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  1. Wipe. Most players are just sitting around waiting for this to occur.
  2. Dude. Accept the wipe into your life. Its so freeing 😎 as for your pixels for sale... Poof!
  3. Did admin say they wouldn’t wipe XP: yes Does it suck: Yes they should NOT wipe XP and ship knowledge: they should follow @Banished Privateer ‘s solution. All others posting on this: if your not PVP’ing and playing then stop posting.
  4. @admin So next week we get an Econ 'reset'. What exactly does this mean? Will they be wiped to 0? What assets exactly? Reals? Dubloons? Woods? components for upgrades? upgrades? Just want a bit more clarification please
  5. Ummm @admin careful what your looking to achieve here. You don’t want to discourage frigates from sailing and getting into battle with SOL’s
  6. TBH It was the only real way we got rid of tank fleets.
  7. nope... we pay willingly. Lets not forget the ship penetration inspections prior to PB's................ Wait?? What???.... I want my Dubloons back!
  8. sounds good.... also maybe have All lower ranked players, looking to rank up have hunt or kill missions that spawn only within the R zone? this way we can avoid the Rear Admiral class doing missions in the zone and we can protect the Newbs.
  9. let’s not get into the limited port discussion here. The map is way too big to limit the amount of ports we have. As to getting people out of the R zones.... Simple answer: make Ai non taggable in zones.
  10. JG14_Cuzn

    crafting rng

    We opened a Bellona note in KPR and it as a Gold 5/5 Cramped
  11. Let’s not forget ‘as you prefer’ 👍
  12. JG14_Cuzn

    Stupid idea

    ...tried to drag over an image and failed
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