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  1. Looking for a good cooperative Spanish clan in La Habana.
  2. You can't do anything about my "magic moments". You broke all of them. There will never be any magic moments ever again. 2745 hours of play. Used to love it. The grind was ok, now it is interminable (look that up, dev, if you need to.)
  3. No, no, no. A white flag on a floating ship should be awarded to players as playable captures. Or, sold to the Admiralty. Just don't sink it and count it as a kill.
  4. Not complaining about the wipe. Just saying I won't play until they've done it. This slow roll announce stuff then back off and change and then slow roll again is getting on my nerves.
  5. Not investing anymore time in this game until after the wipe. I've played some on the testbed, but am just tired of it right now. I've got over 2730 hours in the game since December 2015. Built up my bankroll to 230m through massive trading and building. Sold ships of all kinds to many of you, either directly or through the market. My clan and I spent hours training new captains when they signed up. It was very enjoyable. But, since all this will be wiped, I'm going to hold off until afterwards.
  6. Dear community members: 1. We are going to wipe the servers. 2. No, we aren't, you can keep your materials and gold. 3. No, you can't, we are going to do a wipe. But PVE is going to be combined with PVP. 4. No, it's not going to be combined. We are going to leave them separate. But we guarantee it will be 18-24 months. 5. But... How about maybe you don't tell us anything until you have honestly made a final decision, rather than get us all upset. I had my 220m in gold, and my materials all set for the move, then you tell me I can't keep it. I had my PVE clan all set to rebuild on PVP Global, Some to spawn in PVP some to spawn in PVE. Now, they are all divided. You know what the biggest problem is with this game? It's not that it's in development and buggy with crappy UI. No, we expect that, we are testers. What is wrong with this game is the messaging from the dev team is disjointed and not consistent. Maybe you should take some of your money and hire someone to do your support and comms for you. Devs are the worst people to interface with the public.
  7. The engine of economy is fueled by inequality. Those with a high amount of stores and funds and those with little to none. Keeping assets will allow the economy to flourish. Starting everyone at ZERO with your current resource model will cause the system to stall out. The limited resources will disappear as everyone grabs it up. Ship building will be very slow because no one will have enough of anything build. That said, not worth doing much in this game until the wipe, now.
  8. I'm a PVE player but I see this as a fun possibility. Strategy-wise, I'd take a fleet of war ships to the edge of PVE zone and escort clan members to La Havana.
  9. A couple of questions/assumptions: 1. I assume that these redeemable items will be available to existing characters, if we have them, on the PVP servers. 2. Experience and craft levels will remain? Or, be reset? 3. Prior to the move, do I need to move all my resources to a single warehouse? Or, will you gather it all together into the redeemable list? 4. My available gold (not resource gold) will also be made redeemable?
  10. There have been numerous suggestions to allow us to name ships, but the devs seem to resist, I think they are afraid of ridiculous ship names. It's not like we don't have that issue with Captain names already.
  11. The higher our rank, the larger fleet we should be able to have. As an Admiral, I should be in command of such.
  12. IGN: Don Mateo del Vengador Tested: Agammenon Took the Aggy into battle against a Navy Brig. I had a Frigate and Trincom in fleet with me. The Navy Brig lasted much longer than she should have. I set the fleet ships to shoot out her sails, the brig went to 15% sails and was incredibly fast with such. Frankly, after 30 minutes, she should have sunk.
  13. IGN: Don Mateo del Vengador Tested: Rattlesnake Problem: The client now accesses ONLY testbed, no other servers. Did I miss a note? I like the extra structure stuff.
  14. However, a sandbox game doesn't preclude the addition of optional objectives. You can play sandbox or you can play objects. Unless you are STS who would like to have it one way so you can't have it your way.
  15. I posted this to the map forum:

    I did some digging in the page source. Since controls show up, but the map does not, I think the problem is with MapBox, the provider of the base map. It could also be that Domox's API key to MapBox has expired.

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