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  1. Yeh. they dont seem. to be Made. but i wonder if you can break them down and make them. http://prntscr.com/a5cjv6
  2. no admin to confirm this yet ;(. someone to PM them? will they respond
  3. they do a horrible job. and is? for example blockaing a port with the trade goods any effiecent then?
  4. we have The pretty Same circumstances . Albiet we had no support from Fellew Clans XD
  5. Question have you guys left Eu1?. oh sorry i dident bother to check to comments to due my haste. i see that you have left Eu1.
  6. No the RNG factor man only Lucky people. atleast make it very Hard to get the blueprints hell even harder. in a way. just easier to acquire cause of less chance
  7. It would be Lovely they tend to respond in general discussion on the steam
  8. PvP one Sweden The Royal Swedish Navy / RSN Clan Leader : Amiral Gustaf Von Psilander Clan Officers: Temporary Officer MrPuppy Languages: English And Swedish
  9. The Royal Swedish Navy congratulates you and your raid Party for there Bravery!
  10. and you are sure its not people reselling it?
  11. Can This be Crafted or is it only from NPC Shops i looked on the wiki and it said crafting level 28
  12. Well its sound and good but. one catch. if somebody wants to Steal your Cargo snow that you hunted for 7 mins. and runs away with it. and you know that will happen . ramming them away from the boarding is the only option? you need to put a roll system or that both gets equally shared loot. or both gets the same amount when looting a enemy trader or contraband. Of course Green on Green shouldent happen but. the lack of futures in the alpha forces one to do things
  13. yeh only thing we miss is fog so you cant see 3 meters ahead of you in combat
  14. Might be the Boat we need to Sting the Danes!
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