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  1. +1 A surprise is like a joke: if you have to explain it, then it's a dud.
  2. Well then why not showing it only to trader ships?
  3. A good rum or grog ration should raise the morale quite a bit ^^
  4. So far I didn't find any useful gold mod. Now I don't afk-fish and have a very limited amount of bottles to play with. But I don't like the system either. Making all mods craftable and tied to the ship would bring more trading opportinities. As said above, wrecks dropping notes instead sounds good since people need labour hours and ship building stuff.
  5. Not needed? It's the very first ship equipped with public restroom, an innovation in the context of that time. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. I'd rather say it's hurting non-consensual PvP, which doesn't sound really wrong.
  7. 500 gold coins per crew, are we buying every dude a villa or what?
  8. If the server power plug was pulled there can be no battle/loss. I wonder if you'd still stay in the instance in this case.
  9. I still don't get why is the defender given free preps -no matter what- while the attacker (the guy planning to fight and taking initiative) is starting with 0?
  10. MacFly - PvP1 - Veteran Privateer: improves rewards from the Admiralty - Pragmatic Intendant: ability to dump cargo and guns in combat to gain x% speed (destroys guns, cargo and thus removes smuggler flag, if any) - Skilled Negotiator: allows to pay a ransom to keep the ship and cargo (from the combat instance within a radius of X from attacker, exits combat upon payment) - Heroic Quartermaster (or Depressed Cabin Boy ): sets fire to the powder magazine of a fireship fitted vessel (with a X minutes timer) - Fervent Republican (only usable in republics): slightly improves all crew skills/morale in combat against monarchies - Fervent Royalist (only usable in monarchies): slightly improves all crew skills/morale in combat against republics - Pirate Hunter (cannot be used by pirates): slightly improves all crew skills/morale in combat against pirates - Elected Pirate Captain (pirates only): slightly improves all pirate crew skills/morale in combat against nations - Eagle-Eyed Sentinel: increases OW spotting (ships and towns names) by X% - Sharpshooter: X% chance of killing an enemy officer in grapeshot range and/or boarding - Skilled Surgeon: recovers X% of crew over time - Sneaky Tactician: makes the ship appear like a npc (hides clan tag/rank/name, but would keep the smuggler flag if any) up to a radius of X - (Al)chemist: X% less smoke when firing guns - Tactical Gunner (or Artificer): ability to fire "blank" shots generating twice more smoke (but no projectile) OR ash-filled shells that will temporarily blind the target (like smoke bombs/cloud) but deal no damage - Furnace Crew Officer: ability to fire heated shots (except mortars) causing extra damage/fire (with a X minutes timer), but comes with a X% risk of getting a fire in own ship.
  11. Sometimes I really wonder if people did setp bots to collect port resources as soon as they become available at the hourly update for it's nearly impossible to get some of them and I really don't believe there are that many people waiting and refreshing shops resources all days long to grab them before everyone else does.
  12. I'd like to have the detailed damage report to only show actual damage stats, and hide lines where no damage has been made so the interface is cleaner and only shows useful info.
  13. Selling to clans will only help them clans so I don't see how this would make ships cheaper for the general market. Look at who sells the most expensive ships...
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