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  1. Never have I said you and your team were anything but awesome developers. You have a GREAT game. It’s the pinnacle of age of sail games. But: please do not do away with screening.
  2. Do you even play your game? serious question. not a troll.
  3. This is the absolute worst decision you could ever make for the health of your game. Screening allows both the attacker and the aggressor to involve more than just the ‘elite’ PB fleet to participate in RVR. You do realize that your game has many more players than 1 or 2 vocal streamers don’t you?
  4. 🤣 Geez here I was thinking I'm flying under the radar 🤣 But seriously: Really...PVE server? why not just release a stand alone PVE game and force those wanting to play in a MMO to use 1 server? think of the $ saved by Admin to fund future DLC 1st rates! I heard the Mayflower was going to be a DLC BTW..... or was it the Half Moon?
  5. Will we finally MERGE the PVE with the PVP server?
  6. So screening mechanic is going away?? horrible decision.
  7. GG to all participants... Especially GG to the Havoc guys.... without them all this fun we had would not have been possible. I mean that. Fair seas HAvoc... where will you all end up? As for you others: Enough banter..... FIGHT. This is a war game for god's sake.
  8. Ping is unplayable on War server.
  9. The lag is unplayable. Only started since the latest patch.
  10. Agreed: tremendous lag since the new patch.
  11. @admin This is a major gameplay bug/Exploit that is EASILY recreatable. kindly look into this.
  12. my dear Latron: Forum War is really the only war in Naval Action, all other action in game is really non existent.
  13. It doesn’t. The only night fleet belongs to the Swedes.
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