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  1. Sorry after losing all my effort for the past two years I have pretty much given up playing this game as it has become boringly the same all over again. Don't worry I bought my share of DLC in support but playing another more interesting game at the moment. Maybe in a year or two I will look and see if the population surge is sustained.. but happy voyage.
  2. Why did you make this game no longer fun? Just in battle with a endymion and my guns in DLC Ratt broadside did nothing. Wish I never bought any DLC since it is now obsoleted. The game is a meaningless small room boondogle. There is no way for the open world fleet right outside a capital or major port to join you. The game has become a place for single players in UBER ships to tag one guy and suddenly be immunized against attack by other players in enemy waters. You might as well make the game a one on one combat mission like World of Warships. Push the button you are in combat. At least it would make sense then how comat happens in this game. Really there is no point to sailing in well patrolled waters if a single uberfast made of uber unobtainium ironclad ship with laser guns can get you into a small room by yourself in less than 10 seconds. You say you want large conflicts but then you make everyone fight in small one man tag rooms.
  3. Why have you ruined the game. Now all we do is chase people around at 15.5 .. really? This game has become not finesse but everyone going 15.5. Port Battles? might as well put infantry in as it would be more realistic. Maybe you could put in magic cards for that like boarding. Infantry fighting the forts like the old days to capture.
  4. I think the idea of publishing a game is to make money. If DLC becomes less than a peashooter with balsa wood construction compared to magic port ships then I think it will stop making money that supports the free server and your real-money-free crafted vessel.
  5. All I can say is kick in afterburners. Watching two (apparently) upgraded Essex go by KPR last night was a setback. There is no safety or fun for the new individual player against ships that can double their speed in the OW and can sail like a lynx in battle with 54 guns per broadside. I fear only the elites will benefit and make the game all but untenable for the pick up player. The game is taking on a sinister twist that makes me wonder how a player will react when they find out they have been excluded from spaceship l'Oceans with lasers for guns and unobtanium for hulls and masts.
  6. Just trying it out. It seems ok punch power. Somewhat maneuverable but has trouble going through the wind without reversing heavily. This is true, even at full speed it loses speed incredibly fast.
  7. Not impressed. When you tell someone you are bringing it to a battle you get a pause and a No, please something else. It is ok to remain as the poor man's (non-DLC) disposable ship.
  8. Well you only need to be ingratiated for the original construction. The rights to any buildings you make cannot be be revoked.
  9. I still think it is a BIG BIG Mistake to allow enemy players to enter a friendly port and see what upgrade levels the shipyards are at. I suppose the Devs want to make it so players fight each others for these built up resources. However, it is a complete and utter fantasy to think that this sort of inability to shield strategic advantages from targeting would make players stay. Yes, the false notion will create a conflict but it is not necessarily an even balance thing. Players will get burned out rebuilding over and over again and the game will go dormant.
  10. No we think they have to have the port set back to friends can use versus exclusive. This is being tested but takes a day to implement. This aspect brings up a horrible aspect of the game to me, Exclusivity. When you play a new game you don't expect exclusion. This means it is entirely possible that new and single players are just being fostered for fodder against 15.5 clan ships. There is reduced skill requirements only secret sauce and magic cards. I think the game will only be very small niche if that is continued.
  11. Just how do port upgrade options work? Apparently you have to be in the holding clan to build ships with these upgrades. We spent hundreds of Victory Points, Combat Medals, Doubloons and other things building a port up. The port had several upgraded aspects guns, hull and sail. It was held by a friendly clan. When we built a ship there the ship got none of the port upgrades. Is it for the owner clan only? Is it a chance thing like normal upgrades? If that is the case, then it defeats the sharing or assets with friendly clans.
  12. Well a mechanic that prevents the ability to take hostility missions might create the same mechanic but a little harder to prevent a large fleet from forming. That is the tactical ability of an enemy to sail or form a large fleet instantly at a freeport is what I am trying to allow a region defender to use as a counter.
  13. I dont think there needs to be an end but a method to counter. This would reduce the abilities of free ports.
  14. I can understand why Freeports were put in but they offer unlimited power threat to the port upgrade efforts. There is not a counter to the continual "Fleet in Being" threat provided by a Freeport. There should be a method to reduce the ability of a Freeport to contain major fighting vessels. This would allow a area fleet to attack the port and reduce it to just a trading port for a period. My suggestion is to allow "counter-hostility missions" against the port. Once successful then the port could not launch or accept via teleport ships of war above a certain rate (prevents sudden buildup). Raiders could still sally forth in 5th and below but 4th and above line ships could not for some timer period. This would allow the clan that is area defending a method to counter the "Fleet in Being" threat not unlike a port blockade. While the port is being threatened with a counter-hostility the stationed fleet could sally forth and prevent the blockade similar to countering port hostility for other ports. This would insure conflict around the area but allow the clan defending the area a method to reduce hostilities in the area. As it stands now the ports are too powerful with teleporting ships and cannot be countered.
  15. I don't know what happened to this game? The trading patch made it seem worthwhile to move goods over distances then they put in the PVP doubloons and passenger missions which obsoleted the trading patch. So people stop trading product and reduce tax income to 1/10th of what it was originally. Then the investment patch looked interesting but it takes 112000 labor hours (56 player game days worth) to build the forts back in stone alone to where they were before the investment patch not including sailing time to bring the stone. Well this is interesting to trading players but then the RVR players found an exploit to quickly flip forts and prove that the forts and efforts of hundreds of players build forts that are utterly incapable of providing any difference in port battles. So now investments in forts and their existence to protect traders upon arrival are worthless and people have stopped building them after 6 days of playing them. So maybe DLC forts are next since players did not want to go get wood to build their ships so they buy dlc ships, it makes sense to switch them to some sort of ez mode too. I guess the port investments in building might be worthwhile but since on team can own them all and have all the fastest, most powerful and most hardened ships who knows what the other teams will find important. I think it will revert back to just a map that stops moving and the free ships, never sail ports for all your supplies to build ships and the rotating Patrol Zones and also the mission mining for special ship power cards that provide not realistic depth for middle of the road players. The inability to enter a battle in support of your buddy that was tagged just inches from you is something that is also incredible. I can understand the high computer power needed to run the battles has forced these instances but instead of making the battles seem like a fluid Open World type battle where ships arrive they have become little hidden rooms that you can yank people into or hide in to avoid conflict while others walk down the Open World corridor. For me all battles should be like port battles and are a subset of OW. Any arrivals can enter as would be the case in real. If you get enter into an area of a battle circle you move into the battle and create a subset of the OW not a set of secret 2 or 4 player rooms all next to one another but I know this paragraph is off topic so I will end it. What the port mechanics appears to attempt to create an Oligarchy style gameplay with rich elites dominate new or poorer non-elites. It is not a lucky shot or an over-abundance of learned skills that wins the battle but a huge amount of special knowledge wizard cards to play on your ship. The port investments, sans the forts, might provide some elite powers to a new player lucky enough to get into clan that can utilize them without special book knowledge. Will such mechanics attract new players for this type or warfare game if having fun takes too much work or finding hidden secret powers? You cant start into the game as a new player and just play it with any success. You have to invest huge amounts of time which no working or studying gameplayer can do in a non-developer real world. For now my advice to a new player is keep everything you own and every ship you build in a Freeport so you dont have to move it over and over again. These seems to exist to cause confusion to players and pirate style havens that counter the so called frontline theories being discussed and can launch armadas in your rear areas. For me these places should starve and not support ships if not supplied by reams of players bringing food and supplies. If a team has to spend hours providing supplies of stone , tools and guns to build a port then a Free port should have to have the same type of effort to support a fleet of 50 ships of the line or the ships go back to their capital ports. If the defender/expansion player has to build his front line then a Freeport has to have the same effort to stay open. Maybe a fort has to be build before you can put Ships in it?
  16. I would pay DLC to be able to scuttle my ship! 😜
  17. It takes almost 56 days of one person or 112000 labor hours to get enough stone to build all the buildings. That does not include the provisions or guns. The time to move the Stone Blocks alone means you will never see major PVP players doing this action. They won't even get wood to build a ship as they want DLC or free builds. Unless the forts can make a decisive advantage as they would have in real then they are meaningless and will fall by the wayside making the ports simplistic and almost boring fights. The front line aspect seems to attract every person on the server at once into a combined effort which is another big problem as the server really cannot handle it. The hidden game instance and invisibility after that lets players get right up to other players then pop in is something really weird and has already made me log off. The inability to have one big OW battle or relief force arrive is simply incredulous. The game is not designed to be a generally fun experience except maybe for a few elite players.
  18. There is a big problem with this server in the instance. Friendly players will warp towards other friendly entering about 200 yards. Having a broadside loaded and aiming when other player suddenly entered. The player being aimed at suddenly moves to the opposite side about 200 yards off.
  19. Well the investment part is failure out of the box IMHO. The amount of resources needed to get even a tower up takes so much effort that you lose the port the very next time it becomes available and all your investments are to naught. You can see that happening right now with the Russians attacking Nassau; Morgans Bluff and Santiago de Cuba in one sweep after they took all the other big towns. There needs to be longer cooling periods to allow for building forts are they will just never be in the game. You spend 4 days building a fort and the town is allowed to be attacked and taken in 2. I mean if you cant get PVP players to even want to move wood to build their ships of war, how are you going to get them to move cannons, stone and provisions in such huge quantities?
  20. If the three largest clans have ports that can build ships of unlimited speed and power, why will they take another port again?
  21. Well in real I would have to admit but since they do not appear until they are completed it is a military secret. you can see how close or far they are from building Also people will go into ports and see what you are building your ships and economy
  22. Port Investment Screen should not be available to general public. They should not see if you are building defensive positions or are too far from finishing them. It is sort of a military secret.
  23. The game has created a decided disunion affect between clans in the same country, IMHO. The scramble for rare woods and resources will crush any unity with clans of the same nation as they steal each others hard work. One clan takes the capital and another clan steals the rare woods. Clan one takes capital and has to wait to take supporting ports. Clan two takes supporting ports and possible steals known rare woods in a supporting town. Possibly exploiting the capabilities of a nation by taking ports from friendlies with fake clans Rare woods should not be revealed until the county capital is taken - Suggestion. Remove the ability of a player to flip a port by his/herself
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