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  1. I think the argument is shifting away from where it should be. A lot of us don't think that it belongs to the person who tagged it, at least I don't. But at the same time there should be a way for specific factions to fight each other over the prize if they wish it. Aka French vs Pirate over British Trade Ship Pirate vs Pirate over French Trade ship.
  2. I agree with the tactic, I just think they should cost something even if it's something small. Nothing should have no cost or be free. Basic Cutter = Capital Only thus able to get around if out of money and hunt local ships or defend your capital port should the need arise. Cutter: Available in supply and demand at a reasonable price at all ports. You shouldn't be able to respawn and return to fight the moment someone comes out of battle. If I had things my way, when you lost a durability you are locked out of using that ship for X amount of time.
  3. Yeah I had the same thing happen to me, except they were intentionally joining the fight with the purpose of sinking the ships I was trying to board.
  4. I love the idea of raiding ports as opposed to capturing them. Here are some ideas that I have to add. Raids: The idea I have is that someone buys a raid flag at a Pirate haven (See below) or a pirate owned port and a sign up begins for the raid. Pirate Bands/Clans can set who can join by making it public or private. Once the leader of the raid is ready he will trigger the raid, and just like a port battle they will all set out to attack a port. Now instead of taking the port, the pirates get booty and resources from raiding ports which will be divided depending on the way the raid was set up. Treasure Ships: Think sort of like boss battles, this can be attacked by enemy nations as well but are prime targets for pirates. The way they work is by using those useless sighting things we get from missions. They are hard to find and rare ships carrying Gold bullion in a very strong ship with different types of escorts. I'm thinking that similar to starting a raid, and hunting for the treasure ships. Booty Sharing: Basically before a port is raided the leader of the pirate band/clan/fleet has a set % of where any phat loot is divided. Depending on the leader things might be divided up differently. For example the leader might get a larger percentage because he's dishing out the price of the flag, and likewise Joe Mc Ship builder might get some because he builds a lot of ships for the pirates. Pirate Havens: The idea I have here is that since we only have X amount of main ports, clans and groups of pirates can build hidden ports in certain areas that are similar to ports but are not on the map and offer some other stuff for pirates only. They could be destroyed and moved when they were suspected of being discovered and would be staging places for hitting shipping routes and planning raids. Just a few ideas I had off the top of my head.
  5. Requesting this thread be locked, discussion moved to suggestions.
  6. Who said anything about outgunning? A common argument I see people making in threads is taking one example and making it like it's the sole reason for the suggestion or complaint. It doesn't matter if I'm in a High End ship or my Privateer, there should be some sort of cost for everything in a game like this. The reason for having free cutters is so that players are never stuck with not being able to use a ship. The problem with that is some players are abusing the fact that the cutters are infinitely available. I agree that they should be used to protect your home port so let them only be available free at your capital. That would solve the inherit problem that some people are facing. You wouldn't be able to instantly respawn ready to attack someone right after the battle you just lost or won is over.
  7. My apologies that was aimed at Vllad, who to be fair continued to put words in my mouth in another thread and already admitted to doing what I stated but that discussion is over. Edit: Changed cause thought this was the other thread.
  8. Already moved discussion to the suggestions forum, and it's not on equal terms since they will sink the ship after you capture it which is why I went to tribunal first. But I am content with moving this to the suggestions forum.
  9. Just to add that even if the pirate boards the ship first, I've had someone sink the ship after I've captured it but before the battle is officially over and thus still lost the cargo. Which is fine, but the pirate or anyone should be able to retaliate.
  10. I honestly don't know how to fix the issue, but what you said is similar to my thoughts on the inherit problem.
  11. A temporary fix until a proper system can be developed is to simply have people join as their faction. Pirates vs British | With a French Faction joining if french players feel they want to compete for the ship. French vs British | With Pirates. Basically it would be a three way battle between 3 teams. This would not solve pirates vs pirates issues but it would solve most of the issues until later. A more advanced system would be similar to snow's suggestion of having the initial attacker declare allies of some sort. But that has it's own issues.
  12. Who's saying it belongs to anyone? Stop putting words into other peoples mouths. Stop assuming that because you found an exploit we all don't want to actually PVP. We should be fighting over it. Because I know that if I get to it first, even if I capture it you will sink it because that's what you did last night.
  13. The problem and you know it is that the green on green mechanics prevent actual fighting for it. In an actual chase there would be nothing stopping a pirate ship from attacking a french ship hunting a british ship. The same could NOT be said for a french player and a french player hunting a british ship. Both are bound by law, not to attack each other.
  14. Agreed, though I disagree with Vlad on the domino effect. 80 different teams wouldn't be a factor. It would be a simple matter of france vs British vs pirates. Still though, I stand by the fact that Vllad knowingly abuses this mechanic and thus why my post is here instead of suggestions but I agree the discussion on the mechanic itself should move there. The problem with that is, he's not competing for it. I was about to board a ship and he moved to sink the ship. Other people have reported that they actively sunk the ships they captured AFTER they had already killed the crew. That is griefing, not trying to compete for the kill.
  15. As it stands, negative XP though apparently it's also against the rules which is why there is literally nothing anyone can do should someone want to follow you around and grief you while your trying to capture ships. (AGAIN, just for clarification since someone doesn't get that I'm not advocating for private instances. I think we should both be able to fight each other not that he shouldn't be allowed to join my battle.)
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