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  1. Yes, you have to leave some of your dubs in a warehouse in one of your outpost. Sry for your loss og dubs and time spent om missions.
  2. I agree to all of the above but would like to add a few points (based on experience fighting NPCs): Try to reduce opponent’s crew before boarding. Reduce amour with ball shot to about 30 percent and then shift to grape to kill off crew. It takes a little practice in aiming since grape shots have different ballistics than ball shots. Always attack when the enemy is in shock (symbolized with a red crew icon beneath the upper right display of enemy ship). An attack on a crew in shock will almost certainly lead to immediate victory.
  3. I dont see how the devs can go on with a full official launch, when these server problems persists. How do they expect to hold on to the player base, when ur investments, long hauling runs etc. are frequently erased by server crashes? I wonder myself if this is a game worth cuntinuening playing.
  4. Yes, it would be nice with a statement from the devs about the extent of the wipe (if there is to be one at all).
  5. On the PVE server access to repairs and rum are really scares. Very few ports drop repairs and rum while guns are accessible in every port. This does not make much sense since guns is not something you need to supplement once your ship is outfitted. So if your are about to venture far away from your home port and consider taking som prizes or sink som NPCs on your journey, you will have to be sure to stock up with plenty of repairs and rum since you will not be able to buy them in any port on your way. Suggestion: Limit gun availability to the home port of your nation or a few ports in each region of the map and make more ports drop repairs and rum, so at least a few ports in each region has them (prices should be set at a level higher than the cost of crafting them of course). Another idea would be to let each NPC carry a few repairs and a couple of rums, that could be looted when you cap or sink them.
  6. Try a search on "Bourgeon". It appears that the albums are registered under their individual names (fx. "Fangeskibet") and not Vindes Passager.
  7. Hi I want to draw your attention to the comic series "Les Passagers du vent" (The Passengers of The Wind in English and Vindens Passager in Danish). The series was created by french artist François Bourgeon in the eighties and is set in the 17th-century. The protagonist of the series is a young french noble woman, who by various reason is forced to flee french first to Africa and since to Haiti. Besides from being a very well told story (when I first read it in my early teens I almost fell in love with the main character, Isa) it features a lot of very detailed drawings of ships from that era. Find it at your local library or used book / comics dealer. I wanted to include a pic of one of the drawings, but didnt succed. Search google for images for Les Passagers du vent or Passengers of The Wind and you will be able to see some examples of the graphical style of the series. Cheers Peter Wessel
  8. I dont really see the point of restricting smaller ships from pvp. The sooner a player can engage in pvp the better. If balance is the problem, then make separate battles for light (up til cerberus for example) and heavy ships. There is already a light pvp option. Just make it the only option for lighter ships.
  9. The Danish commander-in-chief was the Crown Prince (the de facto ruler of Denmark-Norway at the time) who exercised his command from ashore in Copenhagen. In the given moment presented with Nelson´s letter he probably did not have the full overview of the status of the ships of his fleet nor that of the enemy. Imagine making decision based on a naval battle you watch from ashore. Probably he could only see the nearest ships. The rest would have been covered in smoke and all information from the fleet commander (Olfert Fischer) would have had to be relayed to him by row boat from the flag ship. I do not know that many details of the battle but I imagine, that an alternative outcome would have been a ceasefire between the combatants, the withdrawal of the british fleet (including their grounded ships) and the release of the danish prisoners. The primary objective for the brits was to break up the armed league of neutrality between Russia, Sweden and Denmark-Norway. The league was dissolved anyway by the death of the zsar, thus reducing the importance of the battle.
  10. That would be a great idea. Maybe with some kind of reward for participating and/or winning like a clasp or a medal. The question is how ever if these event would be an integral part of the ongoing gameplay or sort of extra events without any consequences for the balance of powers in the ongoing game.
  11. Its a good idea but I see a problem in the fact that the danish line was static since the majority of the danish ships were block ships. Players playing the danish side would there for be limited to firings their guns and unable to maneuver which might not be all that fun. One could of course chose to give the danish ships riggings and thus give the danish line the possibility of maneuver (maybe with a slight handicap in ship management since the majority of the crews were volunteers and not trained sailors). This would not be true to the actual events but a lot more fun to play.
  12. Potbs name: Freya Midgaard/ Morten Midgaard plus varios eco-accounts Potbs server: Roberts Potbs society: Former The Devils Potbs nation: Britain NA IG name: Peter Wessel
  13. mortenoc


    I fully support the entry of the Dano-Norwegian fleet in the game. If the swedish fleet is admitted too, we can reenact The Battle of the Bay of Køge :-)
  14. I stumbled upon it in some post. I tried searching for it but couldnt find it again, Im afraid.
  15. The current gun damage display (activated by L) is not very useful. The display is very big and fills most of the screen and covers the action. I suggest replacing it with a single line of text that tells the damage (or lack of so) of your latest shot. There by it would useful while in combat, which the current display is not. Keep up the good work
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