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  1. Seems a restart of my PC was able to fix the issue, whew!
  2. Unable to log in this morning. Same error happens when I run connection test or try and report crash!
  3. 3 cancellations per day for missions? Surely like said before this will hurt new players mostly. You'd think with the already detrimental lost to the games population/player base they'd think to make certain changes with caution idk...
  4. Almost 1200 hours in the game, I loved playing with everyone around the world, one reason I joined the EU server even though I'm from NA. Best moment I've ever had were all the surprise port battles. One in particular we were on our way when we were met by the defense force going to defend and ended up having an all out battle in the open sea. I caught on fire and rammed into an enemy ship and decided to blow up and take 'em down with me! The game was a lot more fun in the early stages after a couple patches with drastic changes it significantly caused the game to become less enjoyable,
  5. Ahoy mates, fellow thieves and swashbucklers! With authority given to me by Admiral Kuth the Oath Keepers again shall rule the seas! Here is what I am looking for! Mature respectful individuals Fellow pirates to plunder with Players who are interested in PvP combat as well as PvE when necessary Tight knit group, comradery with future plans of growth as active clan members increase If you are a new player [KOTO] was one of the biggest pirate clans last year and part of the coalition, our Victories are well known across the seas and shall be known forev
  6. Hey just wanted to see if any of my old fellow KOTO mates still play or maybe are in a different clan? I have no intentions of leaving KOTO i'll one man it if I have too. However I would like some people to play with!
  7. This happened to me the other day when a single British player in a 3rd rate engaged me outside of Sant Iago I was able to leave immediately it was a one versus like ten when it started and we were all able to leave immediately. At first I was like what the? Then someone on my stream made a comment, turned out to be a British player as well and he made it known to me that due to the BR difference we were able to leave like that.
  8. Well good to know I'm not the only one, it's really ridiculous.
  9. Hello so recently I've noticed that when going to obtain a new mission it sends me to pure shallow water which is impossible to get into with a deep water ship why would you get a Devil mission in shallow water? How are you to sail in a deep water ship and get to your mission, you can't complete a mission with such difficulty in a shallow water ship. I suggest that if this isn't a gameplay bug/issue then it be fixed so that players don't waste their time trying to sail into shallow water to get to their high lvl missions.
  10. I think towing would be an awesome add to the game! here's what I think. 1. The ability to Tow or be Towed by your friend that way you can go AFK or whatever while his ship is pulling yours and sailing towards the destination. 2.The ability to Tow one of your own ships whether it be to port or to store goods in when you are hunting down traders etc. 3. How it would work in combat is you'd get the option to choose which ship you want to use in battle during the countdown until the battle begins. You only get to use that one ship and if you lose you can't use the other ship as back
  11. Been in que for about an hour only like two to go!
  12. Looking for a clan to group up with and destroy stuff!
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