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  1. Who will be your ally in the fight for your shallow outpost? We surely both can agree that Britain has the clear superiority in shallow water, and unless you attack ports later where british numbers are lower you lack a real chance. The deep water battles have been entertaining to watch, they seem to not be unbalanced. I couldn’t attend due to time problems
  2. Oh dear.. USA does not have 100% american players, I don't know where you got that idea from. GB's ports are set during daytime and the 2 ports who are at 0-3am are owned by an American GB clan Russians have global players as well, however I have heard that the port timers are intentional to stop flipping I don't know if the french clans are in us time, possible
  3. Lz3


    I doubt I will have recording software open but I will try to remind myself. I perfectly know it is very slow and whenever I'm not boarding it works.
  4. Lz3


    I did not post this until now because I thought it would be fixed in the 10th january patch. When in battle and in boarding, pressing rum will result in NO CREW getting healed. The timer will go to 20 minutes but no crew gets healed. This has no purpose as using rum directly before boarding works. It has brought my ship into extreme danger twice and killed me once (just now hence why I'm posting this). Please fix this as fast as possible as this is game breakingin a battle. I've heard of other people experiencing it after asking.
  5. my experience with KOTO in battle has been great, if you’re a pirate and like PvP I personally recommend this clan
  6. Lz3

    Issue with forts

    When I joined a battle on the British side to fight an American player, the British forts (although I was fighting WITH the British and had their flag in battle) started shooting me. Therefore I couldn't do anything in the battle. This is unrealistic and unneeded, please fix this. This was at Marsh Harbour, a port owned by GB.
  7. Currently the Le Gros Ventre Refit is a LGV with a nice paint job. The swivels hardly make any difference. The price has been lowered for it, but it does not change that this is not a very good ship for that price or for what it is (a refitted trader to a warship). I hereby suggest: - Give it 8 6pders on its top deck - Reduce the range of swivels, but drastically increase crew damage at short range - Reduce swivel reload by 10% - Decrease stern armor by 10-20% - Give it 5 knowledge slots like any other warship - Increase its turn rate which is currently awful -
  8. The guy personally says he returned to the game and didn't know. He may be lying though as what he did is suspicious.
  9. Setting up contract FOR a ship, yes. but i think that has already been suggested
  10. truthfully what a dumb reply, gregory is angered that he unjustly lost his Bucentaure (and therefore millions) to a game bug. Speaking of which, @Ink how is the investigation going along?
  11. Hello developers, while fighting for the port Atwood we experienced several issues that ruined a chance of victory for us and made us lose ships. I think I must make the following very clear looking at what certain Russian players are saying in the global channel: We are not complaining against the Russian Nation, nor their actions at the port battle. This is purely pointing out two underlying issues that ruined the port battle for us. We do not mean any disrespect to the Russian players who attended as this was nothing they could have changed or prevented. 1. When our fleet was approachi
  12. But that means that the fleet will not reinforce smaller ships (newbies) and single ships for which it is meant for? I am confused
  13. The problem that creates all problems is this: We only have two developers and 2 graphical designers. The game progress is unbearably slow (see the time we've had before release) and features cannot be updated quickly. New PvE content and new features take too long. I know another developer will be pricey and cut into profits. But to make money you need to spend money. Or even better, hire an experienced person that has worked with MMOs for a long while and knows what he is doing and how to perfect a game. This all comes down to if the current devs believe in this game and want to spend the mo
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