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  1. The speed difference right now is .4% between the two and both are selling in the 15-20k range. .4% by the way is less than .1 knots on most ships, something like .04 knots on a Buc for example. Both these woods have the highest thickness values in game. Trust me, both are going to stay very valuable with or without the proposed buffs. I should of clarified though. When I meant having Malabar Teak slower than African Teak I was thinking more in line with the current difference between the two. Preferably, I believe the speed should be left alone in regards to the frame parts
  2. I agree with that. Even so, I would consider Malabar Teak and African Teak super compared to Seasoned Teak even if they didn't have the same speed. I also have concerns, as this allows the super teaks to be able to outclass several wood types, including some of the heavier woods. These are the stats currently in game. Malabar Teak and African Teak on paper can take on most of these woods with no problem. The balance comes in with speed and hitpoints. Ships that are weaker than Malabar Teak and African Teak in terms of combination of hp and thickness (Danzig Oak, Oak (S), Teak
  3. Question is can you? You see the word meta and come on here to say death to meta. Have you bothered to compare the stats? What is getting nerfed or buffed? If you would bother reading what most of the people have wrote is that we have largely achieved balance across the board and there is no clear meta atm. However, with proposed thickness changes and speed changes to the teaks it will create a teak meta all over again.
  4. @admin In my opinion the current wood stats we had were fairly balanced with the exception of a few things as stated like White Oak Planking being faster than Teak. Some buffs were needed to some of these woods, such as Danzig Oak, Riga Fir, and New England Fir to warrant the minimum buy price these woods are now at. However, I do disagree with several of the proposed changes as they unbalance stats that were fairly closed to being balanced across the board. Teak, Malabar Teak, and African Teak should not have received a thickness buff and most definitely shouldn't be the same spee
  5. If I recall at one time there was talk about adding the Montañes to the game. Don't ever know what really came out that though.
  6. It was from Vera to Saint George's an back. Won't go too much into details, but figured I would add point A to point B for context.
  7. Only 3/5th of that group was his
  8. No it was directed at you. You keep making subtle remarks about those of us who are complaining and even celebrating the fact that in the initial proposal our meta build would be nerfed. But again, I ask you did you bother to look at my data or even the data initially posted at the start of this thread? Do you consider Cag S / WO S, Oak S / WO S, Sabicu S / WO S or even WO S / WO S meta builds? Yeah, the meta builds would of been nerfed but so would almost every other build in the process. Ironically, the meta build LO S / WO S would of received less of a nerf compared to the non meta bu
  9. It has not been stated how we will get new woods but atm wooden chests do not drop them. And honestly shouldn't. Too much revolves around farming wooden chests from HDF as it is.
  10. Did you look at the chart I posted at all? Port bonuses were in the game at release so no ships were made obsolete. Seasoned wood did not make ships obsolete, they made stats better than non seasoned but are still very much viable. DLC ships made no ships obsolete, as in most cases they are worst than crafted ships with random port bonuses, but the DLC spam in PvP gets old quick. The issue here for most of us was the nerf to the current woods and not that these new woods would be better in some cases as we knew they would be. My biggest issue was the hp nerf to White Oak as almost e
  11. Vic 65 base is slower than all other 1st rates. Santi and L'Ocean you can craft with sail 4 where Vic 65 is random. So they overall are around same speed if not slight faster even non seasoned unless you get lucky with Vic's Port bonuses. Margin is so low they are about same speed. So speed probably wasn't greatest example.
  12. Making the new special woods better than the seasoned woods will only increase the gap between the player base, especially if they end up only dropping in the shop as the price for them will sky rocket meaning the richest people on the server will be the ones that are most capable of building ships from them. Also, if someone brings a full Victory 1765 fleet into an important port battle they most likely will lose. A non seasoned L'Ocean/Santi fleet will beat it 9 times out of 10 as the Victory lack dpm, is slower, and will lose when it comes to boarding. There's a reason the Buc is still
  13. Awesome. Overall, I do enjoy a lot of the changes being proposed. I really like the variable repair based on wood as hopefully that will shift away from the repair meta. As well as the variable splinter damage based on wood. Still don't quite understand the turn inertia. As in the heavier the wood the worst the turn rate is? Also, how and in what way will the new woods be available? I have found some for sell in ports by AI, but it seems to be random.
  14. Couple of questions. 1. Is it correct that the only way to get hp bonus now for ships is through planking? 2. As I also understand it, the repair amount is based on the Frame, correct? So say for example all ships now have a 20% base repair and under the new stats a LO (S) frame ship now has a base repair of 3%, correct? 3. Also, will there be a chance for players to trade their current ships/upgrades in exchange for the resources and mods back? Or at least do a ship wipe so we can redeem the ships in woods that are relevant now with the white oak nerf? The reason I sugges
  15. Well that's broken, considering that's how we avoided ironclad warships from sailing around. I'm saving my formal response until I run the numbers and see how bad it is. Or good but with the new stats to WO, I'm not optimistic.
  16. Won't be possible. Locust (S) is Caguarian (S) and the second combo isn't allowed. Now, there will still be ironclad ships though out there.
  17. @admin Will karma got into effect for battles a member of your nation starts? For example, you are a Russian player and see a Russian vs British battle and join. Do you get negative karma for the British. Also, PZ should be exempt as this could kill PZ battles since those usually involve several players from different nations vs several players from different nations.
  18. And kill trading. Some traders have to trade in enemy ports. If hostile AI is back on and is based on karma; can you imagine the complaints when traders get tagged out of the blue by an AI that are impossible to avoid on trade runs when that person has refrained from attacking that nation to keep his karma positive with that nation. A player should be to one that controls his karma, not the clan.
  19. No, not as a DLC. They listed it as being a permit ship and then back tracked on that. I want to be able to craft it because on average DLC ships have crap port bonuses. Having a regular event that drops the permit would be awesome. If anything, maybe a Diana or Santa Cecilia as the free DLC rather than the Trinc. (Personally not the Diana as that ship is kinda op with it's gun loadout) Redoubtable and Vic spam is enough.
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