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  1. And this is the state of PVP today. Dead. Grinding dubloons..... PVP zone fighting in captured or admiralty ships... Yay! Sorry... but getting rid of PVP marks was a terrible idea.
  2. Absolutely not. I’m just saying that the Dev’s didn’t listen to the hardcore PVP player base with patch 27. Agree with grundge: the game needs a mix of PvP and PVE to be sustainable.
  3. I think you’re 100% wrong on this. Patch 27 killed the veteran player base as it completely and utterly nerfed open world PVP as well as RVR Patch 27 caters to the casual gamer: -PVP marks gone replaced by dubloons... -green zone reinforcements increased tremendously -green zone join timer basically gone 1st rates and well crafted 4th and 5th rates have gone the way of the dodo bird - the only ‘veterans’ this mod favors are the DLC ganking crowd sailing around in their silly red ships- just look at combat news - oh and the removal of enemy fleets from friendly areas—- wow hardcore .... Not
  4. What gets me is the fact that Admin says it’s a ‘Hardcore’ game not for everyone’..... then they basically strip all the ‘Hardcore’ elements from the game with patch 27. -PVP marks gone.... only way to earn them was thru PVP...This was Hardcore. replaced by dubloons that really are only earned by killing Ai? And that’s Hardcore? nope patch 27 killed NA for a vast # of people that were actually the Hardcore Element Admin seems to be going after.
  5. Said it perfectly. Open world PVP is dead.....Patrol Zone PVP is boring as hello kitty. Etc etc
  6. JG14_Cuzn

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    This is just another reason why the population #’s are shrinking every day....
  7. Here’s a simple solution: Folks won’t flip 1st rate ports because they are afraid to lose 1st rates or don’t have the $/dubloons/resources to craft 1st rates. Im gonna flip flop in an issue and say BRING BACK capturable line ships. More incentive to sail line ships and larger battles guaranteed.
  8. JG14_Cuzn

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    WO ports are ALL in US time zones. But you guys really don’t want a fight. You want to club seals.
  9. JG14_Cuzn

    Better Ships for All!

    get rid of pay to win...refund the $ spent on the DLC ships.
  10. JG14_Cuzn

    The State of PVP...........

    Exactly what I personally dont want to see...The Patrol Zone is an arcade game to gain Dubloons plain and simple. if the devs want to make this game 'hardcore' then the patrol zone importance needs to be decreased. Every swinging dick is capturing 5th rates and using them to get 'damage' and to claim dubloons. fun, yet arcade-like fighting that I thought was the direction NA was NOT going in. And my main point: With such LOW player population we are forced to sail to enemy R zones to find enemy.....real PVP....not Ai PVP. With a 2 minute timer and an elongated timer for those in the R zone we're cutting down on what little PVP we can get.
  11. So we're supposed to go to Enemy areas looking for fights.... OK fine. But when we do the enemy won't tag us.... OK... So we move into their R zone. And Now there's a 2 minute join Timer for defenders? The only PVP is in the Patrol Zones lately.... and that's basically arcade PVP: grab a ship: do 'damage' for dubloons... claim...Yay. I feel the defender join timer needs to be buffed to at least 5 minutes in the R zones. They are the ONLY areas where PVP can be found with such low population #'s.
  12. JG14_Cuzn

    Port BR's reduction / RvR alliances

    This is exactly why RVR is dead or dormant at this time.
  13. JG14_Cuzn

    PVE AI?

    no real reason to play on the PVE server for you folks anymore....there's PVE galore on the PVP server. join us and live a little
  14. Gents: Admin made their decision. You keep your knowledge, rank and ship slots. End of story. Newbs do the tutorial, get 1/2 way to max rank, then grind like we all did TWICE. they’ll live. Admin will not force those those that have been Alpha and Beta testing this game for 2 years to grind again.