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  1. My personal favorite is sailing parallel to an Ai and having his rear guns broadside me
  2. Game is 1 week prior to release: blog stuck in 2013 website stuck in 2016 Facebook and Twitter gathering moss. Pocohontas getting spread/web blitz. Lol
  3.  Way cooler... Yeah: cool like programmers who ride Harley’s wearing leather vests that say ‘SONS OF FORTRAN’ 😂
  4. great input, I agree 1000% ...too bad release is in less than a week. The fighting chance for the newb's was the wipe of the books... they will be hello kittyed as they have no clue re: port bonuses and other items we vets know.
  5. bah... these never work out... just get a group together in fleet sail out and you'll have your fight.
  6. I plan on being there... I'll do the grind... have fun with friends... fight...die...and hope, like all the rest of you...that this game will be viable and last. Except I've always been a realist...and all signs point to a burst of population...then a slow decline until we reach current or lower #'s than present.
  7. The lack of any input from the devs is the real issue here. 1 week from release and the game has NO port economy, no real reason to PVP...except in the NA Legends designated map area, a broken and ridiculous port bonus system, and a population that is trickling into the ether.
  8. It’s a ridiculous waste of resources ( 1 programmer) to run both a PVP AND a PVE server. The population on both are so low they need to be merged to even consider NA being viable post release.
  9. ......and yet a press kit is being prepared and released for the Pocohontas game 😂
  10. Guys.. PVE accounts for what? 50 players? Feel blessed they have a dedicated server for you few.
  11. New players will be completely hello kittyed no matter what. WE know how to play the game. They do not. they cannot ‘wipe’ our experience: and I fear what others predicted will come true: new players come to this game will be farmed to death and quit in a week as ‘veteran’ players rush to gain max rank, xp , and dubs
  12. I only counted 1 person on this thread saying he was leaving? you on a different thread or just really needed a sanctimonious moment?
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