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Found 7 results

  1. As said in the title, the Costs of the port in the API data doesn't factor in the timer. Since it does factor in other port management-based costs it would makes sense to include the timer cost in that figure so that daily net income can be assessed without having to factor it separately.
  2. John Jacob Astor

    API tool?

    I posted a question about this in the " Public "API" for Naval Action" thread in developer announcements but the topic appears to have gone stale. Does current API data provide visibility for contract buy/sell prices? It shows up on http://www.navalactioncraft.com but that site does not appear to be currently maintained and is not displaying contracts on PvE that I know have been up for several days. If the public API works is there a tool somewhere that a non-coder can download and run to get at the data? I can handle csv files and spreadsheets. But I tried to follow the instructions in the developer thread and I couldn't get anything to work. The process is completely opaque. I don't need anything sophisticated or pretty. Just something that will cough a tab or comma delimited file without me having to figure out what a json is or how to read/modify it. Or a functioning alternative to the craft site?
  3. Hello captains (and devs), I've been looking for a while for some resource on ship stats to make a crafting spreadsheet for use within my clan. I know there is an API but as i'm not really into JSON and can't make heads or tails of that mass of undocumented stuff i'm hoping to find an easy to import source like CSV, tab delimited or even spreadsheet. Does anybody know if that even exists?
  4. On the UI, bottom right you can see ppl display on a server and the Battles that have occurred in that server window. Is there way I can pull the total BATTLE instances of the last server cycle from PvP EU, PvE and PvP GLOBAL via the API?
  5. Bobzillah

    Ship Basic Stats API

    i wanted to see what first rates stats wil be with different woods ,now i have what all woods do and i Almost have all basic ship stats . i went to NA wiki to get the last stats and found out its outdated even with side armor HP ,i thought i could use the thickness shows on the wiki but since armor is not the same as open api source shows i cant trust the side thickness in CM either . now ive done some searching with the finder and just manuely wich is annoying but kept me busy for a while ,i can find so what almost all stats but the side / front / back thickness stats. anybody else that uses the open api source can tell how its named in there ? cause also if you search for Thickness then the 30results that pop up are all stats for upgrades/bonusses and not for ships. thnx for any help that can be provided iam going crazy check all those code lines. here bellow ill link the suprise info from api ,(cause i used suprise to compair the api since i dont have a lineship yet ) and i wana avoid building each ship in teak with crewspace just to get the basic thickness stats. "Surprise","Specs":{"MaxPassableHeight":0,"MaxSpeed":146.880004882813,"MaxTurningSpeed":13.3100004196167,"Acceleration":0.5,"Deceleration":0.5,"SpeedToWind":[0.811527490615845,0.904154717922211,0.983414530754089,0.986195921897888,0.963145852088928,0.969736933708191,0.975328803062439,0.880365312099457,0.721632480621338,0.547498166561127,0.378476172685623,0.163164660334587,-0.196165829896927],"TurnToSpeed":[0.499999910593033,0.519544661045074,0.571439564228058,0.645585417747498,0.731882989406586,0.82023298740387,0.900536239147186,0.962693393230438,0.996605277061462,0.963658630847931,0.792625367641449,0.595359683036804,0.500929594039917],"VisibilityDistanceScaleSelf":1,"VisibilityDistanceScaleOthers":1,"AttackDistanceScaleSelf":1,"AttackDistanceScaleOthers":1,"HailDistanceScaleSelf":1,"HailDistanceScaleOthers":1,"HailNationDisguiseSelf":1,"HailNationDisguiseOthers":1,"FullBattleRating":100,"PlayerBattleRating":100,"BattleRating":100},"VisualTemplateId":3,"HiddenModuleTemplates":[332,333,334,335,336],"DefaultCannons":[],"BotCannons":[72,73],"BotCannonsVariants":[{"References":[72,73]}],"MaxItems":36,"Name":"Surprise","Id":288,"PreventTeleport":true,"DropChanceReductionPerItem":0,"MaxStack":1,"ItemWeight":0,"BasePrice":27258,"SellPrice":{"x":0.100000001490116,"y":1},"BuyPrice":{"x":0.150000005960464,"y":1.5},"PriceReductionAmount":-1,"ConsumedScale":1.5,"NonConsumedScale":1,"PriceTierQuantity":100,"MaxQuantity":1000,"SortingGroup":"ship:5","SellableInShop":true,"CanBeSoldToShop":true,"ResetStockOnServerStart":false,"SellPriceCoefficient":0.7,"ItemType":"Ship","MongoID":"288","BaseDurability":5,"QualityPrices":[27258,34218,41178,48138,55098],"Premium":false,"CaptureType":"CapturableFromAny","CanBeUsedInFleet":false,"FleetHirePriceCoefficient":1,"CanBeSoldOnlyIn":-1,"RepairKits":{"x":20,"y":30},"RepairKitPriceModifier":{"x":0.025000000372529,"y":0.0350000001490116},"RepairKitCooldownModifier":{"x":0.800000011920929,"y":1},"RepairAmount":0.4,"HealthInfo":{"LeftArmor":3400,"RightArmor":3400,"FrontArmor":850,"BackArmor":340,"InternalStructure":1700,"Crew":240,"Sails":3400,"Hull":0,"Pump":162,"Rudder":106,"Deck1":14,"Deck2":24,"Deck3":0,"Deck4":0},"ShipMass":1200,"BattleRating":140,"GunsPerDeck":[14,24,0,0,2,4,0],"ShipType":0,"HiddenModulesCount":3,"PersistentModulesCount":3,"PermanentModulesLimit":[{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}}],"UpgradeModulesCount":5,"MinUpgradeModulesCount":5,"UpgradeModulesLimit":[{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":0,"Max":2},"Limitation2":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}}],"OfficerSlots":5,"Decks":2,"DeckClassLimit":[{"Limitation1":{"Min":8,"Max":9},"Limitation2":{"Min":7,"Max":8},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},{"Limitation1":{"Min":6,"Max":9},"Limitation2":{"Min":4,"Max":8},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}}],"FrontDecks":1,"FrontDeckClassLimit":[{"Limitation1":{"Min":8,"Max":9},"Limitation2":{"Min":7,"Max":8},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}}],"BackDecks":1,"BackDeckClassLimit":[{"Limitation1":{"Min":8,"Max":9},"Limitation2":{"Min":7,"Max":8},"Limitation3":{"Min":0,"Max":0}}],"MortarDecks":0,"MortarDeckClassLimit":[],"HoldSize":16,"MaxWeight":425,"MinCrewRequired":168,"ShipClassType":2,"Unlocks":{"UpgradeSlot":[{"ShipTemplateId":0,"SlotIndex":0},{"ShipTemplateId":0,"SlotIndex":0},{"ShipTemplateId":285,"SlotIndex":4}]},"Skins":[{"SkinName":"Default"},{"SkinName":"Black"},{"SkinName":"Empty"},{"SkinName":"Black&White"},{"SkinName":"BlackMaster"},{"SkinName":"Bloody"},{"SkinName":"DarkBrown"},{"SkinName":"PinkRoyal"},{"SkinName":"Unite"}],"Limitations":[],"HostilityScore":3,"Limitation1_Value":0,"Limitation2_Value":0,"Limitation3_Value":0,"ShowInContractsSelector":true,"DeliveryOrderOptions":{"Valid":false,"StockSizeCraftExperience":0,"StockSize":0},"PortPrices":{"Valid":false,"Produced":{"SellPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"BuyPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},"Consumed":{"SellPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"BuyPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},"Regular":{"SellPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"BuyPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},"FullStackAmount":0,"FullStack":{"SellPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0},"BuyPrice":{"Min":0,"Max":0}},"RandomPct":0,"RangePct":0}},{"__type":"MegaChaka.Services.Items.ResourceTemplate, MegaChaka","Name":"Madeira Wine","Id":
  6. Hello. I generally really like the idea of the trading/resource system as it is right now. Sure, it might need some tweaks here and there, but compared to the general MMO, it really stands out for me. But there is something that gets me worried, in terms of "it might make trading dull". As stated in this post: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/12052-public-api-for-naval-action/ server data such as item prices, item stock at ports etc. get exposed to the general public in order to make them able to develop web applications that contain live information of the game's market and economy. This seems like a good thing, but it could also take something from the game. When i first looked into the trading system, i got really excited. With an organized clan, you could always let your clanmates gather intel on where to get some cheap goods, where the demand is huge etc. etc. With the current api and amount of published market data however, sites such as http://www.navalactioncraft.com/map can completely do the job of gathering that information themselves, handing all the data to everyone without any effort. To me, this seems like a wasted potential. It tunes trading down to check some excel-ish sheet on some website, go for the item with the best profit/distance, sail there, sail back, get money. To me, the idea of trading become more of a "the better your (trading) clan is organized and the more effective you are at gaining intel on the current ecenomy, the better you do" seems way more appealing than just checking a website. We have similar "trading made simple" mechanics in other MMOs such as WoW (e.g. the addon "auctioneer"), but i think it fits those games way better, since trading is way more simple and not such a huge part of the game. In Naval Action, i'd like to see trading being almost a vital to the game as the combat. I sure understand that combat is still the main focus, but forcing you to work as a community in order to make trading worth the effort will prevent it from becoming a pure grind and more of a skill to master. Additionally, currently it seems kind of nonsense to me that you can just check a website for all the port's contents and item prices, while you have to visit a given port ingame to even see what it generally can produce and which goods it demands. If we allow websites to hand all that information to us, we could as well just see it on the ingame-map. I therefore added a poll to this suggestion, asking you if you share my opinion and if so, if you think it should be that way for all servers (answer 1), or optionally only for some (answer 2), or if you generally disagree (answer 3). Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
  7. tkouan

    Out of Game Data

    I wanted to know if there was an API, if so infoz pls, and if not, what your policy on respectful level of client scraping for the data would be? I've already made a lot of progress parsing through client data, but figured I should probably stop and ask