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  1. Well since I am not totally sure what I was looking at when I focused on the ship but it appears to have had plenty of ammo. It never opened back up even though I was really close. The other thing of a different note is that seems the secondary guns on the Port and Starboard side are not independently targeted. You select port side secondary guns fire and the stbd side turns into the superstructure and will not fire at a ship that is alongside. This is particularly acute in the 10 TB and 2 CA against the BB and 2 destroyer scenario. I had two TB alonside my BB that had fired their torps off and missed they just moved in close with guns. When I targeted one the opposite side stopped fireing.
  2. Ok I was in the Battleship vs BattleCruiser mission and I built my BC for long range battle. I fought to about 15 min left in the scenario and had managed to hit both gun control towers with about 60% superstructure damage. Despite having had the ship to 50 flooding they managed to pump it all out and were back to 100% (Louisiana was the BB) The question I have is how many redundant fire systems do they have? I hit both towers and the enemy ship stopped firing even with its secondary guns. Almost every naval gun has manual targeting local to the turret and would have manual methods to aim. The secondary 4" would have complete manual. I dont know why the ship just stopped firing back at me? I was able to close to less than a km in the last 15 minutes and sink the ship but it never fired back with anything. The first salvo close in killed both engines so I dont think it was simulation of lost power.
  3. I would love a way to just select a dam historical ship against another historical ship. This building your ship may be fun but it is just a copy of World of Warships that really detracts from the reality shown in the game play. Also how about a few land masses to simulate battles in Thailand, Mediterranean or China during pre-dreadnought days. Should I mention I get tired of building a ship everytime I play this game. How about I build a ship, save it and I can use it anytime I want a heavy cruiser or dreadnought until I need to build something else or tire of it. PS After a 12 hour respite.. I took another scenario and made a heavy cruiser that could do 38.5 knots with six 12" guns and killed the 4 CAs and 2 BBs sailing against me.. a bit unrealistic but still got me playing again. I know there is a sweet spot for sailing around under fire when you deck is 11 inches of armor on a cruiser but while I was able to draw away the convoy escorts and quickly double back because of almost twice their speed it seems a bit like Prince Eugen vs Olympia.
  4. OK thank you.. a might tedious but the clicks and mouse focus areas in the game don't always work well. So for now I will try this out.
  5. Really I have to use my main guns to fight a Destroyer while a BB pummels me from range? Cant I at least have a secondary gun command for targeting?
  6. I have only been playing this game for 2 days but I must admit it is almost a non-starter game. I agree with the original poster, even though I never saw the previous version. If you have to close within km to get a 12% chance for a hit while the enemies lower ships are hitting you from five times that distance. The only ship you can build in the raider defense is a low rated 1914 BB against what appears to be four 1945 heavy cruisers that start pounding you before you can even shoot back it is a bit meaningless to even start playing the game. I wish you could build your ships and select from your own list to play scenarios. This having to build a ship from scratch every time is, well terrible game play. Post Script 11:56 AM Central US Time Feb 24, 2020 OK I just GAVE UP on this game ... you have to be within 0.1 km to get a hit with 11 inch and 8 inch guns on a CA that does any damage on the Raiders scenario. Three CA and they cant even get your trader ships to retreat without being attached to the. I mean the first 4 or 5 mission ok but after that it is complete crap. Almost sorry I wasted my money because I was looking for something to play for more than a day.
  7. I just wish there was some way to get historically correct ships and have a list to select them from instead of AI building weird ahistorical ships.
  8. Not sure why it is called Dreadnaught when it continually adds WWII vessels. How about some real Dreadnought, Super-Dreadnought and pre-Dreadnought vessels. I don't know maybe French 1907 Danton Class or Bretagne.
  9. The game is really crude right now.. But then so was Naval Action when it first went on Steam Early Access.
  10. I am sure there are thousands of naval combat enthusiasts that would a love a chance to re-enact Jutland.
  11. There were several DLC's for Naval Action before it left Early Access.
  12. So this game is a stand alone naval gunnery model? What a shame. It will be pigeonholed into the dusty shelves of Paul Hague's book. It could make so much more money.
  13. I played Naval Action for years. I have bought almost all the DLCs for that game. I am enjoying the strategy of armored naval combat in Dreadnaught and look forward to complete scenarios like Jutland, Pungdo, Coronel or Tsushima of engaged fleets. I would like to see a nation vs nation type online game maybe regional maps for conflict between players in manned fleets. Is there any thought of bringing this game that far?
  14. Sorry after losing all my effort for the past two years I have pretty much given up playing this game as it has become boringly the same all over again. Don't worry I bought my share of DLC in support but playing another more interesting game at the moment. Maybe in a year or two I will look and see if the population surge is sustained.. but happy voyage.
  15. Why did you make this game no longer fun? Just in battle with a endymion and my guns in DLC Ratt broadside did nothing. Wish I never bought any DLC since it is now obsoleted. The game is a meaningless small room boondogle. There is no way for the open world fleet right outside a capital or major port to join you. The game has become a place for single players in UBER ships to tag one guy and suddenly be immunized against attack by other players in enemy waters. You might as well make the game a one on one combat mission like World of Warships. Push the button you are in combat. At least it would make sense then how comat happens in this game. Really there is no point to sailing in well patrolled waters if a single uberfast made of uber unobtainium ironclad ship with laser guns can get you into a small room by yourself in less than 10 seconds. You say you want large conflicts but then you make everyone fight in small one man tag rooms.
  16. Why have you ruined the game. Now all we do is chase people around at 15.5 .. really? This game has become not finesse but everyone going 15.5. Port Battles? might as well put infantry in as it would be more realistic. Maybe you could put in magic cards for that like boarding. Infantry fighting the forts like the old days to capture.
  17. I think the idea of publishing a game is to make money. If DLC becomes less than a peashooter with balsa wood construction compared to magic port ships then I think it will stop making money that supports the free server and your real-money-free crafted vessel.
  18. All I can say is kick in afterburners. Watching two (apparently) upgraded Essex go by KPR last night was a setback. There is no safety or fun for the new individual player against ships that can double their speed in the OW and can sail like a lynx in battle with 54 guns per broadside. I fear only the elites will benefit and make the game all but untenable for the pick up player. The game is taking on a sinister twist that makes me wonder how a player will react when they find out they have been excluded from spaceship l'Oceans with lasers for guns and unobtanium for hulls and masts.
  19. Just trying it out. It seems ok punch power. Somewhat maneuverable but has trouble going through the wind without reversing heavily. This is true, even at full speed it loses speed incredibly fast.
  20. Not impressed. When you tell someone you are bringing it to a battle you get a pause and a No, please something else. It is ok to remain as the poor man's (non-DLC) disposable ship.
  21. Well you only need to be ingratiated for the original construction. The rights to any buildings you make cannot be be revoked.
  22. I still think it is a BIG BIG Mistake to allow enemy players to enter a friendly port and see what upgrade levels the shipyards are at. I suppose the Devs want to make it so players fight each others for these built up resources. However, it is a complete and utter fantasy to think that this sort of inability to shield strategic advantages from targeting would make players stay. Yes, the false notion will create a conflict but it is not necessarily an even balance thing. Players will get burned out rebuilding over and over again and the game will go dormant.
  23. No we think they have to have the port set back to friends can use versus exclusive. This is being tested but takes a day to implement. This aspect brings up a horrible aspect of the game to me, Exclusivity. When you play a new game you don't expect exclusion. This means it is entirely possible that new and single players are just being fostered for fodder against 15.5 clan ships. There is reduced skill requirements only secret sauce and magic cards. I think the game will only be very small niche if that is continued.
  24. Just how do port upgrade options work? Apparently you have to be in the holding clan to build ships with these upgrades. We spent hundreds of Victory Points, Combat Medals, Doubloons and other things building a port up. The port had several upgraded aspects guns, hull and sail. It was held by a friendly clan. When we built a ship there the ship got none of the port upgrades. Is it for the owner clan only? Is it a chance thing like normal upgrades? If that is the case, then it defeats the sharing or assets with friendly clans.
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