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  1. Great britain will be losing a lot of land, we've lost two big clans on our eastern flank, one on our west. Only three big clans remain that i know of, with a total of about 120 members between the three.
  2. Bob and Jim should put their heads together and organize how to do it. BWA's crafters have worked together with the rest of the group to pop out ships for a week now. We just communicate and it all works out, so why shouldn't any other group, or nation for that matter, be able to do that?
  3. Remove the basic cutter in general. When a player has no other ships it spawns in a basic cutter, that cant have above 4lb cannons and no carronades.
  4. Blackwing We're a small group of guys based out of a larger community, and our part of the community has grown exponentially. If youre interested in joining a small group of guys, most recent ingame numbers say 10, then apply for us. We're based out of Port Royal at the moment, but some of our members spend their time around Great Corn. We do a mix of trading and fighting although most of our members are in the First Lieutenant stage. Application Requirements: Age of atleast 18 (exceptions can be made based on maturity) Must be able to understand and speak English, although it d
  5. How is it an exploit if it is a gameplay mechanic? There are only so many ports you can visit, and if someone sails all day and doesnt fight then that their own choice.
  6. Intel Core i7-5930K 4.2ghz, (overclocked) Nvidia GTX 660ti 32gb Ram Windows 7 60 frames on high, 40-50 on ultra, although my computer does seem to have a few viruses after family members were over for new years.
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