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  1. I think it's a good suggestion and definitely worthy of being tested.
  2. Captain TP to free port makes it easy to setup flash gank mobs or PB fleets in enemy waters, lets traders have far easier access to monopolize trade goods, and allows revenge fleets even more opportunity to initiate "retag of doom" cycles. So many of the mechanical problems in this game have teleports as a primary contributing cause. Edited to add: I don't sail anywhere in a Basic Cutter. What if you randomly cross paths with a trader and you can't cap him? No thanks. I'm always hunting, even when I'm moving.
  3. I would love to see Pirates have unique mechanics that were both better and worse than what nationals have to work with. Some ideas: - No capture of land, port raids only - Limited number of "Pirate Den" uncappable homeports spread throughout the map (Mortimer Town, etc.) 6-8 in total, spread around the map. - Maintain current access to free ports, including creating outposts in them if desired - Permanent "Smuggler" status - can enter any port of any nation with a trade vessel - Can create purchase contracts in any port they enter - Can only create production bu
  4. Yep, this is exactly the line of thinking I figured was behind the no repairs, no cannons strategy. For my part, I'm completely content with the idea that I'll at best capture one ship, so I usually either pick the player (so I get the best fight possible) or, if he/she is too far away, then the closest AI. It's a business case for me, too; I know I can't catch them all, so I just focus on catching one to make my money and be on my way. Sometimes I get skunked, sometimes the ship is full of expensive trade goods. It's all part of the fun. I'm at times tempted to ask which they care least
  5. I have made ~1,000,000 in the past 5-6 days of playing, exclusively in small ships. My biggest haul was a couple days ago, around 200k between cargo and ship. But really, as you note, it's not about the number, it's about the experience, and solo hunting in little ships is great fun, even if you're "only" capping TBrigs and TLynxes and fighting other unrated warships. For my part, I positively love schooners in real life, and how they sail in Naval Action, and for me, they are end game content. No, really. I have a couple Surprises, including one very fast one, and can do fine with m
  6. Really great guide @koltes, and good additions as well from @Prater, @Iroquois Confederacy and @Hodo. All players whose posts I can see great wisdom in, reinforcing my own experiences as a solo hunter. For my part, I have always played in this solo style, and while I have nowhere near as many hours as Koltes and Prater do, my ~600hrs have been dedicated entirely to this kind of play. So, I'll offer my additions / observations / opinions for what they're worth. The Neverending Puzzle One of the most interesting things about the solo hunter playstyle is how much of a puzzle game it b
  7. It was! I stayed close because I wanted to see what would happen. I was sailing a capped Privateer so I didn't have much to lose :-) o7
  8. Guys this is silly. In the 1600s and 1700s weather forecasting was much more on the level of "Red sky at morning sailor take warning" and all that. Sure, experienced captains would be able to tell from wind direction, cloud formations, etc that weather change might be coming, but then again think of all the countless ships lost at sea to bad weather... It would be neat if Naval Action's weather could have more foreshadowing of coming changes that an alert captain could take note of. Hell, I'd love random wind changes to start. But automated bulletins from the National Weather Service beam
  9. He said the explosion happened ~5 seconds after the screenshot was taken and he's in a hard turn to port. He would've been right alongside (or nearly so) the other vessel when it blew. For sure no chance to survive then
  10. Hehe I hadn't been nuked before, that was fun. I would've liked to see the whole thing too. o7 see you next time.
  11. See, that's your first mistake. There's only one acceptable way to play a game, and that's playing to win, and anything not in service of that goal is scrub mode. Or so @Tenet would have us believe. I think we need a fifth player type: 5. Forum PVPer - Enlists creative writing abilities with the end goal of prodding and poking other forum participants into paying attention to his/her posts and replying to said posts. Once this goal is accomplished, the Forum PVPer proceeds to enlist all manner of diatribe, debate, oratory, demagoguery and rhetoric to attempt to gain a tactical o
  12. It's true. As a solo pirate/privateer hunting for player traders, I absolutely rely on the trading, economy and RVR mechanics working to keep laden trade vessels in the game. I provide "content" by playing a villain, which leads to excitement / satisfaction for my opponents when my quarry get away and/or their allied sheepdogs get to be heroes and rescue them from me. And I get my hunting itch scratched in scouting regions, trying to find lucrative locations to setup an outpost, and then stalk and hopefully capture prizes. It's all part of a healthy ecosystem and like Hodo I change my hun
  13. Well thank goodness I didn't quote him then, and instead merely noted that @Vllad's breakdown of NA player types was our own sort of homegrown taxonomy of players, similar - in the sense that it is a type of taxonomy - to the famous one proposed by Bartle.
  14. True, people love their frigates and are loathe to give them up for the unrated vessels... which just makes that whole game at the small end of the food chain that much better. I have played close to 600hrs now and almost all of that in 7th rates. I am rarely even pulled into battle by square riggers and have never been captured by one. A Lynx or Privateer is cheap and eminently replaceable and yet they are some of my longest-lasting ships. The Lynx's greatest danger in a combat instance is an accidental capsize while setting up a boarding of a trader. A windward shore is the only true da
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