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  1. I appreciate that the responses are not definitive and there may not be a definitive answer at this point, and the sarcastic responses provide nothing constructive and are a major point of frustration but that does not unto itself mitigate a wipe. Veteran players will probably receive some sort of reward for their time and effort in helping to develop the game, and having fore knowledge of the exam and the ability to complete the exam will give you a big boost in going forward with acceleration in rank and the granting of a ship for successful completion if there were to be a wipe. My point is that there have been a lot of complaints about wipes and players have threatened to quit but still they play on because they enjoy the game, but not to expect a wipe, is again a bit naive.
  2. Should all be wiped so everyone starts fresh like any new players. Your experience in play testing and having survived wipes and resets over the years will be your edge over new players. To think that this won't happen is a bit naive, but good luck with that...
  3. Thanks Ink, Was just wondering if there was an ETA on the Peace (PvE) server being back online? And thanks for the compensation as well...greatly appreciated.
  4. This is great news, and was not disillusioned into thinking that XP would NOT be wiped prior to release. It is a necessary aspect to the game and leveling the playing field for all players. With 4+K of hours in the game means that I have the requisite knowledge and experience to move up the food chain faster. I do not have to rely on "Alt" accounts to get all the materials and experience needed to enjoy the game. There is definitely a lot of crying and blubbering over a simple game...get over it...it is just another game...don't like it...move on. Looking forward to seeing the new aspects of the game.
  5. Port raids would not include the actual capture of the port...and the port would still remain neutral and would not become a national port. Those who participate in the raid would be given access to spoils that may be available from that port. Once the raid has ended that port would not be able to be raided for a cool down period of two to three days or even a week.
  6. The Port Battles on the PvE server would actually be raids....a player fleet attacks that ports AI fleet and if successful are able to raid the ports riches for a 24 hour period. After that they lose access to those riches. At the end of the 24 hour period a timer would start and that port could not be raided for an extended period such as a week, this would make it so that players would have raid different ports and not the same one every day. As well the "riches" received would be based upon the players participation/damage during the battle.
  7. Yes...please put PvE and trading and crafting out of it's misery...for the love of god. If there is to be NO content then just shoot it now. Just get it over with...this has gone on far too long...just launch the PvP game and get it over with. The game will sink or swim of its own volition.
  8. Best part of the game was very early in the game development we had the ability to join a fleet of friendly ships and go hunting together and our fleet entered all as one and was setup against the enemy. Because we joined as a group we were able to practice tactics as well as assist new players level up or learn the game dynamics. Can't do that anymore.
  9. So when the game is released do we have to do the Exams over again??? Have been hearing that the de-masting has been a bit of a challenge for some players that have been playing for a while. This may be a deterrent for new players if they can't get it done in 10 minutes they may leave the game.
  10. The Control perk is just another way to help those inferior Captains who can't shoot or don't know how to maneuver to stay in contact with an enemy ship. If you can't handle your ship to sink or capture an enemy then they deserve to get away...there should be balance not an advantage for those weak Captains when they attack.
  11. Hi Admin...have been searching through the forums but haven't been able to find any posts.  Wanted to ask about the cannon reload reduction modules, skills and perks.  What is the maximum amount that we are able to reduce the reload time?  The setup I have for my ships shows 35% reduction in reload time, but was wondering if there is a cap to this.  Thank you for your time.

  12. So we have some major issues on PvE server...can't select all ships, even when one IS selected players are not able to leave the port, and now it appears that even with 20 ship slots for ports and only 13 ships total am not able to craft new ships...so that game is now completely unplayable
  13. Did they change the number of ships per port...I have 15 slots and 10 ships...but can't craft a new one???
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