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  1. OK the lag is killing this for me. I need to wait until the performance is better, my ping is only around 180 but the stutter-turning just kills my pleasure. I'm getting big lag spikes on firing, too. I will be happy to try again in the future, but it's just not working for me right now. Others are reporting the same in battle chat. Anyways, that's my feedback.
  2. I'm not sure I understand how XP works. Last instance I got 2x kils and 1x assist (versus bots). I don't know if I got any XP for it and I'm not sure where in the interface to see my XP? Sorry for being clueless, besides the turning glitch it's really cool EDIT: Figured it out. You have to click on "Equipment" beneath your ship in the "Docks" screen. This will show you a page with your "Experience" accumulated listed on it. Clicking the "Collection" screen from the top nav will show the other ships, along with an XP countdown to be reached before they will be unlocked (via "Research").
  3. Turning is bugged for me, too, on the Cutter. Bow rotates about 10 degrees, then pauses for about a second, then rotates another 10 degrees, then pauses. Didn't notice anything else that looked or felt like lag, but it made the Cutter very difficult to use, at least compared to how it normally handles. I hope there will be more fore-and-aft rigged ships available! Overall, really dig it. The new UI is a big upgrade! Really like the direction so far, from the few minutes I've had to spend with it.
  4. Please keep expectations low and have fun. Aye Aye, Cap'n!
  5. I think it's a good suggestion and definitely worthy of being tested.
  6. Captain TP to free port makes it easy to setup flash gank mobs or PB fleets in enemy waters, lets traders have far easier access to monopolize trade goods, and allows revenge fleets even more opportunity to initiate "retag of doom" cycles. So many of the mechanical problems in this game have teleports as a primary contributing cause. Edited to add: I don't sail anywhere in a Basic Cutter. What if you randomly cross paths with a trader and you can't cap him? No thanks. I'm always hunting, even when I'm moving.
  7. The time spent patrolling really varies... sometimes I get lucky and spot someone right away, within minutes of leaving port, and other times I sail for much longer without seeing a soul. It also depends on how active the server is, which factions are operating in the area, which regions have hostility grinding and/or port battles going on, and a bunch of other variables that are hard to predict or characterize in a vacuum. Suffice to say, when the area I hunt feels "safe" for traders, based on no reports of pirate activity nearby, and the server population is good, then you'll find them out in strong numbers. Especially when the Pirates have a port battle scheduled for somewhere far away As far the combat part goes, that varies also. If the player trader is AFK (and stays AFK) then it's quick. Likewise if they choose to surrender. But if they fight, it can take 20-30 minutes or more, depending on how much of a fight they put up, how good (or bad) my initial tag was, how much cargo they're carrying (and hence how fast they can run, if they choose to run) and so forth. Overall, I'd say that unlike grinding PVE (warships and/or NPC traders), you can't really very easily put a number on finding player traders. I devote a few hours a night to playing, lately more than in the past, and I've been having a lot of fun. Last night I was completely skunked, but on the weekend I cleaned up. It sort of averages out.
  8. You've been saying this for at least a week, and in that time I've made over 1M gold from capping player traders with my Privateer. So... I just don't agree. I think the privateering/pirating game is better than it has ever been, even with the revenge fleet stuff. Find a different hunting ground, they are not all created equal.
  9. I would love to see Pirates have unique mechanics that were both better and worse than what nationals have to work with. Some ideas: - No capture of land, port raids only - Limited number of "Pirate Den" uncappable homeports spread throughout the map (Mortimer Town, etc.) 6-8 in total, spread around the map. - Maintain current access to free ports, including creating outposts in them if desired - Permanent "Smuggler" status - can enter any port of any nation with a trade vessel - Can create purchase contracts in any port they enter - Can only create production buildings / shipyards / workshops in pirate dens or freeports - Cannot craft ships larger than 5th rate - Have a hard limit on their maximum crew size, say 400 crew: enough to sail a squadron of 2-3 unrated vessels in fleet, but not enough to properly crew anything bigger than a 5th rate - Additional Pirate -exclusive versions of unrated vessels with various small boosts to speed / turn / etc. - Access to additional faction-specific skill books and/or ship upgrades (i.e. "Terrifying Reputation" skill could grant melee attack bonus, etc.) I don't support teleports of ships for anyone, and would be fine with teleports of captains (between outposts) being removed, too. It's an OW sailing game, I think people should sail, and I firmly believe that all of the other mechanics (trade, RVR, etc.) do not work properly when fast travel can be used to circumvent them.
  10. How about... no teleports at all. I have never gotten my ship stuck to where I cannot get it unstuck. I'm not genuinely convinced it's anywhere near enough of an issue affecting players that we need an entire game-breaking mechanic to "fix" it.
  11. And in fairness, people who just grind NPC fleets to level up may be not much better at PVP, either. PVP is so different than playing vs AI, the only way to get good at it, is to do it. With that said, having a "gold faucet" turned off does help keep inflation for everything else somewhat more under control. We're a month plus post wipe and there are lots of 1st rates in the world, but the low level ships are now much more affordable than in the past. In fact, as more and more crafters get up to speed, there is good price competition at the low end, making decent ships stay pretty affordable. I actually think that side of things is working reasonably well, though I get that it takes a few hours for new players to figure out how to acquire a steady income.
  12. I always thought something like this would be more @Pagan Pete's style
  13. You can cap all the AI traders you like on the PVE server. Warships, too. Knock yourself out. I've capped hundreds (at least) of AI traders and have it down to a pretty good science at this point. I agree with the others who've noted that allowing captures of NPC traders would wreck the economy - which right now sees the production and sale of Trader Brigs and Trader Lynxes as one of the main economic engines. Allowing NPC captures on the PVP server would gut that market - who would buy a crafted ship when you can have disposable ones for nearly free? We had it in the past and it killed the market for trade ships, and led to the rampant price inflation of other ships. I have no idea how they deal with that on the PVE server, but presumably it's a real problem and/or they just ignore the free NPC ships in favor of crafting their own.
  14. Yep, this is exactly the line of thinking I figured was behind the no repairs, no cannons strategy. For my part, I'm completely content with the idea that I'll at best capture one ship, so I usually either pick the player (so I get the best fight possible) or, if he/she is too far away, then the closest AI. It's a business case for me, too; I know I can't catch them all, so I just focus on catching one to make my money and be on my way. Sometimes I get skunked, sometimes the ship is full of expensive trade goods. It's all part of the fun. I'm at times tempted to ask which they care least about losing, since it's all pure profit for me I don't really care too much either way which of the ships I get, I'm making my money (and hence, sustaining my playstyle) regardless Edit to add: you can probably see that this is really about the hunting for me, not the money or any meaningful pretense to an RVR component. So long as I stay in ships and can get the stuff I need to keep going (mainly just repairs and cash), there's really not a true larger purpose behind my raiding. The materials (if any) that I capture can be regenerated quickly, the ships I capture replaced, etc. I like to think I provide a bit of excitement for the traders, and of course, I become the hunted as soon as I have to sail back my prize, so I very much understand what it feels like to have the shoe on the other foot. It's pretty darn fun, to be honest.
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