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  1. Honestly: is it really that hard to change the game code so missions do not spawn in each other? asking for a friend. 😂
  2. Nothing wrong with that. Just smart gameplay in their part.
  3. Alliances. The sooner the better
  4. Got this when I used my Loki at around 11:00 eastern time Tried logging in multiple times Same message logged in fine with an alt, But could not log in with my main update: finally was able to log in after 10 minutes... probably the length of time for the combat to end.
  5. Merge the servers already. Why waste What limited resources the devs have on a server of grannies who get their panties in a bunch every time a cannon ball flies their way?
  6. JG14_Cuzn

    Loki Rune Bug?

    I opened a Loki Rune in KPR: I got the normal 'Entering Combat' message... then it immediately went to 'Entering Port'..... No combat I filed an F11. this was at approximately 10:25 Eastern time.
  7. Steam is fine. It’s the PvP server that has an issue.
  8. With NPC raid and the Loki Rune isn’t it time to Just merge the servers at this point?
  9. I’d like to chime in and agree; the Wind bonus should only be for areas OFF coastal regions. it’s a bonus for traders. it should NOT be a bonus for the raiders.
  10. Once you are in Cartagena you can ‘teleport’ your 1st rates out to a friendly port. happened to me at Puerto Escondido last time it fell
  11. Alliances. make all the silly nations you want. just make it so with a voting system the true # of factions is is about 5.
  12. Hold on a second: Are we looking to expand the Asian/SE Asian/Aussie/NZ player base? The simple solution would be a server set in a more ideal place so they have a better ping. Not adding another fantasy nation.
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