem is 2 different severs, the population is divided between the two? I you really think it's the case, then you think adding the 50-100 players from PVE to the merged servers will definitely fix the problem? come on, you are are smarter than that. There have been multiple posts and whole threads about this is
  12. Would it be possible to replace the heading in degrees by the distance from the center of the Protractor?
  13. Hello everyone, I have not been playing for a while, but still checking out the forums and reading what's being discussed. I have seen many new additions, fixes and improvements, which make me extremely happy and look forward to finding the time to get back into NA and trying all the new things. This mission seems to be a good addition to the game. As far as I understand it has not been deployed and players have not tested it, yet it seems like many are already finding faults in it. Is it possible for us (players) to first try new things then critique instead of the other way ar
  14. since it seems like the dev team is working on the UI (or about to start), I wanted to give a suggestion I made a few months ago a bump...
  15. When a player starts NA, he/she is taken to the first menu that consists of the available servers, currently: PvE Only and PvP Caribbean. If the Player chose PvE server, then he/she is taken to the menu that shows his/her Character (s). On that menu, there are only two options: chose your character and start the game or Exit the game altogether. If a player chose a server, then changed his/her mind and wanted to go to the other server, the player has to exit the game completely and then restart the game to go back to the main Servers menu! Would it be possible in addition to the Exit
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