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  1. @rediii Spot on. Switching nations is impossible if you are switching to a lesser nation. Alliances system based on what you mentioned would work best.
  2. With the Zerg of Russia and Dutch upon us the only way this game can survive is with alliances. These should be population/port ownership based. I would suggest breaking down the power ranking through the Port point system.
  3. Personally I also see no way this game can continue on it's current course without implementing an alliance system. If it continues as Raekur stated those that are tired of getting trounced will either join the ZERG or leave the game. We're seeing this everyday.
  4. Russia is Big..... Getting Bigger....... Dev's have no way to control the game's tailspin..... Capturable 1st rates are a bandaid placed on a cut artery.....Oh..and the dutch are big too.
  5. So what Nation do you play for? I know you were ex GB as the Rick Astley comment was an inside joke with Batman and his group.
  6. Population does not make a Zerg my dear man. You should know that. GB may have a decent sized player but the vast majority are newbs who join and think they will be issued a Victory and have Lord Nelson leading them to glory. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 what nation do you play in?
  7. you must be playing a Diff game if you still consider Brits a Zerg!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha but it's OK. you play your game.
  8. Here’s the good news. This game is dying and within a month or so will be dead. The Zerg Nations will Zerg....Russians and Dutch camp the newbies and pat themselves on the back for sinking newbs...newbs will either quit or go to the Zerg nation. Older players don’t care. Heres where the game will fail: even if a clan WANTS to change nations from a ZERG to a nation that can use some help..... They won’t. Folks have way too much invested in their shipbuilding ports and won’t just abandon them. And that is this games main conundrum that will be its death.
  9. Agreed. Especially with the portion regarding PB’s.... they suck. The previous PB ratings where defenders and attackers were forced to use a mix of vessels was the absolute BEST solution. This made little used ships important and the variety of the battle fleet made for great fun in game. First rates SHOULD be rare as Massimo points out: we should have the ‘Wow’ factor with them.
  10. Admin should be able to end this with a simple check of IP connections.
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