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  1. It’s not broken. It’s working. Kudos for not allowing contracts to be placed on tradable goods. As for the price of upgrades/books/ships: it’s basic economics. Yes prices are inflated, and if you’re not making bank with the current Econ system you’re doing it all wrong. The economy is NOT broken.
  2. I fail to see this being a reality, and I'm sticking with my initial assessment that single shot mast sniping is complete and utter trash. you do know period books of this era also described sea monsters and mermaids.......
  3. Poor choice of game advancement. if you want seasoned woods in the game why not limit them to Elite AI ships? This way capturing them or getting the notes for them is rewarded.
  4. Seasoning shed. Really? I disagree with this ‘upgrade’ instead I suggest alliances.
  5. Honestly: is it really that hard to change the game code so missions do not spawn in each other? asking for a friend. 😂
  6. Nothing wrong with that. Just smart gameplay in their part.
  7. Got this when I used my Loki at around 11:00 eastern time Tried logging in multiple times Same message logged in fine with an alt, But could not log in with my main update: finally was able to log in after 10 minutes... probably the length of time for the combat to end.
  8. Merge the servers already. Why waste What limited resources the devs have on a server of grannies who get their panties in a bunch every time a cannon ball flies their way?
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